RSC Stage Histories


The Royal Shakespeare Company has staged all of Shakespeare’s plays. The following comprehensive listing runs from the foundation of the company in 1960 to the conclusion of the Complete Works Festival in 2007. For each play, there is also a link the RSC online archive of production photographs and related resources.

For theatre biographies of actors, directors, designers and other personnel, as well as a wealth of other RSC-related material, go to Simon Trowbridge’s superb online Dictionary of the RSC and click through to artists’ names via the A-Z:

Grateful thanks to Simon Trowbridge for information given here.

KEY: listings give year of opening, theatre building, name of director(s), designer, other key artists (e.g. lighting, music), and cast list of actors in substantial parts.

Aldwych — proscenium-arch theatre in London’s West End that was chief home for RSC productions in the capital from the early 1960s to early 1980s.

Barbican — theatre in arts complex in the city district of London, designed with the RSC in mind and their London base from 1982-2002, when vacated because of its distance from the centre of theatrical life in the capital and a dislike of the space on the part of directors and actors.

Courtyard — temporary theatre, with open thrust stage like that of the Swan, but much larger audience capacity (over 1000); principal home to the RSC during period of Complete Works Festival and subsequent closure of RST for redevelopment (summer 2006 to summer 2010).

Pit — intimate studio theatre in basement of Barbican, used for London transfers of small-scale work.

RST — Royal Shakespeare Theatre, the RSC’s main home in Stratford-upon-Avon, large proscenium-arch theatre built in the 1930s and used until closed for redevelopment in April 2007. Audience capacity about 1300.

Swan — medium-size indoor theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, with open thrust stage, based on the principles of the Elizabethan courtyard theatre for which Shakespeare wrote. Audience capacity about 550, creating strong sense of intimacy that makes it a space much loved by both actors and audiences.

Theatregoround — project to bring small-scale work to schools audiences

TOP — The Other Place, very intimate studio theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, for experimental work, with maximum audience capacity of about 150.

Various other transfers (e.g. to other London theatres such as the Gielgud, Haymarket, Novello and Roundhouse, and international venues) are also indicated.

All’s Well That Ends Well

1967 RST/1968 Aldwych: John Barton
Timothy O’Brien (design); John Bradley (lighting); Derek Oldfield (music)

Estelle Kohler (Helena), Ian Richardson (Bertram), Catherine Lacey (Countess of Rossillion), Sebastian Shaw (King of France), Clive Swift (Parolles), Ian Hogg (Lavatch), Helen Mirren (Diana), Brewster Mason (Lord Lafew), Natalie Kent (Mariana), Daniel Moynihan (Dumaine), Edward Cicciarelli (Duke of Florence), Elizabeth Spriggs (An Old Widow), Patrick O’Connell (Morgan), Hector Ross (Rinaldo)

1981 RST/1982 Barbican/1983 New York: Trevor Nunn
John Gunter (set), Lindy Hemming (costumes); Robert Bryan (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Harriet Walter (Helena), Mike Gwilym/Philip Franks (Bertram), Peggy Ashcroft/Margaret Tyzack (Countess of Rossillion), John Franklin-Robbins (King of France), Stephen Moore (Parolles), Geoffrey Hutchings (Lavatch), Cheryl Campbell/Deirdra Morris (Diana), Robert Eddison (Lord Lafew), Julia Swift (Mariana), Julietta Mole (Violenta), John McAndrew (Bertram’s Servant), Peter Land (Dumaine), Philip Franks/Simon Templeman (Dumaine), John Rogan (Duke of Florence) Griffith Jones/George Raistrick (A Gentleman), Gillian Webb (An Old Widow), Roger Allam (Morgan), Graham Turner, Nigel Le Vaillant, Peter Chelsom (Suitors/Soldiers), Julia Hills, Diana Hardcastle, Leonie Mellinger, Elizabeth Rider (Maids)

1989 RST/1990 Barbican: Barry Kyle
Chris Dyer (design); Michael Calf (lighting); Jeremy Sams (music)
Patricia Kerrigan (Helena), Paul Venables (Bertram), Gwen Watford (Countess of Rossillion), Hugh Ross (King of France), Bruce Alexander (Parolles), Geoffrey Freshwater (Lavatch), Suzan Sylvester (Diana), Clifford Rose (Lord Lafew), Judith Brydon (Mariana), Jane Gwilliams (Violenta), Maxwell Hutcheon (Bertram’s Servant), Howard Ward (Dumaine), Rob Edwards (Dumaine), Michael Cadman (Duke of Florence/A Gentleman Astringer), Helen Blatch (An Old Widow), Jason Flemyng, Daniel Ryan, Steven Waddington (Lords)

1992 Swan/1993 Pit: Peter Hall
John Gunter (design); Rick Fisher (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Sophie Thompson (Helena), Toby Stephens (Bertram), Barbara Jefford (Countess of Rossillion), Richard Johnson (King of France), Michael Siberry (Parolles), Anthony O’Donnell (Lavatch), Rebecca Saire (Diana), Alfred Burke (Lord Lafew), Emily Raymond (Mariana), Emily Watson (Violenta), Jack Waters (Bertram’s Servant/Ward), Adrian Lukis (Dumaine), Dominic Mafham (Dumaine), Colin Starkey (Duke of Florence), Griffith Jones (A Gentleman Astringer), Andree Evans (An Old Widow), Ciaran McIntyre (First Soldier), Geoffrey Abbott (Ward/Second Soldier), Dorian MacDonald (Ward)

2003-04 Swan/2004 Gielgud: Gregory Doran
Stephen Brimson Lewis (set), Deirdre Clancy (costumes); Paul Pyant (lighting); Paul Englishby (music)
Claudie Blakley (Helena), Jamie Glover (Bertram), Judi Dench (Countess of Rossillion), Gary Waldhorn (King of France), Guy Henry (Parolles), Mark Lambert (Lavatch), Shelley Conn (Diana), Charles Kay (Lord Lafew), Aimee Cowen (Mariana), Sarah Jane Wolverson (Violenta), Miles Richardson (Dumaine), Oliver Senton (Dumaine), Arthur Kohn (Rynaldo), Colm Gormley (A Gentleman Astringer), Jane Maud (An Old Widow), Tim Delap (Soldier), Chris Geere (Soldier), Brendan O’Hea (Morgan)

For a gallery of over 40 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Antony and Cleopatra

1972 RST/1973 Aldwych: Trevor Nunn, Buzz Goodbody
Christopher Morley, Ann Curtis (design); John Bradley, Brian Harris (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Richard Johnson (Antony), Janet Suzman (Cleopatra), Corin Redgrave (Octavius Caesar), Patrick Stewart (Enobarbus), Gerald James/Tim Piggott-Smith (Pompey), Rosemary McHale (Charmian), Judy Cornwell/Mary Rutherford (Octavia), Mavis Taylor Blake (Iras), Joe Marcell (Eros), Jonathan Kent (Thidias), Raymond Westwell/Philip Locke (Lepidus), Tim Piggott-Smith (Proculeius), Patrick Godfrey (Maecenas)

1978 RST/1979 Aldwych: Peter Brook
Sally Jacobs (design); Nick Chelton/Clive Morris (lighting); Richard Peaslee (music)
Alan Howard (Antony), Glenda Jackson (Cleopatra), Jonathan Pryce (Octavius Caesar), Patrick Stewart (Enobarbus), David Suchet (Pompey), Paola Dionisotti (Charmian), Marjorie Bland/Juliet Stevenson (Octavia), Juliet Stevenson (Iras), John Nettles/John Bowe (Ventidius/Dolabella), John Bowe (Scarus), Hilton McRae (Eros), Alan Rickman/Paul Whitworth (Thidias/Alexas), Paul Whitworth (Diomedes), Paul Brooke (Lepidus), David Bradley (Proculeius/Soothsayer), David Lyon (Demetrius), Paul Webster (Agrippa), George Raistrick (Menecrates), Paul Moriarty (Menas), Richard Griffiths (Clown)

1982 TOP/1983 Pit: Adrian Noble
Nadine Baylis (design); Leo Leibovici (lighting); George Fenton (music)
Michael Gambon (Antony), Helen Mirren (Cleopatra), Jonathan Hyde (Octavius Caesar), Bob Peck (Enobarbus), Clive Wood (Pompey), Sorcha Cusack (Charmian), Penelope Beaumont (Octavia), Josette Simon (Iras), David Troughton (Scarus/Soothsayer/Clown), Michael Maloney (Eros), Ken Bones (Thidias/Alexas), Albie Woodington (Diomedes), Paul Webster (Lepidus/Proculeius)

1992 RST/1993 Barbican: John Caird

Sue Blane (design); David Hersey (lighting); Ilona Sekacz (music)
Richard Johnson (Antony), Clare Higgins (Cleopatra), John Nettles (Octavius Caesar), Paul Jesson (Enobarbus), Toby Stephens (Pompey), Claire Benedict (Charmian), Phyllida Hancock (Octavia), Susie Lee Hayward (Iras), Dominic Mafham (Dolabella), Colin Starkey (Scarus), Peter De Jersey (Eros), James Connolly (Thidias), Nick Kemp (Alexas), Maxwell Hutcheon (Diomedes), Andrew Burke (Lepidus), David Burt (Proculeius), Roger Frost (Maecenas), Jasper Britton (Soothsayer), Andrew Jarvis (Agrippa), Gordon Case (Menas), Griffith Jones (Schoolmaster), Alan Cox (Messenger), Jenna Russell, Elizabeth Renihan (Attendants)

1999 RST/2000 Barbican: Steven Pimlott
Yolanda Sonnabend (design); Hugh Vanstone (lighting); Jason Carr (music)
Alan Bates (Antony), Frances de la Tour (Cleopatra), Guy Henry (Octavius Caesar), Malcolm Storry (Enobarbus), Henry Ian Cusick (Pompey/Proculeius), Rachel Joyce (Charmian), Sarah Walton (Octavia), Hermione Gulliford (Iras), Colin Mace (Dolabella), Nicholas Tigg (Eros), Aidan McArdle (Thidias/Alexas), Orlando Wells (Diomedes), Michael Gardner (Lepidus), Peter Kelly (Soothsayer), Anthony Byrne (Agrippa), Colin Mace (Menas)

2002 RST/2002 Theatre Royal Haymarket: Michael Attenborough
Es Devlin (design); Tim Mitchell (lighting); Paddy Cunneen (music); John Leonard (sound); Clive Wood (movement)

Stuart Wilson (Antony), Sinead Cusack (Cleopatra), Stephen Campbell-Moore (Octavius Caesar), Clive Wood (Enobarbus), Noma Dumezweni (Charmian), Sarah Ball (Octavia), Kirsten Parker (Iras), John Hopkins (Dolabella), Israel Aduramo (Eros), Steve Sarossy (Thidias), Simon Nagra (Alexas), Ben Elliot (Diomedes), William Whymper (Maecenas), Clifford Rose (Lepidus/Proculeius), Trevor Martin (Soothsayer), Simon Scott (Agrippa), John Killoran (Scarus), Ross Waiton (Decretas), Ian Drysdale (Canidius), Julian Jensen (Gallus), Christian McKay (Mardian), Cristina Barreiro (Lady)

2006 Swan (Complete Works Festival)/2007 Novello: Gregory Doran
Stephen Brimson Lewis (set), Kandis Cook (costumes); Tim Mitchell (lighting); Adrian Lee (music); Martin Slavin (sound); Michael Ashcroft (movement)
Patrick Stewart (Antony), Harriet Walter (Cleopatra), John Hopkins (Octavius Caesar), Ken Bones (Enobarbus), Ariyon Bakare (Pompey), Golda Rosheuvel (Charmian), Mariah Gale (Octavia), Emma Jay Thomas (Iras), Luke Neal (Dolabella), Chris Jarman (Eros), Nick Court (Thidias), Edmund Kingsley (Maecenas), James Hayes (Lepidus), Keith Osborn (Agrippa), David Rubin (Menas), Joseph Alessi (Scarus), Ravi Aujla (Decretas), Paul Barnhill (Canidius), Rob Carroll (Silus), Ewen Cummins (Mardian), Julian Bleach (Clown), Allyson Brown (Habibah), Graig Gazey (Messenger)

For a gallery of nearly 100 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Arden of Faversham

1970 Roundhouse: Buzz Goodbody
Annena Stubbs (design).
Dorothy Tutin (Alice), David Bailie (Mosby), Geoffrey Hutchings (Black Will), Morgan Sheppard (Shakebag), Pip Donaghy (Prentice), Emrys James (Arden), Richard Mayes (Franklin), Peter Geddis (Michael), Anthony Pedley (Clarke), Denis Holmes (Greene), Maev Alexander (Susan), John Berwyn (Bradshaw)

1982 TOP/1983 Pit: Terry Hands
Kandis Cook (design); Terry Hands (lighting)
Jenny Agutter (Alice), Robert O’Mahoney (Mosby), John Bowe (Black Will), David Bradley (Shakebag), Ken Bones (Prentice), Bruce Purchase/Christopher Benjamin (Arden), Jeffery Dench (Franklin), Mark Rylance (Michael), Paul Webster (Clarke), Ian Talbot (Greene), Cathy Finlay (Susan), Niall Padden (Bradshaw), Jimmy Gardner (Adam)

For a gallery of production images, go to

As You Like It

1961 RST/1962 Aldwych: Michael Elliott
Richard Negri (design); Richard Pilbrow (lighting); George Hall (music)
Vanessa Redgrave (Rosalind), Rosalind Knight (Celia), Ian Bannen (Orlando), Max Adrian (Jaques), Peter McEnery/Peter Gill (Silvius), Jill Dixon/Jeanne Hepple (Phebe), Colin Blakeley/Patrick Wymark (Touchstone), Patsy Byrne (Audrey), Paul Hardwick (Duke Senior), Tony Church (Duke Frederick), Russell Hunter (Corin), David Buck (Oliver), Ian Richardson (Le Beau), Clifford Rose (Adam), Gareth Morgan, William Wallis (Lords)

1967 RST, Aldwych, UK Tour/1968 Los Angeles/1968 RST: David Jones
Timothy O’Brien (design); John Bradley (lighting); William Mathias (music)
Dorothy Tutin/Janet Suzman (Rosalind), Janet Suzman/Rowena Cooper (Celia), Michael Williams (Orlando), Alan Howard (Jaques), John Kane/Bruce Myers (Silvius), June Watts (Phebe), Roy Kinnear/Patrick Stewart (Touchstone), Frances de la Tour/Susan Fleetwood (Audrey), Patrick Stewart (Duke Senior), Morgan Sheppard (Duke Frederick), Terence Hardiman (Corin), Charles Thomas/Bernard Lloyd (Oliver), Ben Kingsley (Amiens)

1973 RST: Buzz Goodbody
Christopher Morley (design); Brian Harris (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Eileen Atkins (Rosalind), Maureen Lipman (Celia), David Suchet (Orlando), Richard Pasco (Jaques), Peter Machin (Silvius), Janet Chappell (Phebe), Derek Smith (Touchstone), Annette Badland (Audrey), Tony Church (Duke Senior), Clement McCallin (Duke Frederick), Jeffery Dench (Corin), Charles Keating (Oliver), Anthony Pedley (Le Beau), Sydney Bromley (Adam)

1977 RST/1978 Aldwych: Trevor Nunn with John Caird
John Napier (design, RST), Quentin Thomas, Gemma Jackson (design, Aldwych); John Watts, Stewart Leviton (lighting); Stephen Oliver (music); Gillian Lynne (musical staging)
Kate Nelligan/Charlotte Cornwell (Rosalind), Peter McEnery/James Laurenson (Orlando), Judith Paris/Cherie Lunghi (Celia), Emrys James (Jaques), Ian Gelder/Peter Clough (Silvius), Lynsey Baxter/Jane Carr (Phebe), Alan David (Touchstone), Ann Holloway (Audrey), Oliver Ford Davies (Duke Senior), John Rhys-Davies/John Burgess (Duke Frederick), Edwin Richfield (Corin), Charles Dance (Oliver), Paul Imbusch (Le Beau), Jeffery Dench (Adam), Ian McNeice (William), Deirdra Morris (Rustic Girl)

1980 RST/1981 Aldwych: Terry Hands
Farrah (design); Terry Hands, Clive Morris (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Susan Fleetwood (Rosalind), Sinead Cusack (Celia), John Bowe (Orlando), Derek Godfrey (Jaques), Allan Hendrick (Silvius), Julia Tobin (Phebe), Joe Melia (Touchstone), Corrina Seddon (Audrey), Trevor Baxter (Duke Senior), Bruce Purchase (Duke Frederick), Tom Wilkinson (Corin), Jonathan Hyde (Oliver), Bille Brown (Le Beau), Jimmy Gardner (Adam), Michael Siberry (Jaques de Boys)

1985 RST/1986 Barbican: Adrian Noble
Bob Crowley (design); David Hersey (lighting); Howard Blake (music)
Juliet Stevenson (Rosalind), Fiona Shaw (Celia), Hilton McRae (Orlando), Alan Rickman (Jaques), Roger Hymans (Silvius), Lesley Manville (Phebe), Nicky Henson (Touchstone), Mary Jo Randle (Audrey), Joseph O’Conor (Duke Senior/Duke Frederick), Colin Douglas (Corin), Bruce Alexander (Oliver), Griffith Jones (Le Beau), Mark Dignam (Adam)

1989 RST/1990 Barbican: John Caird
Ultz (design); Alan Burrett (lighting); Ilona Sekacz (music)
Sophie Thompson (Rosalind), Gillian Bevan (Celia), Jerome Flynn (Orlando), Hugh Ross (Jaques/Le Beau), Alan Cumming (Silvius), Cassie Stuart (Phebe), Mark Williams (Touchstone), Joanna Mays (Audrey), Clifford Rose (Duke Senior/Duke Frederick), George Malpas (Corin), Howard Ward (Oliver), Andrew Hesker (Martext), Eric Francis (Adam)

1992 RST/1993 Barbican: David Thacker
Johan Engels (design); Jimmy Simmons (lighting); Gary Yershon (music)
Samantha Bond/Kate Buffery (Rosalind), Phyllida Hancock/Samantha Bond (Celia), Peter de Jersey (Orlando), Michael Siberry (Jaques), Andrew Cryer (Silvius), Emma Gregory (Phebe), Anthony O’Donnell (Touchstone), Susan-Jane Tanner (Audrey), Jeffery Dench (Duke Senior), Andrew Jarvis (Duke Frederick), John Bott (Corin), Adrian Lukis (Oliver), Nick Kemp (Le Beau), Alfred Burke (Adam), Jonathan Cake (Lord), Jenna Russell (Lady), Alan Cox (Soldier)

1996 RST/1996-97 Barbican: Steven Pimlott
Ashley Martin-Davis (design); Mimi Jordan Sherin (lighting); Jason Carr (music)
Niamh Cusack (Rosalind), Rachel Joyce (Celia), Liam Cunningham (Orlando), John Woodvine (Jaques), Joseph Fiennes (Silvius), Victoria Hamilton (Phebe), David Tennant (Touchstone), Susannah Elliott-Knight (Audrey), Robert Demeger (Duke Senior), Colum Convey (Duke Frederick), Arthur Cox (Corin), Sebastian Harcombe (Oliver), Raymond Bowers (Le Beau/Martext), John Quayle (Adam)

2000 RST/2000-01 Pit: Gregory Doran

Kaffe Fassett, Niki Turner (design); Howard Harrison (lighting); Django Bates (music)
Alexandra Gilbreath (Rosalind), Nancy Carroll (Celia), Anthony Howell (Orlando), Declan Conlon (Jaques), Andrew Pointon (Silvius), Danielle Tilley (Phebe), Adrian Schiller (Touchstone), Nina Conti (Audrey), Ian Hogg (Duke Senior/Duke Frederick), Barry McCarthy (Corin), Tom Smith (Oliver), David Mara (Le Beau), Peter Copley (Adam)

2003 Swan: Gregory Thompson
Colin Peters (design), Hilary Lewis (costumes); Judith Greenwood (lighting); David Stoll (music)
Nina Sosanya (Rosalind), Naomi Frederick (Celia), Martin Hutson (Orlando), David Fielder (Jaques), Daniel Brocklebank (Silvius), Natasha Gordon (Phebe), John Killoran (Touchstone), Patricia Gannon (Audrey), Michael Hadley (Duke), Michael G. Jones (Corin), Aaron Neil (Oliver), Alistair Robins (Le Beau), Tim Barlow (Adam)

2005 RST/2006 Novello: Dominic Cooke
Rae Smith (design); Paule Constable (lighting); Gary Yershon (music)

Lia Williams (Rosalind), Amanda Harris (Celia), Barnaby Kay (Orlando), Joseph Mydell (Jaques), Jamie Ballard (Silvius), Caitlin Mottram (Phebe), Paul Chahidi (Touchstone), Meg Fraser (Audrey), Jonathan Newth (The Dukes), Peter Bygott (Corin), John Mackay (Oliver), Miles Richardson (Le Beau), Patrick Waldron (Adam), Trystan Gravelle (Jacques de Boys), Alan Morrissey (Dennis), David Rogers (Charles the Wrestler), Gurpreet Singh (Amiens/Hymen), Sally Tatum (Hisperia)

For a gallery of over 100 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Comedy of Errors

1962 RST/1962 Aldwych/1963 RST/1964 International Tour/1965 UK Tour/1965 RST/1972 RST: Clifford Williams
John Wyckham, Clifford Williams (set), Anthony Powell (costumes); John Wyckham, Clifford Williams (lighting); Peter Wishart (music)

Ian Richardson/John Normington/Charles Kay/Corin Redgrave (Antipholus of Ephesus), Alec McCowen/Ian Richardson/John Wood (Antipholus of Syracuse), Ian Hewitson/Clifford Rose/Robert Lloyd/Chris Harris (Dromio of Ephesus), Barry MacGregor/Michael Williams/Geoffrey Hutchings (Dromio of Syracuse), Diana Rigg/Susan Engel/Judy Cornwell (Adriana), Susan Maryott/Janet Suzman/Julie Christie/Tina Packer/Rosemary McHale (Luciana), James Booth/Derek Smith/Michael Williams/John Nettleton/Peter Geddis/Philip Manikum (Pinch), Michael Murray/John Bott (Balthazar), Peter Jeffrey/Ken Wynne/Jeffery Dench/Gerald James (Angelo), Tony Steedman/Donald Sinden/Michael Murray/Nicholas Selby/Clement McCallin (Solinus), Tony Church/John Welsh/Paul Hardwick/Timothy West/Raymond Westwell (Aegeon), Patricia Brake/Caroline Maud (Luce), Yvonne Bonnamy/Susan Engel/Elizabeth Spriggs/Edwina Ford (A Courtezan), Pauline Letts/Madoline Tjomas/Joan Macarthur (Abbess), Philip Brack (A Merchant), Edmond Bennett/Morgan Sheppard (A Merchant), John Corvin/Sidney Livingstone (An Officer), Bryan Reed (A Gaoler), Margaret Drabble, Gordon Honeycombe, Nerys Hughes, Tim Wylton

1976-77 RST/1977 Aldwych: Trevor Nunn
John Napier, Dermot Hayes (design); Clive Morris (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music); Gillian Lynne (musical staging)
Mike Gwilym (Antipholus of Ephesus), Roger Rees (Antipholus of Syracuse), Nickolas Grace (Dromio of Ephesus), Michael Williams (Dromio of Syracuse), Judi Dench (Adriana), Francesca Annis (Luciana), Robin Ellis/John Woodvine (Pinch), Norman Tyrrell (Balthazar), Paul Brooke (Angelo), Brian Coburn (Solinus), Griffith Jones (Aegeon), Susan Dury (Luce), Barbara Shelley/Carman Du Sautoy (A Courtezan), Marie Kean (Abbess), Jacob Witkin (A Merchant), Keith Taylor (A Merchant), Richard Griffiths (An Officer), Tim Brierley, Paul Whitworth, Peter Woodward (Waiters), Marjorie Bland, Pippa Guard (Girls)

1983 RST/1984 Barbican: Adrian Noble
Ultz (design); Robert Bryan (lighting); Nigel Hess (music)
Peter McEnery (Antipholus of Ephesus), Paul Greenwood (Antipholus of Syracuse), Henry Goodman (Dromio of Ephesus), Richard O’Callaghan (Dromio of Syracuse), Zoe Wanamaker (Adriana), Jane Booker (Luciana), John Dicks (Pinch), Geoffrey Beevers (Balthazar), John Dicks/Anthony O’Donnell (Solinus), Joseph O’Conor (Aegeon), Frankie Cosgrave (Luce), Emma Watson (A Courtezan), Sheila Ballantine (Abbess), Stanley Page (A Merchant), Raymond Platt (A Merchant), Paul Clayton (An Officer)

1987 Small-scale Tour: Nick Hamm
Kit Surrey (design); Chris Parry (lighting)
Michael Mueller (Antipholus of Ephesus), Richard O’Callaghan (Antipholus of Syracuse), Iain Mitchell (Dromio of Ephesus), Mark Hadfield (Dromio of Syracuse), Maggie Steed (Adriana), Tessa Peake-Jones (Luciana), Bob Goody (Pinch), Gregory Karr (Balthazar), Malcolm Sinclair (Solinus), David Collings (Aegeon), Jill Spurrier (Luce), Fiona Gillies (A Courtezan), Jill Spurrier (Abbess), Philip Franks (A Merchant), Ken Shorter (An Officer)

1990 RST/1991 Barbican/1992 Barbican and International Tour: Ian Judge
Mark Thompson (design); Clive Morris (lighting); Nigel Hess (music)
Desmond Barrit (Antipholus of Ephesus/Antipholus of Syracuse), Graham Turner/Neil Caple (Dromio of Ephesus/Dromio of Syracuse), Estelle Kohler (Adriana), CarolineLoncq/Serena Evans (Luciana), David Killick (Pinch), John Bott (Balthazar), David Killick (Solinus), David Waller (Aegeon), Polly Kemp (Luce), Toni Palmer (A Courtezan), Cherry Morris (Abbess), Bernard Wright (A Merchant), Andrew Havill (A Merchant), John Hodgkinson (An Officer), Raymond Bowers (Angelo), Catherine White (Ephesian)

1996 TOP/1996-97 Small-scale Tour/1997 Young Vic: Tim Supple
Robert Innes Hopkins (design); Chris Davey (lighting); Adrian Lee (music)
Simon Coates (Antipholus of Ephesus), Robert Bowman (Antipholus of Syracuse), Eric Mallet (Dromio of Ephesus), Dan Milne (Dromio of Syracuse), Sarah C. Cameron (Adriana), Thusitha Jayasundera (Luciana), Leo Wringer (Solinus), Christopher Saul (Aegeon)

2000 RST/2000-01 Barbican: Lynne Parker
Blaithin Sheerin (design); Tina MacHugh (lighting); Bell Helicopter (music)
Anthony Howell (Antipholus of Ephesus), David Tennant (Antipholus of Syracuse), Tom Smith (Dromio of Ephesus), Ian Hughes (Dromio of Syracuse), Emily Raymond (Adriana), Jacqueline Defferary (Luciana), Michael Thomas (Solinus), Paul Greenwood (Aegeon)

2005 RST/2006 Novello: Nancy Meckler
Katrina Lindsay (design); Tim Mitchell (lighting); Ilona Sekacz (music)
Christopher Colquhoun (Antipholus of Ephesus), Joe Dixon (Antipholus of Syracuse), Forbes Masson (Dromio of Ephesus), Jonathan Slinger (Dromio of Syracuse), Suzanne Burden (Adriana), Sinead Keenan (Luciana), Tom Hodgkins (Pinch), Geoffrey Lumb (Balthazar), Oscar Pearce (Angelo), Neil McKinven (Solinus), Richard Cordery (Aegeon), Diveen Henry (A Courtezan), Frances Jeater (Abbess), Christopher Obi (A Merchant), Christopher Robert (A Merchant), Eke Chukwu (An Officer), Alice Barclay, Bettrys Jones (Ladies), Kevin Trainor (Messenger), Stewart W. Fraser (Puppeteer)

For a gallery of over 60 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to


1967 RST: John Barton
John Bury, Ann Curtis, Elizabeth Duffield (design); John Bradley (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music); Mike Leigh (assistant director)
Ian Richardson (Coriolanus), Edward Cicciarelli (Aufidius), Brewster Mason (Menenius), Catherine Lacey (Volumnia), Estelle Kohler (Virgilia), Clive Swift (Sicinius Velutus), Nicholas Selby (Junius Brutus), Patrick O’Connell (Cominius), Jeffery Dench (First Senator), Helen Mirren (Lady), Ian Hogg (Adrian), Bruce Myers (First Aufidius Servant), Richard Moore (Second Aufidius Servant), Peter Geddis (Second Servant)

1972 RST/1973 Aldwych: Trevor Nunn with Buzz Goodbody
Christopher Morley with Ann Curtis (design); John Bradley with Brian Harris (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Ian Hogg/Nicol Williamson (Coriolanus), Patrick Stewart/Oscar James (Aufidius), Mark Dignam (Menenius), Margaret Tyzack (Volumnia), Rosemary McHale/Wendy Allnutt (Virgilia), Raymond Westwell/John Nettleton (Sicinius Velutus), Gerald James/Philip Locke (Junius Brutus), Clement McCallin/Nicholas Selby (Cominius), Geoffrey Hutchings/Morgan Sheppard (First Citizen), Patrick Godfrey (First Senator), John Bott (Titus Lartius), Tim Piggott-Smith (Lieutenant)

1977 RST/1978 Aldwych/1979 European Tour (Belgium, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Zurich): Terry Hands
Farrah (design); Terry Hands with Clive Morris (lighting); Ian Kellam (music)
Alan Howard (Coriolanus), Julian Glover/Charles Dance (Aufidius), Graham Crowden (Menenius), Maxine Audley (Volumnia), Fleur Chandler (Virgilia), Tim Wylton (Sicinius Velutus), Oliver Ford Davies (Junius Brutus), Jeffery Dench (Cominius), Charles Dance (Volscian Lieutenant), Barrie Rutter (First Roman Citizen), Philip Dunbar (Second Roman Citizen), Edward Jewesbury (First Volscian Senator), Bille Brown (Second Volscian Citizen), Ron Cook (Sixth Roman Citizen), Deirdra Morris (Gentlewoman)

1989 RST/1990 Barbican: Terry Hands with John Barton
Christopher Morley (design); Terry Hands (lighting); Terry Davies (music)
Charles Dance (Coriolanus), Malcolm Storry (Aufidius), Joseph O’Conor (Menenius), Barbara Jefford (Volumnia), Amanda Harris (Virgilia), Geoffrey Freshwater (Sicinius Velutus), Joe Melia (Junius Brutus), Frank Moorey (Cominius), Rob Edwards (First Citizen), Jason Flemyng (Servant/Citizen), Steven Waddington (Citizen)

1994 Swan/1995 Barbican: David Thacker

Fran Thompson (design); Alan Burrett (lighting); Adrian Johnston (music)
Toby Stephens (Coriolanus), Barry Lynch (Aufidius), Philip Voss (Menenius), Caroline Blakiston (Volumnia), Monica Dolan (Virgilia), Linal Haft (Sicinius Velutus), Ewan Hooper (Junius Brutus), David Killick (Cominius), Griffith Jones (First Senator), Kenn Sabberton (Adrian), Kevin Doyle (Nicanor), Tanya Moodie (Valeria), Thusitha Jayasundera (Gentlewoman), Daniel Evans (Citizen/Servant), Howard Crossley (Citizen/Servant)

2002-03 Swan/2003 Small-scale Tour/2003 Old Vic: David Farr
Ti Green (design); Hartley T.A. Kemp (lighting); Keith Clouston (music)
Greg Hicks (Coriolanus), Chuk Iwuji (Aufidius), Richard Cordery (Menenius), Alison Fiske (Volumnia), Hannah Young (Virgilia), Tom Mannion (Sicinius Velutus), Simon Coates (Junius Brutus), David Killick (Cominius), Ciaran McIntyre (Volscian Senator), Michael Gardiner (Volscian Senator), Claire Carrie (Valeria), Lucy Tregear (Citizen), Kate Best (Citizen)

2007 RST (Complete Works Festival): Gregory Doran
Richard Hudson (design); Tim Mitchell (lighting); Paul Englishby (music); Martin Slavin (sound); Terry King (fights)

William Houston (Coriolanus), Trevor White (Aufidius), Timothy West (Menenius), Janet Suzman (Volumnia), Eleanor Matsuura (Virgilia), Fred Ridgeway (Sicinius Velutus), Darren Tunstall (Junius Brutus), Michael Hadley (Cominius), Guy Burgess (Volscian Senator), Ricky Champ (Volscian Senator), Darlene Johnson (Valeria), Oliver Senton (Titus), Luke Rutherford (Aedile), Jonathan Melia, Arthur Kohn (Senators), Jonty Stephens, Frances Jeater, Steve Vernom (Citizens), Curtis Flowers, Richard Pepple (Conspirators), Danny Seldon (Messenger), Richard Orme (Servingman), Riann Steele (Gentlewoman), Jonathan Clowes/Edward Statham/Daniel Wilkinson (Young Martius)

For a gallery of nearly 100 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to


1962 RST: William Gaskill
Rene Allio (design); Clifford Williams (lighting); Marc Wilkinson (music)

Vanessa Redgrave (Imogen), Patrick Allen (Posthumus), Eric Porter (Iachimo), Tom Fleming (Cymbeline), Patience Collier (The Queen), Paul Hardwick (Belarius), Brian Murray (Guiderius), Barry MacGregor (Arviragus), Tony Church (Pisanio), Tony Steedman (Caius Lucius), Leon Sinden (Philario), Gareth Morgan (A Frenchman), Gordon Honeycombe (A Lord), Peter Geddis (Apparition), Margaret Drabble, Nerys Hughes (Ladies)

1974 RST/1974 Aldwych: Barry Kyle, John Barton, Clifford Williams
John Napier (design); David Hersey (lighting)
Susan Fleetwood (Imogen), Tim Pigott-Smith (Posthumus), Charles Keating (Cloten), Ian Richardson (Iachimo), Sebastian Shaw (Cymbeline), Sheila Allen (The Queen), Tony Church (Belarius), Jonathan Kent (Guiderius), Julian Barnes (Arviragus), David Suchet (Pisanio), Robert Ashby (Caius Lucius), Malcolm Armstrong (Philario)

1979 RST: David Jones
Christopher Morley (design); Brian Harris (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Judi Dench (Imogen), Roger Rees (Posthumus), Bob Peck (Cloten), Ben Kingsley (Iachimo), Jeffrey Dench (Cymbeline), Heather Canning (The Queen), Patrick Godfrey (Belarius), Tim Brierley (Guiderius), Robert Gwilym (Arviragus), Geoffrey Hutchings (Pisanio), Timothy Knightley (Caius Lucius), Hubert Rees (Philario), Griffith Jones (Soothsayer), Timothy Spall (First Lord), David Threlfall (Second Lord), Cathryn Harrison (Helen)

1987 TOP/1988 Pit: Bill Alexander
Alan Watkins, Kit Surrey (design); Clive Morris (lighting); Ilona Sekacz (music)
Harriet Walter (Imogen), Nicholas Farrell (Posthumus), Bruce Alexander (Cloten), Donald Sumpter (Iachimo), David Bradley (Cymbeline), Julie Legrand (The Queen), Paul Webster (Belarius), David O’Hara (Guiderius), Paul Spence (Arviragus), Jim Hooper (Pisanio), Geoffrey Freshwater/Trevor Martin (Caius Lucius)

1989 RST: Bill Alexander
Timothy O’Brien (design); Mark Henderson (lighting); Ilona Sekacz (music)
Naomi Wirthner (Imogen), David O’Hara (Posthumus), David Troughton (Cloten), John Carlisle (Iachimo), Bernard Horsfall (Cymbeline), Linda Spurrier (The Queen), Paul Webster (Belarius), Stephen Simms (Guiderius), Vincent Regan (Arviragus), Rob Heyland (Pisanio), Michael Loughnan (Caius Lucius), Mark Brignal (Philario), Jack Ellis (Cornelius)

1997 RST/1998 Barbican/1998 Washington and New York: Adrian Noble
Anthony Ward (design); Hugh Vanstone (lighting); Stephen Warbeck (music)
Joanne Pearce (Imogen), Damien Lewis (Posthumus), Guy Henry (Cloten), Paul Freeman (Iachimo), Edward Petherbridge (Cymbeline), Joanna McCallum (The Queen), Ian Hogg (Belarius), Jo Stone-Fewings (Guiderius), Richard Cant (Arviragus), Paul Bentall (Pisanio), Patrice Naiambana (Caius Lucius), David Glover (Philario), John Kane (Soothsayer), David Hobbs (Cornelius)

2003 Swan: Dominic Cooke
Rae Smith (design); Chris Davey (lighting); Gary Yershon (music)
Emma Fielding (Imogen), Daniel Evans (Posthumus), Paul Chahidi (Cloten), Anton Lesser (Iachimo), David Horovitch (Cymbeline), Ishia Bennison (The Queen), Christopher Godwin (Belarius), Daniel Hawksford (Guiderius), Simon Trinder (Arviragus), Aaron Neil (Pisanio), Keith Osborn (Frenchman), James Staddon (Philario), Tim Barlow (Soothsayer), Walter Hall (Cornelius), Rory Kinnear (First Lord), Esther Ruth Elliot (Lady)

For a gallery of over 70 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Edward III

2002 Swan/2002-03 Gielgud: Anthony Clark
Patrick Connellan (design); Wayne Dowdeswell (lighting); Conor Linehan (music)
David Rintoul (Edward III), Jamie Glover (Edward, Prince of Wales), Caroline Faber (Countess of Salisbury), Anthony Byrne (King David/Montfort), Ben Hicks (Gobin de Grace), Joshua Richards (Earl of Warwick), Wayne Cater (Lodowick), Michael Thomas (King John), Vincent Brimble (Earl of Derby), Paul Bhattacharjee (Duke of Lorraine), Sian Howard (Queen Philippa), Colin McCormack (Lord Audley), David Acton (Earl of Salisbury/King of Bohemia), Paul Bentall (Douglas/Copland/Villiers), James Tucker (Prince Charles), Avin Shah (Philip), Keith Osborn (Montague), Sean Hannaway (Artois)

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1961 RST: Peter Wood
Leslie Hurry (design); John Wyckham (lighting); Alan Rawsthorne (music); John Barton (fights)
Ian Bannen (Hamlet), Noel Willman/Paul Hardwick (Claudius), Elizabeth Sellars (Gertrude), Geraldine McEwan (Ophelia), Redmond Phillips (Polonius), Brian Murray (Horatio), Gordon Gostelow (Ghost/Osric), Peter McEnery (Laertes), David Buck (Rosencrantz), Ian Richardson (Guildenstern), Tony Church (Player King), Newton Buck (First Gravedigger), Russell Hunter (Second Gravedigger), Barry Warren (Fortinbras), Clifford Rose (Marcellus)

1965 RST/1965 Aldwych/1966 RST: Peter Hall
John Bury (design), Ann Curtis (costumes); John Bradley (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music); John Barton (fights)
David Warner (Hamlet), Brewster Mason (Claudius), Elizabeth Spriggs (Gertrude), Glenda Jackson/Estelle Kohler (Ophelia), Tony Church (Polonius), Donald Burton (Horatio), Patrick Magee (Ghost), Charles Thomas/Michael Jayston (Laertes), Michael Williams/John Bell (Rosencrantz), James Laurenson/Richard Moore (Guildenstern), William Squire/Patrick Stewart (Player King), David Waller (First Gravedigger), Robert Lloyd/John Kane (Second Gravedigger), Charles Kay/John Normington (Osric and Player Queen), Michael Pennington (Fortinbras), Peter Geddis (Barnardo)

1970 RST: Trevor Nunn
Christopher Morley (design); John Bradley (lighting).
Alan Howard (Hamlet), David Waller (Claudius), Brenda Bruce (Gertrude), Helen Mirren (Ophelia), Sebastian Shaw (Polonius), Terence Taplin (Horatio), Patrick Barr (Ghost), Christopher Gable (Laertes), Philip Manikum (Rosencrantz), John Kane (Guildenstern), Clement McCallin (Player King), Barry Stanton (Gravedigger), Peter Egan (Osric)

1975 TOP/1976 Roundhouse: Buzz Goodbody
Chris Dyer (design); Leo Leibovici (lighting)
Ben Kingsley (Hamlet), George Baker (Claudius), Mikel Lambert (Gertrude), Yvonne Nicholson (Ophelia), Andre Van Gysegheim (Polonius), Sid Livingstone (Horatio), Griffith Jones (Ghost), Stuart Wilson (Laertes), Gareth Armstrong (Rosencrantz/Osric), Christopher Saul (Guildenstern), Bob Peck (First Gravedigger), Terence Wilton (Second Gravedigger/Marcellus), Charles Dance (Fortinbras)

1980 RST/1981 Aldwych: John Barton
Ralph Koltai (design); Mark Pritchard (lighting); James Walker (music)
Michael Pennington (Hamlet), Barbara Leigh-Hunt (Gertrude), Derek Godfrey (Claudius), Carol Royle (Ophelia), Tony Church (Polonius), Tom Wilkinson (Horatio), Raymond Westwell (Ghost), John Bowe (Laertes), Hugh Ross (Rosencrantz), Gordon Dulieu (Guildenstern), Bruce Purchase (Player King), Raymond Westwell (First Gravedigger), Dennis Clinton (Second Gravedigger), Hugh Ross (Osric), Bille Brown (Reynaldo), Michael Siberry (Fortinbras/Player Queen), Bille Brown/Richard Cordery (Barnardo)

1984 RST/1985 Barbican: Ron Daniels
Maria Bjornson (design); Chris Ellis (lighting); Nigel Hess (music)
Roger Rees (Hamlet), Brian Blessed (Claudius), Virginia McKenna (Gertrude), Frances Barber (Ophelia), Frank Middlemass (Polonius), Nicholas Farrell (Horatio), Richard Easton (Ghost), Kenneth Branagh (Laertes), Christopher Ravenscroft (Rosencrantz), Arthur Kohn (Guildenstern), Bernard Horsfall (Player King), Sebastian Shaw (First Gravedigger), Derek Crewe (Second Gravedigger), Andrew Hall (Osric), James Simmons (Fortinbras), Jim Hooper (Reynaldo)

1987 Small-scale Tour: Roger Michell
Alexandra Byrne (design); Chris Parry (lighting)
Philip Franks (Hamlet), Richard O’Callaghan (Claudius), Maggie Steed (Gertrude), Tessa Peake-Jones (Ophelia), David Collings (Polonius), Malcolm Sinclair (Horatio), Bob Goody (Ghost/Gravedigger), Michael Mueller (Laertes), David Acton (Rosencrantz), Iain Mitchell (Guildenstern), Mark Hadfield (Osric/Reynaldo)

1988 Tour/1989 RST/1989 Barbican: Ron Daniels
Antony McDonald (design); Thomas Webster (lighting); Claire Van Kampen (music)
Mark Rylance (Hamlet), Peter Wight (Claudius), Clare Higgins (Gertrude), Rebecca Saire (Ophelia), Patrick Godfrey (Polonius), Jack Ellis (Horatio), Russell Enoch (Ghost/Player King), John Ramm (Laertes), Andrew Bridgmont (Rosencrantz), Patrick Brennan (Guildenstern), Jimmy Gardner (First Gravedigger), William Oxborrow (Second Gravedigger), Paul Lacoux (Osric), Jared Harris (Fortinbras), Andrew Havill (Reynaldo)

1992-93 Barbican/1993 RST: Adrian Noble
Bob Crowley (design); Alan Burrett (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Kenneth Branagh (Hamlet), John Shrapnel (Claudius), Jane Lapotaire (Gertrude), Joanne Pearce (Ophelia), David Bradley (Polonius), Rob Edwards (Horatio), Glifford Rose (Ghost), Richard Bonneville (Laertes), Michael Gould (Rosencrantz), Angus Wright (Guildenstern), Jonathan Newth (Player King), Richard Moore (First Gravedigger), Howard Crossley (Second Gravedigger), Guy Henry (Osric), Ian Hughes (Fortinbras/Reynaldo)

1997 RST/1997 Barbican/1998 Washington and New York: Matthew Warchus

Mark Thompson (design); Hugh Vanstone (lighting); Gary Yershon (music)
Alex Jennings (Hamlet), Paul Freeman (Claudius), Susannah York/Diana Quick (Gertrude), Derbhle Crotty (Ophelia), David Ryall (Polonius), Colin Hurley (Horatio), Edward Petherbridge (Ghost/Player King), William Houston (Laertes), Richard Cant (Rosencrantz), Rhashan Stone (Guildenstern), Paul Jesson (Gravedigger), Toby Longworth (Osric)

2001 RST/2001-02 Barbican: Steven Pimlott
Alison Chitty (design); Peter Mumford (lighting); Jason Carr (music)
Samuel West (Hamlet), Larry Lamb (Claudius), Marty Cruickshank (Gertrude), Kerry Condon (Ophelia), Alan David (Polonius/Gravedigger), John Dougall (Horatio), Christopher Good (Ghost/Osric), Finn Caldwell (Player King), Ben Meyjes (Laertes), Wayne Cater (Rosencrantz), Sean Hannaway (Guildenstern), Conor Moloney (Gravedigger), Adam Kay (Reynaldo), Hattie Morahan (Gentlewoman/Player)

2004 RST/2004 Albery: Michael Boyd
Tom Piper (design); Vince Herbert (lighting); John Woolf (music)

Toby Stephens (Hamlet), Clive Wood (Claudius), Sian Thomas (Gertrude), Meg Fraser (Ophelia), Richard Cordery (Polonius), Forbes Masson (Horatio), Greg Hicks (Ghost/Player King/Gravedigger), Gideon Turner (Laertes), John Mackay (Rosencrantz), John Killoran (Guildenstern), Jonathan Forbes (Osric), Ian Drysdale (Barnardo), Neil Madden (Francisco), Sion Tudor Owen (Marcellus), Trystan Gravelle (Fortinbras), Edward Clarke (Voltimand), Anita Booth (Player Queen), Jessica Tomchak (Lady)

For a gallery of nearly 200 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Henry IV, Parts 1 & 2

1964 RST: Peter Hall, John Barton, Clifford Williams

John Bury( design); John Bradley (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Hugh Griffith (Falstaff), Ian Holm (Hal), Eric Porter (Henry IV), Roy Dotrice (Hotspur), Roy Dotrice (Shallow), Susan Engel (Doll), Clive Swift (Poins), Janet Suzman (Lady Percy), Clive Morton (Worcester), Patience Collier (Mistress Quickly), Clive Swift (Silence), Peter Geddis (Feeble)

1966 RST: John Barton, Trevor Nunn, Clifford Williams
John Bury (design); John Bradley (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Paul Rogers (Falstaff), Ian Holm (Hal), Tony Church (Henry IV), Norman Rodway (Hotspur), John Normington (Shallow), Patsy Byrne (Doll), Daniel Moynihan (Poins), Sheila Allen (Lady Percy), Richard Moore (Pistol), Estelle Kohler (Lady Mortimer), David Waller (Worcester), Elizabeth Spriggs (Mistress Quickly), David Waller (Silence), John Kane (Francis), Jeffery Dench (York), Patrick Stewart (Mowbray), Malcolm McDowell (Clarence), Peter Geddis (Mouldy/Rumour)

1975 RST/1976 Aldwych: Terry Hands
Farrah (design); Stewart Leviton (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)

Brewster Mason (Falstaff), Alan Howard (Hal), Emrys James (Henry IV), Stuart Wilson (Hotspur), Sydney Bromley (Shallow), Mikel Lambert (Doll), Trevor Peacock (Poins), Ann Hasson (Lady Percy), Richard Moore (Pistol), Ken Stott (Ralph), Charles Dance (John of Lancaster), George Baker (Worcester), Bob Peck (Mowbray)

1980 Small-scale Tour: Bill Alexander
Douglas Heap (design); Brian Wigney (lighting)
Alfred Marks (Falstaff), David Rintoul (Hal), Bernard Lloyd (Henry IV), Stuart Wilson (Hotspur), Willoughby Gray (Shallow/Worcester), Patti Love (Doll/Lady Mortimer), Barbara Jefford (Mistress Quickly), Simon Haywood (Poins), Juliet Stevenson (Lady Percy), Tim Stern (Bardolph), John Burgess (Pistol/Northumberland), David-Shaw Parker (Silence), Martin Howells (John of Lancaster/Peto/Mouldy), Andrew Jarvis (Mowbray/Warwick)

1982 Barbican: Trevor Nunn
John Napier (design); David Hersey (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Joss Ackland (Falstaff), Gerard Murphy (Hal), Patrick Stewart (Henry IV), Timothy Dalton/Hugh Quarshie (Hotspur), Robert Eddison (Shallow/Northumberland), Gemma Jones (Doll/Lady Mortimer), Miles Anderson (Poins), Harriet Walter (Lady Percy), Mike Gwilym (Pistol), John Rogan (Bardolph), Miriam Karlin (Mistress Quickly), Kevin Wallace (John of Lancaster), John Franklyn-Robbins (Worcester), Griffith Jones (Lord Chief Justice), John Burgess (Scroop), Bernard Lloyd (Glendower), Bernard Brown (Westmoreland), David Lloyd Meredith (Silence), Ray Jewers (Blunt), Simon Templeman (Mortimer/Clarence), Dexter Fletcher (Francis), Brian Poyser (Warwick), Philip Franks (Morton/Shadow), Ronan Wilmot (Archibald), Graham Turner (Dick), James Fleet (Peto)

1991 RST/1992 Barbican: Adrian Noble
Bob Crowley (sets), Deirdre Clancy (costumes); Alan Burrett (lighting); Edward Gregson (music)
Robert Stephens (Falstaff), Michael Maloney (Hal), Julian Glover (Henry IV), Owen Teale (Hotspur), David Bradley (Shallow), Joanne Pearce (Doll), Rob Edwards (Poins), Sylvestra Le Touzel (Lady Percy), Albie Woodington (Pistol), Bill Wallis (Bardolph), Linda Bassett (Mistress Quickly), Ian Hughes (John of Lancaster), Philip Voss (Worcester/Lord Chief Justice), Clifford Rose (Scroop), Bernard Kay (Glendower), Gary Powell (Westmoreland), Anthony Douse (Silence/Blunt), Kevin Doyle (Mortimer/Mowbray), Jane Gurnett (Lady Mortimer), Denys Hawthorne (Northumberland/Sheriff), Christopher Luscombe (Francis/Feeble), Paul Kiernan (Warwick/Morton), Michael Gould (Clarence), Angus Wright (Archibald/Bullcalf), Kenn Sabberton (Shadow/Snare)

2000 Swan/2001 Barbican: Michael Attenborough (‘This England: the Histories’)
Es Devlin (sets), Kandis Cook (costumes); Tim Mitchell (lighting); Paddy Cunneen (music)
Desmond Barrit (Falstaff), William Houston (Hal), David Troughton (Henry IV), Adam Levy (Hotspur), Benjamin Whitrow (Shallow), Danielle Tilley (Doll), Robert Portal (Poins), Nancy Carroll (Lady Percy), Richard Bremmer (Pistol), Arthur Cox (Bardolph), Sandra Voe (Mistress Quickly), Dickon Tyrrell (John of Lancaster), Clifford Rose (Worcester/Lord Chief Justice), David Killick (Scroop/Sherrif), Rowland Davies (Glendower), David Lyon (Westmoreland), Peter Copley (Silence), Alexis Daniel (Mortimer), Joe Renton (Mowbray), Mali Harries (Lady Mortimer), Christopher Saul (Northumberland), Russell Layton (Francis), Don Gallagher (Warwick/Morton/Blunt), James Albrecht (Clarence)

For a gallery of over 100 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Henry V

1964 RST/1965 Aldwych/1966 RST: Peter Hall, John Barton, Trevor Nunn
John Bury, Ann Curtis (design); John Bradley (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Ian Holm (Henry), Eric Porter/Ian Richardson (Chorus), Clive Swift/David Waller (Fluellen), Paul Hardwick/Richard Moore (Pistol), Katharine Barker/Michele Dotrice/Sarah Hyde (Katherine), Donald Burton/Michael Jayston (Exeter), John Normington/Tim Wylton (Bardolph), David Waller/Godfrey Quigley (Williams), Charles Kay/John Nettleton/Tony Church (Archbishop of Canterbury), Charles Kay/John Nettleton/Patrick Stewart (The Dauphin), Patience Collier/Elizabeth Spriggs (Mistress Quickly), Davyd Harries (Gower), David Lyn (Cambridge), Donald Layne-Smith (Ely), Jeffery Dench/Ian Hogg/Ian McDonald (Jamy), Nicholas Selby/Jeffery Dench (Charles VI), Malcolm McDowell (Clarence), John Bell (Gloucester), Donald Burton (Constable of France), Clifford Rose/Terrence Hardiman (Montjoy), Phillip Hinton (MacMorris), Peter Geddis/Ken Wynne (Nym), Daniel Moynihan (Orleans), John Corvin (Bates), Patience Collier/Frances de la Tour (Alice), Madoline Thomas (Isabel), Alan Howard (Burgundy), John Kane (Francis)

1971 Theatregoround/1971 RST/1972 International Tour: John Barton
Ann Curtis (design); Brian Harris (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Michael Williams (Henry), David Calder (Chorus), Bernard Lloyd (Fluellen/Cambridge), Morgan Sheppard (Pistol), Polly James (Katherine/Boy), Richard Mayes (Exeter/Montjoy/Burgundy), Don Henderson (Bardolph/Williams), Robert Ashby (Westmorland), Gordon Gostelow (Archbishop of Canterbury/Gower), Denis Holmes (Ely/Jamy/Constable of France), Peter Woodthorpe (The Dauphin/MacMorris), Michael Shannon (Nym/Orleans/Bates), Anne Dyson (Mistress Quickly/Queen Isabel), Marion Lines (Alice)

1975 RST/1976 Aldwych/1976 International Tour/1977 RST/1978 Aldwych: Terry Hands
Farrah (design); Stewart Leviton, John Bradley, Terry Hands (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Alan Howard (Henry), Emrys James/Alfred Lynch (Chorus), Trevor Peacock (Fluellen/Ely), Richard Moore/Jeffery Dench (Pistol), Ludmila Mikael/Carolle Rousseau/Barbara Kellerman (Katherine), Philip Brack/Edwin Richfield (Exeter), Tim Wylton (Bardolph/Monsieur le Fer), Dan Meaden (Williams/Scroop), Reginald Jessup (Sir Thomas Erpingham/Westmorland), Derek Smith/Jeffery Dench/Paul Imbusch (Archbishop of Canterbury/Gower), Clement McCallin/Roy Purcell (Charles VI), Geoffrey Hutchings/Stephen Jenn (The Dauphin), Philip Dunbar (Nym/Orleans), Maureen Pryor/Brenda Bruce/Valerie Lush (Mistress Quickly), Yvonne Coulette (Alice), Ken Stott (Jamy), Arthur Whybrow (Sir Thomas Grey/Bates), Richard Derrington (Court), Barrie Rutter (Earl of Cambridge/MacMorris), Anthony Naylor (Clarence), Stephen Jenn (Gloucester), Bernard Brown (Constable of France), Oliver Ford-Davies (Montjoy), Peter Bourke (Boy)

1984 RST/1985 Barbican: Adrian Noble
Bob Crowley (design); Robert Bryan (lighting); Howard Blake (music)
Kenneth Branagh (Henry), Ian McDiarmid (Chorus), Sion Probert (Fluellen), Bernard Horsfall (Pistol), Cecile Paoli (Katherine), Brian Blessed/Pete Postlethwaite (Exeter), John Rogan (Bardolph), Malcolm Storry (Williams), Norman Henry (Sir Thomas Erpingham/Governor of Harfleur), Harold Innocent/John Carlisle (Archbishop of Canterbury/Burgundy), Sebastian Shaw (Charles VI/Ely), Nicholas Woodeson (The Dauphin), Adam Bareham/Martin Jacobs (Gower), Paul Gregory (Westmorland), Derek Crewe (Nym), Patricia Routledge (Mistress Quickly), Yvonne Coulette (Alice), Peter Theedom (Jamy/Bates), Andrew Jarvis (Court/Earl of Cambridge), Arthur Kohn/Geoffrey Freshwater (MacMorris/Sir Thomas Grey), Stephen Simms (Scroop), David Phelan (Clarence), Jonathan Scott-Taylor (Gloucester), Ian Mackenzie (Orleans), Richard Easton (Constable of France), Peter Miles/Henry Goodman (Monsieur le Fer), Christopher Ravenscroft (Montjoy), Sarah Woodward (Soldier), Dexter Fletcher/Sarah Woodward (Boy)

1994 RST/1995 Barbican: Mathew Warchus
Neil Warmington (set), Kandis Cook (costumes); Charles Edwards (lighting); Mark Vibrans (music)
Iain Glen (Henry), Tony Britton (Chorus), Linal Haft (Fluellen/French Ambassador), Clive Wood (Pistol), Monica Dolan (Katherine), David Beames (Exeter), David Hounslow (Bardolph/Williams), Liam O’Callaghan (Sir Thomas Erpingham/Charles VI), Ewan Hooper (Burgundy/Archbishop of Canterbury), Gwynn Beech (The Dauphin/Westmorland), Steven Elliott (Gower/Earl of Cambridge), Nigel Cooke (Nym), Joanna McCallum (Mistress Quickly/Alice), Janice McKenzie (Queen Isabel/Governor of Harfleur), Adrian Irvine (Court/Orleans), Sean O’Callaghan (MacMorris/Clarence/Monsieur le Fer), Anthony Naylor (Sir Thomas Grey/Constable of France), Colin Jarrett (Scroop/Gloucester), Quill Roberts (Bates), Daniel Evans (Boy)

1997 RST/UK Tour/Barbican: Ron Daniels

Ashley Martin-Davis (design); Peter Mumford (lighting); Colin Towns (music)
Michael Sheen (Henry), Norman Rodway (Chorus/Sir Thomas Erpingham/Governor of Harfleur/Burgundy), Alan David (Fluellen/Ely), Camphell Morrison (Pistol), Karine Adrover (Katherine), Nicholas Day (Exeter), Alan Perrin (Bardolph), Roger Morlidge (MacMorris/Williams/Sir Thomas Grey), Geoffrey Whitehead (Charles VI), Tristan Gemmill (The Dauphin), Stephen Bent (Gower/Westmorland), Stephen Casey (Nym), Dona Croll (Mistress Quickly/Alice), John Macaulay (Jamy/Court), Peter Lindford (Scroop), Alan Gilchrist (Bates/Earl of Cambridge), Jon Fenner (Clarence), Steven Atholl (Gloucester), Nicholas Boulton (Orleans), Benny Young (Constable of France), Stephen Casey (Monsieur le Fer)

2000 RST/2001 Barbican: Edward Hall (‘This England: the Histories’)
Michael Pavelka (design); Ben Ormerod (lighting); Billy Bragg (songs), Simon Slater (music)
William Houston (Henry), Sam Cox (Sir Thomas Erpingham/Burgundy), Adrian Schiller (Fluellen), Richard Bremmer (Pistol), Catherine Walker (Katherine), Michael Thomas (Exeter), Arthur Cox (Bardolph), Keith Dunphy (MacMorris/Scroop), Joshua Richards (Williams/Earl of Cambridge), Gavin Abbott (Sir Thomas Grey/Gower/Court), David Acton (Charles VI), Alexis Daniel (The Dauphin), David Lyon (Westmorland), Joe Renton (Nym), Sandra Voe (Mistress Quickly), Vincent Brimble (Governor of Harfleur/Ely), Ann Firbank (Alice), Kenneth Bryans (Jamy/Bates), Christian Mahrle (Gloucester/Monsieur le Fer), Russell Layton (Montjoy), William Buckhurst (Orleans), Nicholas Kahn (Constable of France), James O’Donnell (Boy), Claire Adamson (Messenger)

For a gallery of over 100 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Henry VI, Parts 1, 2 & 3

1963 RST/1964 Aldwych/1964 RST: Peter Hall with John Barton and Frank Evans (a two-part adaptation, performed with Richard III as ‘The Wars of the Roses’)
John Barton (adaptation). John Bury (design); Guy Woolfenden (music)
David Warner (Henry VI), Ian Holm (Richard), Peggy Ashcroft (Margaret), Donald Sinden (York), Roy Dotrice (Edward IV/Bedford/), Michael Craig (Suffolk), Derek Smith/Clive Swift (Jack Cade/Lord Talbot), Tom Fleming (Buckingham), Derek Waring (Charles the Dauphin), John Welsh/Paul Hardwick (Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester), Brewster Mason (Warwick), Janet Suzman (Joan la Pucelle), Susan Engel (Lady Elizabeth Grey), Shaun Curry (Dick the Butcher), Robert Jennings (Brackenbury), James Hunter (John Talbot), Charles Kay (Hume/George), John Normington (Simpcox/Young Clifford), John Normington/Charles Thomas (Edmund Mortimer), Jolyon Booth (Anjou), John Corvin (Lord Clifford), Michael Murray (Sir Humphrey Stafford/Oxford), Clifford Rose/Donald Burton (Exeter), Cherry Morris (Eleanor/Lady Bona), John Hussey (Somerset), Hugh Sullivan (Bastard of Orleans), Martin Jenkins (Vernon), Ken Wynne (Roger Bolingbroke), Brian Jackson (Holland), Rhys McConnochie (Alencon), Peter Geddis (A Son Who Has Killed His Father), Roy Marsden (Woodville, Lord Rivers), Hugh Sullivan (Lord Hastings/Iden), Nicholas Selby (Beaufort, Bishop of Winchester/A Father Who Has Killed His Son), Jeffery Dench (Bassett), Philip Brack (Burgundy), Madoline Thomas (Margery Jourdain), Penelope Keith/Sheila Grant (Mrs Simpcox), James Hunter (Edward), Tim Wylton (Messenger)

1977 RST/1978 Aldwych: Terry Hands (parts 1, 2 and 3)

Farrah (design); John Bradley, Terry Hands (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Alan Howard (Henry VI), Anton Lesser (Richard), Helen Mirren (Margaret), Emrys James (York), Alfred Lynch (Edward IV), Peter McEnery (Suffolk), James Laurenson (Jack Cade/Charles the Dauphin), Graham Crowden (Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester), Julian Glover (Warwick), Charlotte Cornwell (Joan la Pucelle), Anne Raitt (Lady Elizabeth Grey), David Swift (Lord Talbot), Barrie Rutter (Dick the Butcher/Brackenbury), Iain Mitchell (John Talbot/Hume), John Burgess (Simpcox/Anjou), Anthony Naylor (Young Clifford), Jeffery Dench (Bedford/Edmund Mortimer/Lord Clifford), Edwin Richfield (Sir Humphrey Stafford/Exeter), Yvonne Coulette (Eleanor/Countess of Auvergne), Oliver Ford-Davies (Somerset), Geoffrey Hutchings (Somerset), Jack Klaff (George/Bastard of Orleans), Stephen Jenn (Vernon/Roger Bolingbroke), Philip Dunbar (Holland/Alencon), David Shaw-Parker (A Son Who Has Killed His Father), Dan Meaden (Woodville, Lord Rivers/Lord Hastings/Iden), John Rhys-Davies (Beaufort, Bishop of Winchester), David Hobbs (Bassett), Morris Perry (Salisbury/Burgundy), Bernard Brown (Oxford), Michael Bertenshaw (Southwell/William Stafford), Roy Purcell (A Father Who Has Killed His Son), Roberta Taylor (Mrs Simpcox), Fleur Chandler (Lady Bona), Ron Cook (Edward), Arthur Whybrow (Mayor), Ian McNeice (His Man), Bille Brown (Gargrave)

1988 RST/1989 Barbican: Adrian Noble (a two-part adaptation, performed with Richard III as ‘The Plantagenets’)
Charles Wood, Adrian Noble (adaptation). Bob Crowley (design); Chris Parry (lighting); Edward Gregson (music)
Ralph Fiennes (Henry VI), Anton Lesser (Richard), Penny Downie (Margaret), David Calder (York), Ken Bones (Edward IV), Oliver Cotton (Suffolk/Jack Cade/Buckingham), David Waller (Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester), David Lyon (Warwick), Julia Ford/Joanne Pearce (Joan la Pucelle), Joanne Pearce (Lady Elizabeth Grey), Marjorie Yates (Duchess of York), Robert Demeger (Lord Talbot/Dick the Butcher), Mark Hadfield (John Talbot/Simpcox/Young Clifford), Raymond Bowers (Bedford/Iden), Simon Dormandy (Charles the Dauphin/Sir Humphrey Stafford), Cherry Morris (Eleanor), Tom Fahy (Somerset), David Morrissey (Vernon/George), Kevin Doyle (Holland/A Son Who Has Killed His Father), Edward Harbour (Woodville, Lord Rivers/Alencon/Hume), Nicholas Smith (Exeter), Edward Peel (Lord Hastings), Antony Brown (Beaufort, Bishop of Winchester), Trevor Gordon (Bassett), Jeffrey Segal (Salisbury/Edmund Mortimer), Richard Bremmer (Anjou/Oxford), Darryl Forbes-Dawson (Burgundy), Patrick Robinson (Bastard of Orleans/Roger Bolingbroke), Kenn Sabberton (Southwell), Roger Watkins (Brackenbury/Lord Clifford/A Father Who Has Killed His Son), Jo James (William Stafford), Denise Armon (Margery Jourdain), Cissy Collins (Mrs Simpcox), Anthony Dixon (Michael/Messenger), Jaye Griffiths (Lady Bona), Lyndon Davies (Edward), Caroline Harding (Walk-on)

1994 TOP/1994-95 Small-scale Tour: Katie Mitchell (part 3 only, ‘The Battle for the Throne’)
Rae Smith (design); Tina MacHugh (lighting); Helen Chadwick (music)

Jonathan Firth (Henry VI), Tom Smith (Richard), Ruth Mitchell (Margaret), Stephen Simms (York/Louis XI/Mayor of York), Lloyd Owen (Edward IV), John Keegan (Warwick), Liz Kettle (Lady Elizabeth Grey), Jo Stone-Fewings (George), Chris Garner (Exeter), Declan Conlon (Montagu), Jamie Hinde (Lord Clifford), Dugald Bruce-Lockhart (Northumberland), Nick Bagnall (Thorpe), Tom Walker (Edward, Prince of Wales), Tam Williams (Edmund, Earl of Rutland/Vyner)

2000-01 Swan/2001 Young Vic: Michael Boyd (parts 1, 2 and 3, ‘This England: the Histories’)
Tom Piper (design); Heather Carson (lighting); James Jones (music); Sarah Esdaile (associate director)
David Oyelowo (Henry VI), Aidan McArdle (Richard/Charles the Dauphin/Bevis), Fiona Bell (Margaret/Joan la Pucelle), Clive Wood (York), Tom Beard (Edward IV/Alencon/Holland), Richard Dillane (Suffolk), Jake Nightingale (Jack Cade/Bastard of Orleans), David Beames (Buckingham/Bedford/Lord Hastings), Richard Cordery (Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester), John Kane (Lord Clifford/Exeter/Sir John Stanley), Geff Francis (Warwick), Elaine Pyke (Lady Elizabeth Grey), Keith Bartlett (Lord Talbot/A Father Who Has Killed His Son), Edward Clayton (Dick the Butcher), Sam Troughton (John Talbot/A Son Who Has Killed His Father), Philip Brook (Simpcox/Sir Humphrey Stafford/Burgundy), Geoffrey Streatfield (Young Clifford/Vernon), Andrew Lewis (Iden/Oxford), Deirdra Morris (Eleanor), Nicholas Asbury (Somerset), Rhashan Stone (George), Richard Dillane (Woodville, Lord Rivers), Jerome Willis (Exeter), Christopher Ettridge (Beaufort, Bishop of Winchester), Jerome Willis (Salisbury/Edmund Mortimer), Robert Barton (William Stafford), Aislin McGuckin (Margery Jourdain/Countess of Auvergne/Rutland), Sarah D’Arcy (Mrs Simpcox/Lady Bona), Neil Madden (Michael/Edward)

2006 Courtyard (Complete Works Festival, re-working of 2000/01): Michael Boyd (parts 1, 2 and 3)
Tom Piper (design); Heather Carson (lighting); John Woolf (music); Andrea J. Cox (sound); Liz Ranken (movement)
Chuk Iwuji (Henry VI), Jonathan Slinger (Richard), John MacKay (Charles the Dauphin/Jack Cade/Sir John Montgomery), Katy Stephens (Margaret/Joan la Pucelle), Clive Wood (York), Forbes Masson (Edward IV/Alencon), Geoffrey Streatfeild (Suffolk/Rivers), Tom Hodgkins (Buckingham/Bedford/Lord Hastings), Richard Cordery (Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester/Louis XI), Miles Richardson (Lord Clifford/Exeter), Patrice Naiambana (Warwick), Ann Ogbomo (Lady Elizabeth Grey), Keith Bartlett (Lord Talbot), Lex Shrapnel (John Talbot/Richmond), Matt Constain (Burgundy), Keith Dunphy (Young Clifford/Vernon), Paul Hamilton (Oxford), Maureen Beattie (Eleanor), Nicholas Asbury (Somerset), James Tucker (George), Geoffrey Freshwater (Beaufort/Bishop of Winchester), Roger Watkins (Salisbury/Edmund Mortimer), Chris McGill (William Stafford), Alexia Healy (Lady Bona)

For a gallery of over 100 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Henry VIII

1969 RST/1970 Aldwych: Trevor Nunn
John Bury (design); John Bradley (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Donald Sinden (Henry), Brewster Mason (Wolsey), Peggy Ashcroft (Katherine), Janet Key/Lisa Harrow (Anne), Jeffery Dench (Norfolk), John Forgeham/Michael Gambon (Surrey), Richard Pasco (Buckingham), Denis Holmes (Suffolk), Nicholas Selby (Lord Chamberlain), Anthony Pedley (Campeius), Emrys James (Cramner), Geoffrey Hutchings (Cromwell), Richard Mayes (Lovell), Bill Fraser/Derek Smith (Gardiner), Sydney Bromley (Griffith), Janet Whiteside (Patience), Roger Rees (Guildford), Morgan Sheppard (First Gentleman), Lisa Harrow (Lady), Don Henderson (Porter/Guard), Peter Geddis (Scribe)

1983 RST/1984 Barbican: Howard Davies, assisted by David Edgar
Hayden Griffin (sets), Deirdre Clancy (costumes); David Hersey (lighting); Ilona Sekacz (music)
Richard Griffiths (Henry), John Thaw/Stephen Moore (Wolsey), Gemma Jones (Katherine), Sarah Berger/Lesley Duff (Anne), Bruce Alexander (Norfolk), Nigel Cooke (Surrey), David Schofield (Buckingham), Martin Milman (Suffolk), Geoffrey Beevers (Lord Chamberlain), Campbell Morrison (Campeius), Henry Goodman (Cramner), Paul Greenwood (Cromwell), Richard Garnett (Lovell), Oliver Ford Davies (Gardiner), Caroline Harris (Old Lady), Clyde Pollitt (Griffith), Eileen Page (Patience)

1996-97 Swan/1998 Young Vic/1998 New York and Washington: Gregory Doran
Robert Jones (design); Howard Harrison (lighting); Jason Carr (music)
Paul Jesson (Henry), Ian Hogg (Wolsey), Jane Lapotaire (Katherine), Claire Marchionne (Anne), John Kane (Norfolk), Jo Stone-Fewings (Surrey), Paul Greenwood (Buckingham), David Beames (Suffolk), Guy Henry (Lord Chamberlain), Darrell D’Silva (Sands/Campeius), David Collings (Cramner), Robert Whitelock (Cromwell), Orlando Seale (Lovell), Paul Bentall (Gardiner), Cherry Morris (Old Lady), David Hobbs (Griffith), Eileen Battye (Patience)

For a gallery of over 50 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Julius Caesar

1963 RST: John Blatchley
John Bury (design); John Bury (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Tom Fleming (Brutus), Kenneth Haigh (Mark Antony), Cyril Cusack (Cassius), Roy Dotrice (Julius Caesar), Charles Kay (Octavius Caesar), Cherry Morris (Portia), Susan Engel (Calpurnia), Nicholas Selby (Casca), Clifford Rose (Soothsayer), Jolyon Booth (Cicero/Titinius), Derek Waring (Decius Brutus), John Hussey (Cinna), Brian Jackson (Metellus Cimber), Philip Brack (Trebonius), Jeffery Dench (Caius Ligarius/Flavius), Ken Wynne (Artemidorus), Shaun Curry (Popilius Lena), David Warner (Cinna the Poet), Michael Murray (Marullus), Peter Geddis (Lucius), John Normington (A Cobbler), Ronald Falk (A Carpenter), Tim Wylton (Claudius), Penelope Keith, Roy Marsden (Citizens)

1968 RST/1968-69 Aldwych: John Barton
John Gunter (design), Ann Curtis (costumes); Michael White (lighting); Derek Oldfield (music)
Barrie Ingham (Brutus), Charles Thomas (Mark Antony), Ian Richardson (Cassius), Brewster Mason (Julius Caesar), Geoffrey Hutchings (Octavius Caesar/Cicero), Lynn Farleigh (Portia), Christina Greatrex (Calpurnia), Derek Smith (Casca), Emrys James (Decius Brutus), William McGuirk (Cinna), Ron Daniels (Metellus Cimber), Peter Clay (Trebonius), Richard Mayes (Caius Ligarius), Jeffery Dench (Artemidorus), Brian Foster (Popilius Lena), Morgan Sheppard (Marullus), Peter Geddis (Titinius)

1972 RST/1973 Aldwych: Trevor Nunn with Buzz Goodbody, Euan Smith
Christopher Morley, Ann Curtis (design); John Bradley, Brian Harris (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
John Wood (Brutus), Richard Johnson (Mark Antony), Patrick Stewart (Cassius), Mark Dignam (Julius Caesar), Corin Redgrave (Octavius Caesar), Margaret Tyzack (Portia), Judy Cornwell/Mary Rutherford (Calpurnia), Gerald James/Philip Locke (Casca), John Bott (Soothsayer), Patrick Godfrey (Cicero), Raymond Westwell (Lepidus), Phillip Manikum (Decius Brutus), John Atkinson (Cinna/Titinius), Tim Pigott-Smith (Metellus Cimber/Dardanius), Keith Taylor (Trebonius), Paul Gaymon (Caius Ligarius), Jonathan Holt (Artemidorus), Malcolm Kaye (Popilius Lena), Constantin de Goguel (Flavius), Chris Harris (Cinna the Poet), Clement McCallin (Marullus), Don Henderson (Lucilius), Arthur Whybrow (Citizen)

1979 RST: Barry Kyle
Christopher Morley (design); Brian Harris (lighting); James Walker (music)
Ben Kingsley (Brutus), David Threlfall (Mark Antony), James Laurenson (Cassius), John Woodvine (Julius Caesar), Peter Clough (Octavius Caesar), Emma Williams (Portia), Jane Downs (Calpurnia), Nigel Terry (Casca), Norman Tyrrell(Soothsayer), Timothy Knightley (Cicero/Messala), Christopher Ravenscroft (Lepidus), Tim Brierley (Decius Brutus/Volumnius), Jeffery Dench (Cinna/Lucilius), Nick Ellsworth (Metellus Cimber), Mark Tandy (Trebonius), Nicholas Gecks (Caius Ligarius/Titinius), William Maxwell (Artemidorus), Terence Harvey (Popilius Lena), Terence Harvey (Flavius), David Creedon (Cinna the Poet), Neil Phillips (Marullus)

1983 RST/1984 Barbican: Ron Daniels
Farrah (design), Ann Curtis (costumes); Andre Tammes (lighting); Nigel Hess (music)
Peter McEnery (Brutus), David Schofield (Mark Antony), Emrys James (Cassius), Joseph O’Conor (Julius Caesar), Nigel Cooke (Octavius Caesar), Gemma Jones (Portia), Lesley Duff (Calpurnia), John Dicks (Casca), Griffith Jones (Soothsayer), Timothy Knightley (Cicero/Lepidus), Paul Clayton (Decius Brutus), Jeremy Wilkin (Cinna), Paul Mooney (Metellus Cimber), John Nolan (Trebonius), Stanley Dawson (Caius Ligarius), Lewis Jones (Artemidorus), David Killick (Popilius Lena), Roger Hume/David Killick (Flavius), Raymond Platt (Cinna the Poet), Oliver Ford Davies (Marullus/Titinius), Eileen Page (An Aristocratic Woman), Clyde Pollitt (A Cobbler), Campbell Morrison (A Carpenter), Tilda Swinton (Plebeian Woman)

1987 RST/1988 Barbican: Terry Hands
Farrah (design), Alexander Reid (costumes); Terry Hands, Clive Morris (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Roger Allam (Brutus), Nicholas Farrell/Linus Roache (Mark Antony), Sean Baker (Cassius), David Waller/Joseph O’Conor (Julius Caesar), Gregory Doran (Octavius Caesar), Janet Amsbury (Portia), Susan Colverd (Calpurnia), Geoffrey Freshwater (Casca), Griffith Jones (Soothsayer), Richard Conway (Cicero/Popilius Lena), Dennis Clinton (Lepidus), William Chubb (Decius Brutus/Titinius), Gordon Case (Cinna/Lucilius), Derek Hutchinson (Metellus Cimber/Strato), Steven Elliott (Trebonius/Pindarus), Ian Barritt (Caius Ligarius/Flavius), Hakeem Kae-Kazim (Cinna the Poet), Mike Dowling (Marullus/Messala), Piers Ibbotson (Young Cato), Jane Leonard (Lady)

1991 RST: Steven Pimlott
Tobias Hoheisel (design); Paul Pyant (lighting); Peter Salem (music)
Jonathan Hyde (Brutus), Owen Teale (Mark Antony), David Bradley (Cassius), Robert Stephens (Julius Caesar), Scott Ransome (Octavius Caesar), Jane Gurnett (Portia), Celia Gregory (Calpurnia), Bernard Gallagher (Casca), Ken Wynne (Soothsayer), Stephen Webber (Cicero), Bernard Kay (Lepidus/Caius Ligarius), Terence Wilton (Decius Brutus), Henry Webster (Cinna), Terence Hillyer (Metellus Cimber), Alan Partington (Trebonius), Michael Poole (Artemidorus), Peter Bygott (Popilius Lena), Anthony Douse (Flavius), David Terence (Cinna the Poet/Marullus/Titinius), Roy Heather (A Cobbler), Andrew McDonald (A Carpenter), Emily Joyce (Lady), Alexis Daniel (Claudius/Servant to Mark Antony)

1993 TOP/1993-94 Small-scale Tour: David Thacker

Fran Thompson (design); Alan Burrett (lighting); Mark Vibrans (music)
Jeffrey Kissoon (Brutus), Barry Lynch (Mark Antony), Rob Edwards (Cassius), David Sumner (Julius Caesar), Andew Maud (Octavius Caesar/Metellus Cimber), Francesca Ryan (Portia), Tricia Kelly (Calpurnia), Kenn Sabberton (Casca), Michael Packer (Soothsayer/Titinius), Michael Poole (Cicero/Lepidus), Vivian Munn (Decius Brutus), Mike Dowling (Cinna), Howard Crossley (Trebonius/A Cobbler), Will Tacey (Caius Ligarius/Artemidorus/Flavius), Anthony Cochrane (Popilius Lena/Cinna the Poet/Marullus), Alan Gilchrist (A Carpenter)

1995 RST/1996 Barbican: Peter Hall
John Gunter (sets), Deidre Clancy (costumes); Jean Kalman (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
John Nettles (Brutus), Hugh Quarshie (Mark Antony), Julian Glover (Cassius), Christopher Benjamin (Julius Caesar), Mark Bazeley (Octavius Caesar), Susan Tracy (Portia), Tilly Blackwood (Calpurnia), Michael Gardiner (Casca), Lionel Guyett (Soothsayer/Lepidus), William Whymper (Cicero/Caius Ligarius), Paul Bettany (Decius Brutus/Strato), Antony Byrne (Cinna), Robert Lister (Metellus Cimber), Timothy Davies (Trebonius), Paul Bentall (Artemidorus/A Cobbler), Leon Tanner (Popilius Lena/Flavius), Simon Chadwick (Cinna the Poet), Robert Arnold (Marullus/Titinius), David Frederickson (A Carpenter), Christopher Middleton/Dickon Tyrrell (Caesar’s Servant)

2001 RST/2002 Barbican: Edward Hall
Michael Pavelka (design); Ben Ormerod (lighting); Simon Slater (music)

Greg Hicks (Brutus), Tom Mannion (Mark Antony), Tim Pigott-Smith (Cassius), Ian Hogg (Julius Caesar), John Hopkins (Octavius Caesar), Claire Cox (Portia), Sian Howard (Calpurnia), Colin McCormack (Casca), Chuk Iwuji (Soothsayer), Michael G. Jones (Cicero/Lepidus), Andrew Maud (Decius Brutus), Stuart Goodwin (Cinna), Charlie Simpson (Metellus Cimber), Damian Kearney (Trebonius), David Mara (Caius Ligarius), Conor Moloney (Artemidorus), Sean Hannaway (Popilius Lena/Cinna the Poet)

2004-05 Swan/Small-scale Tour: David Farr
Ti Green (design); Neil Austin (lighting); Keith Clouston (music)
Zubin Varla (Brutus), Gary Oliver (Mark Antony), Adrian Schiller (Cassius), Christopher Saul (Julius Caesar), Laurence Mitchell (Octavius Caesar), Rachel Pickup (Portia), Patrick Romer (Cicero), Richard Copestake (Metellus Cimber), Andrew Melville (Cinna the Poet), Vanessa Ackerman, Emma Powell (Citizens)

2006 RST (Complete Works Festival): Sean Holmes
Stephen Brimson-Lewis (sets), Kandis Cook (costumes); Paul Anderson (lighting); Adrian Lee (music); Chris Brand, Tom Haines (sound); Michael Ashcroft (movement)
John Light (Brutus), Ariyon Bakare (Mark Antony), Finbar Lynch (Cassius), James Hayes (Julius Caesar), Nick Court (Octavius Caesar), Mariah Gale (Portia), Golda Rosheuvel (Calpurnia), Joseph Alessi (Casca), Luke Neal (Soothsayer), Ravi Aujla (Caius Ligarius), Keith Osborn (Decius Brutus), Paul Barnhill (Cinna), Chris Jarman (Metellus Cimber), Rob Carroll (Trebonius), Edmund Kingsley (Popilius Lena), David Rubin (Flavius), Ewen Cummins (Marullus), Craig Gazey (Lucius), Allyson Brown (Caesar’s Servant)

For a gallery of over 100 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

King John

1970 RST/1971 Theatregoround: Buzz Goodbody
Christopher Morley, Andrew Sanders (design); Brian Harris (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Patrick Stewart (King John), Norman Rodway (Philip the Bastard), Sheila Burrell (Constance), John York (The Dauphin), Antony Langdon (Hubert), Peter Needham (Philip of France), Eileen Beldon (Eleanor), Philip Locke (Pandulph), Richard Jones Barry (Pembroke), Ted Valentine (Peter of Pomfret), Colin Mayes (Arthur), Celia Quicke (Blanche)

1974 RST/1975 Aldwych: John Barton, Barry Kyle
John Napier, Martin Bainbridge, Ann Curtis (design); David Hersey (lighting)
Emrys James (King John), Richard Pasco/Ian McKellen (Philip the Bastard), Sheila Allen (Constance), Jonathan Kent (The Dauphin), David Suchet (Hubert), Clement McCallin (Philip of France), Hilda Braid (Eleanor), Jeffery Dench (Pandulph), Richard Mayes (Pembroke), Benedict Taylor (Arthur), Louise Jameson (Blanche), Janet Whiteside (Lady Faulconbridge), Denis Holmes (Salisbury)

1988 TOP/1989 Pit: Deborah Warner
Sue Blane (design); Chris Parry/Robert Jones (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Nicholas Woodeson (King John), David Morrissey (Philip the Bastard), Susan Engel (Constance), Ralph Fiennes (The Dauphin), Robert Demeger (Hubert), David Lyon (Philip of France), Cherry Morris (Eleanor), Antony Brown/Julian Curry (Pandulph), Darryl Forbes-Dawson/Simon Dormandy (Limoges), Richard Bremmer (Pembroke), Roger Watkins (Peter of Pomfret), Lyndon Davies (Arthur), Julia Ford/Caroline Harding (Blanche), Denise Armon/Cissy Collins (Lady Faulconbridge)

2001 Swan/2001-02 Pit: Gregory Doran
Stephen Brimson Lewis (design); Tim Mitchell (lighting); Corin Buckeridge (music)
Guy Henry (King John), Jo Stone-Fewings (Philip the Bastard), Kelly Hunter (Constance), John Hopkins (The Dauphin), Trevor Cooper (Hubert), Geoffrey Freshwater (Philip of France), Alison Fiske (Eleanor), David Collings (Pandulph), Andrew Maud (Pembroke), Trevor Martin (Duke of Austria/Peter of Pomfret), Ben Darlington/Joshua McGuire (Arthur)

2006 Swan (Complete Works Festival): Josie Rourke
Peter McKintosh (design); Neil Austin (lighting); Jocelyn Pook (music); Chris Shutt (sound); Dominic Leclerc (movement)
Richard McCabe (King John), Joseph Millson (Philip the Bastard), Tamsin Greig (Constance), Rupert Evans (The Dauphin), Sam Cox (Hubert), Nicholas Day (Philip of France), Sorcha Cusack (Eleanor), David Fielder (Pandulph), Jonny Weir (Pembroke), Leon Tanner (Duke of Austria), Christopher Davies (Peter of Pomfret), Jamie Ballard (Melun), Steven Beard (Chatillon), Amy Brown (Isabella), Simon Bubb (Robert Faulconbridge), Adam Rayner (Essex), Patrick Robinson (Salisbury), John Heffernan (James Guerney), Shane Frater (Executioner), Ralph Davis/Jamie Thomas (Arthur), Charles Hamblett/James Parris (Prince Henry), Eliza Hunt (Lady Faulconbridge), Curtis Flower (English Herald), Geoffrey Lumb (French Herald)

For a gallery of over 70 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

King Lear

1962 RST/1962-63 Aldwych/1963 Theatre Sarah Bernhardt, Paris/1964 Aldwych/1964 European and US Tour: Peter Brook
Peter Brook (design); Guy Woolfenden (music); John Barton (fight director)
Paul Scofield (Lear), Alec McCowen (Fool), Tom Fleming/Brewster Mason (Kent), Alan Webb/John Laurie (Gloucester), Brian Murray (Edgar), James Booth/Ian Richardson (Edmund), Irene Worth (Goneril), Patience Collier/Pauline Jameson (Regan), Diana Rigg (Cordelia), Tony Church (Cornwall), Peter Jeffrey/Clifford Rose (Albany), Clive Swift/Michael Williams (Oswald), Hugh Sullivan/Barry MacGregor (France), Tony Steedman (Burgundy), Philip Brack (Curan), Gareth Morgan/Michael Burrell (Doctor), Ian Hewitson/Leslie Southwick (First British Captain), Gordon Honeycombe/Peter Tory (Second British Captain), Peter Geddis/Ian Lindsay (Messenger), Ian Cullen/John Church (Captain), Michael Burrell/Ken Wynne (Old Man)

1968 RST: Trevor Nunn
Christopher Morley (design); John Bradley (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Eric Porter (Lear), Michael Williams (Fool), Sebastian Shaw (Gloucester), Alan Howard (Edgar), Norman Rodway (Edmund), Sheila Allen (Goneril), Susan Fleetwood (Regan), Diane Fletcher (Cordelia), Patrick Stewart (Cornwall), Terrence Hardiman (Albany), Ben Kingsley (Oswald), Julian Curry (France), John Kay (Burgundy), Ted Valentine (Curan), Richard Simpson (Doctor), John Shrapnel (Gentleman), Richard Moore (Knight), Bruce Myers (Servant)

1974 TOP/1974 The Place/1975 US Tour: Buzz Goodbody
Anna Steiner (design); Brian Harris (lighting)
Tony Church (Lear), David Suchet (Fool), Jeffery Dench (Gloucester), Mike Gwilym (Edgar), Charles Keating (Edmund), Sheila Allen (Goneril), Lynette Davies (Regan), Louise Jameson (Cordelia)

1976 RST/1977 Aldwych: Trevor Nunn, John Barton, Barry Kyle
John Napier (design); Clive Morris (lighting)
Donald Sindon (Lear), Michael Williams (Fool), Tony Church (Gloucester), Michael Pennington (Edgar), Robin Ellis/Paul Shelley (Edmund), Barbara Leigh-Hunt (Goneril), Judi Dench/Meg Davies (Regan), Marilyn Taylerson/Cherie Lunghi (Cordelia), John Woodvine (Cornwall), Richard Durden (Albany)

1982 RST/1983 Barbican: Adrian Noble
Bob Crowley (design); Brian Harris (lighting); Ilona Sekacz (music)
Michael Gambon (Lear), Antony Sher (Fool), Malcolm Storry (Kent), David Waller (Gloucester), Jonathan Hyde (Edgar), Clive Wood (Edmund), Sara Kestelman (Goneril), Jenny Aguter (Regan), Alice Krige (Cordelia), Pete Postlethwaite (Cornwall), David Bradley (Albany), Chris Hunter (Oswald), John Bowe (France), Ken Bones (Burgundy), Raymond Llewellyn (Curan), Dennis Clinton (Doctor), Christine Kavanagh (Servant), Tom Mannion (Servant)

1989 Almeida: Cicely Berry

Chris Dyer (design); Robert A. Jones (lighting)
Richard Haddon Haines (Lear), Patrick Miller (Fool), Colin McCormack (Kent), Desmond Barrit (Gloucester), James Purefoy (Edgar), Patrick Robinson (Edmund), Marie Mullen (Goneril), Jill Spurrier (Regan), Amanda Root (Cordelia), David Acton (Cornwall), Peter Lennon (Albany), Paul Hargreaves (Oswald/France), Stephen Gordon (Burgundy/Doctor)

1990 RST/1991 Barbican: Nicholas Hytner
David Fielding (design); Chris Parry (lighting); Peter Hayward (music)
John Wood (Lear), Linda Kerr Scott (Fool), David Troughton (Kent), Norman Rodway (Gloucester), Linus Roache (Edgar), Ralph Fiennes (Edmund), Estelle Kohler (Goneril), Sally Dexter (Regan), Alex Kingston (Cordelia), Richard Ridings (Cornwall), Paul Webster (Albany), Paterson Joseph (Oswald), Clarence Smith/Simon Austin (France), Michael Gardner/Ken Shorter (Burgundy), Vincent Regan/Peter De Jersey (Curan), Griffith Jones (Old Man), Rowena King (Servant), Julie Saunders (Servant)

1993 RST/1994 Barbican: Adrian Noble
Anthony Ward (design); Alan Burrett (lighting); Shaun Davey (music)

Robert Stephens (Lear), Ian Hughes (Fool), David Calder (Kent), David Bradley (Gloucester), Simon Russell Beale (Edgar), Owen Teale (Edmund), Janet Dale (Goneril), Jenny Quale (Regan), Abigail McKern (Cordelia), Simon Dormandy (Cornwall), John Normington (Albany), Mark Lockyer (Oswald), Richard Clothier (France), Stuart Bunce (Burgundy), Christopher Robbie (Curan), Raymond Bowers (Doctor)

1999 Tokyo/1999 Barbican/1999-00 RST: Yukio Ninagawa
Yukio Horio (design), Lily Komine (costumes); Tamotsu Harada (lighting); Ryudo Uzaki (music)
Nigel Hawthorne (Lear), Hiroyuki Sanada (Fool), Christopher Benjamin (Kent), John Carlisle (Gloucester), Michael Maloney (Edgar), William Armstrong (Edmund), Sian Thomas (Goneril), Anna Chancellor (Regan), Robin Weaver (Cordelia), Nicholas McGaughey (Cornwall), Simon Chandler (Albany), Nicolas Tennant (Oswald)

2002 Swan/2002 Young Vic/2002 Spain, Italy, France: Declan Donnellan (RSC Academy production)
Nick Ormerod (design); Judith Greenwood (lighting); Paddy Cunneen (music)
Nonso Anozie (Lear), Edward Hogg (Fool), Steven Robertson (Kent), Ryan Kiggell (Gloucester), Bruce Godfree (Edgar), Adam Webb (Edmund), Aishling Howard (Goneril), Katherine Manners (Regan), Kirsty Besterman (Cordelia), Keiran Hill (Cornwall), Matthew Douglas (Albany), Guy Flanagan (Oswald), Dean Ashton (Curan), Robert Wyan (Burgundy), Mo Zainal (France), Sarah Everard (Old Woman)

2004 RST/2005 Albery: Bill Alexander
Tom Piper (sets), Kandis Cook (costumes); Tim Mitchell (lighting); Jonathan Goldstein (music)
Corin Redgrave (Lear), John Normington (Fool), Louis Hilyer (Kent), David Hargreaves (Gloucester), Pal Aron (Edgar), Matthew Rhys (Edmund), Emily Raymond (Goneril), Ruth Gemmell (Regan), Sian Brooke (Cordelia), Anatol Yusef (Cornwall), Leo Wringer (Albany), Sean Hannaway (Oswald), Caolan Byrne (Burgundy), Samuel Clemens (France), Peter Bygott (Doctor), Michael G. Jones (Old Man), Louise Bangay (Lady), Jack Whitam, Matt Cross, Tam Matu (Knights)

2007 Courtyard/international tour (Complete Works Festival): Trevor Nunn
Christopher Oram (designer), Neil Austin (lighting), Fergus O’Hare (sound), Steve Edis (music), Malcolm Ranson (fight director)
Ian Mckellen (King Lear), Sylvester Mccoy (Fool), Frances Barber (Goneril), Monica Dolan (Regan), Romola Garai (Cordelia), William Gaunt (Gloucester), Philip Winchester (Edmund), Ben Meyjes (Edgar), Jonathan Hyde (Kent), Guy Williams (Cornwall), Julian Harries (Albany), Ben Addis (King of France), John Heffernan (Oswald), Peter Hinton (Duke Of Burgundy), Seymour Matthews (Curan), Adam Booth (1st Knight), Zoe Boyle (Goneril’s Lady in Waiting), Russell Byrne (Doctor), Naomi Capron (Servant), David Weston (Gentleman), Richard Goulding (2nd Knight), Melanie Jessop (3rd Servant), Gerald Kyd (Servant)

For a gallery of over 100 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Love’s Labour’s Lost

1965 RST: John Barton
Sally Jacobs (design); John Bradley (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Charles Thomas (Berowne), Janet Suzman (Rosaline), Charles Kay (Navarre), Tina Packer (Princess of France), William Squire (Armado), Tony Church (Holofernes), Timothy West (Sir Nathaniel), James Laurenson (Longaville), Michael Pennington (Dumaine), Katharine Barker (Maria), Jessica Claridge (Katharine), Brewster Mason (Boyet), Patsy Byrne (Jaquenetta), David Waller (Dull), Tim Wylton (Costard), Stanley Lebor (Marcade), Marshall Jones (A Forester)

1973 RST/1975 US Tour/1975 Aldwych: David Jones
Timothy O’Brien (design); John Bradley/Stewart Leviton (lighting); William Southgate (music)
Ian Richardson (Berowne), Estelle Kohler (Rosaline), Bernard Lloyd/David Suchet (Navarre), Susan Fleetwood (Princess of France), Tony Church (Armado), Derek Smith/Norman Rodway (Holofernes), Jeffery Dench (Sir Nathaniel), Robert Ashby (Longaville), Michael Ensign (Dumaine), Catherine Kessler/Lynette Davies (Maria), Janet Chappell (Katharine), Sebastian Shaw/Patrick Godfrey (Boyet), Louise Jameson (Jaquenetta), Denis Holmes (Dull), Timothy Dalton/Mike Gwilym (Costard), Bernard Lloyd/David Suchet (Ferdinand), Gavin Campbell (A Forester)

1978 RST/1979 Aldwych: John Barton
Ralph Koltai (design); Nick Chelton (lighting); James Walker (music)
Michael Pennington (Berowne), Jane Lapotaire (Rosaline), Richard Griffiths (Navarre), Carmen Du Sautoy (Princess of France), Michael Hordern/Tony Church (Armado), Paul Brooke (Holofernes), David Suchet (Sir Nathaniel), Ian Charleson (Longaville), Paul Whitworth (Dumaine), Sheridan Fitzgerald (Maria), Avril Carson (Katharine), Alan Rickman/Oliver Ford Davies (Boyet), Jo James (Moth), Ruby Wax (Jaquenetta), David Lyon (Dull), Allan Hendrick (Costard), Alan Cody (Marcade), Dennis Clinton (A Forester)

1984 RST/1985 Barbican: Barry Kyle
Bob Crowley (design); Chris Ellis (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Roger Rees (Berowne), Josette Simon (Rosaline), Kenneth Branagh (Navarre), Emily Richard (Princess of France), Edward Petherbridge/Richard Easton (Armado), Frank Middlemass/Christopher Benjamin (Holofernes), John Rogan (Sir Nathaniel), James Simmons (Longaville), Adam Bareham/Jim Hooper (Dumaine), Alison Rose (Maria), Kate Buffery/Sarah Woodward (Katharine), Harold Innocent/John Carlisle (Boyet), Amanda Root (Moth), Frances Barber/Rowena Roberts (Jaquenetta), George Raistrick (Dull), Brian Parr (Costard), Norman Henry (Marcade), Andrew Jarvis (A Forester), David Phelan/James Newall (Lord), Alphonsia Emmanuel, Dexter Fletcher, Cathy Tyson, Jan Revere, Steven Pinner (Villagers), Catherine James (Singer)

1990 RST/1991 Barbican: Terry Hands
Timothy O’Brien (design); Terry Hands, Clive Morris (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Ralph Fiennes (Berowne), Amanda Root (Rosaline), Simon Russell Beale (Navarre), Carol Royle (Princess of France), John Wood (Armado), David Troughton (Holofernes), Paul Webster (Sir Nathaniel), Bernard Wright (Longaville), Paterson Joseph (Dumaine), Katrina Levon (Maria), Caroline Loncq (Katharine), David Killick (Boyet), Nicholas Besley/Jon-Sel Gourkan (Moth), Alex Kingston (Jaquenetta), Richard Ridings (Dull), Lloyd Hutchinson (Costard), Griffith Jones (Marcade), John Hodgkinson (A Forester), Marston Bloom, Shura Greenberg, Jamie Hinde (Servants)

1993 RST/1994 Barbican/1995 Barbican and International Tour: Ian Judge
John Gunter (sets), Deirdre Clancy (costumes); Alan Burrett (lighting); Nigel Hess (music)
Jeremy Northam/Richard Garnett (Berowne), Abigail McKern/Sarah Woodward (Rosaline), Owen Teale/Philip Quast (Navarre), Jenny Quayle/Jenny Agutter (Princess of France), Daniel Massey/Richard O’Callaghan (Armado), John Normington/Arthur Cox (Holofernes), Raymond Bowers (Sir Nathaniel), Guy Henry/Bernard Wright (Longaville), Robert Portal/Roger Moss (Dumaine), Alexandra Gilbreath/Emily Joyce (Maria), Virginia Grainger/Sian Radinger (Katharine), Paul Greenwood/Cherry Morris (Boyet), Christopher Luscombe/John McAndrew (Moth), Sara Weymouth (Jaquenetta), Mike Burnside (Dull), Mark Lewis Jones/John Hodgkinson (Costard), Nick Simons/Mike Murray (Marcade), Tim Hudson/Tudor Price (Master of the Hunt), Robin Pratt (College Porter), Caroline Payne (Maid), Stuart Bunce (Student)

For a gallery of over 50 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to


1962 RST: Donald McWhinnie
John Bury (design); John Bury (lighting)
Eric Porter (Macbeth), Irene Worth (Lady Macbeth), Peter Jeffrey (Banquo), Bill Travers (Macduff), Brian Murray (Malcolm), Norah Blaney (Witch), Yvonne Bonnamy (Witch), Maroussia Frank (Witch), Diana Rigg (Lady Macduff), Tom Fleming (Porter), Clifford Rose (Duncan), Barry MacGregor (Donalbain), Hugh Sullivan (Ross), Michael Murray (Angus), Gareth Morgan (Lennox), Ian Richardson (Seyton), Peter Geddis (Servant)

1967 RST/1968 Aldwych: Peter Hall
John Bury (design); John Bradley (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Paul Scofield (Macbeth), Vivien Merchant (Lady Macbeth), Brewster Mason (Banquo), Patrick O’Connell (Macduff), Ian Richardson (Malcolm), Elizabeth Spriggs (Witch), Clare Kelly (Witch), Catherine Lacey (Witch), Sheila Allen (Lady Macduff), Clive Swift (Porter), Sebastian Shaw (Duncan), Colin McCormack (Donalbain), Nicholas Selby (Ross), Ian Hogg (Seyton), Jeffery Dench (Old Man)

1974 RST/1975 Aldwych: Trevor Nunn
John Napier (design); Nick Chelton (lighting)
Nicol Williamson (Macbeth), Helen Mirren (Lady Macbeth), Barry Stanton/Gordon Jackson (Banquo), Malcolm Tierney (Macduff), Eric Allan (Malcolm), Jane Lapotaire/Sheila Kelly (Witch), Patricia Hayes (Witch), Anne Dyson (Witch), Jane Lapotaire/Angela Phillips (Lady Macduff), Ron Pember (Porter), Frank Thornton (Duncan), John Price (Donalbain), Colin McCormack (Angus), Paul Moriarty (Lennox)

1976 TOP/1977 RST/1977 Warehouse/1978 Young Vic: Trevor Nunn
John Napier (design); Leo Leibovici (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Ian McKellen (Macbeth), Judi Dench (Lady Macbeth), John Woodvine (Banquo), Bob Peck (Macduff), Roger Rees (Malcolm), Susan Dury (Witch/Lady Macduff), Marie Kean (Witch), Judith Harte (Witch), Ian McDiarmid (Porter), Griffith Jones (Duncan), Tim Brierley/Greg Hicks (Donalbain/Seyton)

1982 RST/1983 Barbican: Howard Davies

Chris Dyer (design), Poppy Mitchell (costumes); Howard Eaton (lighting); George Fenton (music)
Bob Peck (Macbeth), Sara Kestelman (Lady Macbeth), Malcolm Storry (Banquo), Pete Postlethwaite (Macduff), Chris Hunter (Malcolm), Katy Behean (Witch), Christine Kavanagh (Witch), Josette Simon (Witch), Penelope Beaumont (Lady Macduff), Jonathan Hyde (Porter), David Waller (Duncan), Michael Maloney (Donalbain), David Troughton (Ross), William Haden (Angus), Clive Wood (Lennox), Albie Woodington (Seyton), Lesley Sharp (Lady)

1986 RST/1987 Barbican: Adrian Noble
Bob Crowley (design); Mark Henderson (lighting); Geoffrey Burgon (music)
Jonathan Pryce (Macbeth), Sinead Cusack (Lady Macbeth), Hugh Quarshie (Banquo), Peter Guinness (Macduff), Nicholas Woodeson (Malcolm), Dilys Laye (First Witch), Susan Porrett (Second Witch), Joely Richardson/Anna Patrick (Third Witch), Penny Downie (Lady Macduff), David Troughton (Porter), Alfred Burke (Duncan), David Killick (Ross), Max Gold (Angus), Paul Venables (Lennox)

1988 RST/1989 Barbican (re-working of 1986): Adrian Noble
Bob Crowley (design); Mark Henderson, Chris Parry, Clive Morris (lighting); Geoffrey Burgon (music)

Miles Anderson (Macbeth), Amanda Root (Lady Macbeth), Tony Armatrading (Banquo), Colin McCormack (Macduff), Duncan Bell (Malcolm), Pip Hinton (First Witch), Vivienne Rochester (Second Witch), Candida Gubbins (Third Witch), Maureen Beattie (Lady Macduff), Desmond Barrit (Porter/Ross), Nicholas Selby (Duncan), James Purefoy (Donalbain/Loon), Ken Sabberton (Lennox), John Bott (Doctor)

1993 Barbican/1994 RST/1994 Tour: Adrian Noble
Ian Macneil (design); Alan Burrett (lighting); David Bedford (music)
Derek Jacobi (Macbeth), Cheryl Campbell (Lady Macbeth), Christopher Ravenscroft (Banquo), Michael Siberry (Macduff), Jason Durr (Malcolm), Marjorie Yates (First Witch), Virginia Denham (Second Witch), Tracy-Ann Oberman (Third Witch), Emily Richard (Lady Macduff), Neil Caple (Porter), Denys Hawthorne (Duncan), Jack James (Donalbain), Adrian Lukis (Ross), Michael Jenn (Angus), Alexis Daniel (Lennox)

1996 RST/1996 Barbican: Tim Albery
Stewart Laing (design); Mimi Jordan Sherin (lighting)
Roger Allam (Macbeth), Brid Brennan (Lady Macbeth), Philip Quast (Banquo), Colum Convey (Macduff), Sebastian Harcombe (Malcolm), Janet Whiteside (First Witch), Susannah Elliott-Knight (Second Witch), Jan Chappell (Lady Macduff/Third Wich), Adrian Schiller (Porter), Arthur Cox (Duncan), Simon Westwood (Donalbain), Robert Demeger (Ross), David Pullan (Angus), David Fahm (Lennox)

1999-00 Swan/2000 UK and International Tour/2000 Young Vic: Gregory Doran
Stephen Brimson Lewis (design); Tim Mitchell (lighting); Adrian Lee (music)
Antony Sher (Macbeth), Harriet Walter (Lady Macbeth), Ken Bones (Banquo), Nigel Cooke (Macduff), John Dougall (Malcolm), Polly Kemp (Weird Sister), Diane Beck (Lady Macduff/ Weird Sister), Noma Dumezweni (Weird Sister), Stephen Noonan (Porter), Joseph O’Conor (Duncan), Paul Webster (Ross), Trevor Martin (Doctor)

2004 RST/2005 Albery: Dominic Cooke
Robert Innes Hopkins (sets), Tania Spooner (costumes); Peter Mumford (lighting); Gary Yershon (music)
Greg Hicks (Macbeth), Sian Thomas (Lady Macbeth), Louis Hilyer (Banquo), Clive Wood (Macduff), Pal Aron (Malcolm), Ruth Gemmell (Witch/Lady Macduff), Meg Fraser (Witch), Louise Bangay (Witch), Forbes Masson (Porter), Richard Cordery (Duncan), John Mackay (Ross), Michael G. Jones (Doctor/Old Man), Sean Hannaway (Murderer), Ian Drysdale (Murderer)

For a gallery of nearly 200 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Measure for Measure

1962 RST: John Blatchley
John Bury (design); John Bury (lighting)
Tom Fleming (Vincentio), Judi Dench (Isabella), Marius Goring (Angelo), Ian Richardson (Lucio), Clive Swift (Pompey), Edmond Bennett (Elbow), Ian Holm (Claudio), Yvonne Bonnamy (Mariana), Patricia Brake (Juliet), Paul Hardwick (Provost), Clifford Rose (Froth), Peter Jeffrey (Escalus), Tony Church (Barnadine)

1970 RST: John Barton
Timothy O’Brien (design); John Bradley (lighting)
Sebastian Shaw (Vincentio), Estelle Kohler (Isabella), Ian Richardson (Angelo), Terrence Hardiman (Lucio), John Kane (Pompey), Trader Faulkner (Elbow), Ben Kingsley (Claudio), Sara Kestelman (Mariana), Mary Rutherford (Juliet), William Russell (Provost), Peter Egan (Froth), Patrick Barr (Escalus), David Waller (Barnadine)

1974 RST: Keith Hack
Maria Bjornson (design); John Bradley (lighting); Stephen Oliver (music)
Barrie Ingham (Vincentio), Francesca Annis (Isabella), Michael Pennington (Angelo), Barry Stanton (Lucio), James Booth (Pompey), Ian McDiarmid (Elbow), Malcolm Tierney (Claudio), Gay Hamilton (Mariana), Debbie Bowen (Juliet), Jeffery Kissoon (Provost), David Waller (Escalus)

1978 RST/1979 Aldwych: Barry Kyle
Christopher Morley (design); Brian Harris (lighting); James Walker (music)
Michael Pennington (Vincentio), Paola Dionisotti/Sinead Cusack (Isabella), Jonathan Pryce/David Suchet (Angelo), John Nettles (Lucio), Richard Griffiths (Pompey), Geoffrey Freshwater (Elbow), Allan Hendrick (Claudio), Marjorie Bland/Natasha Parry (Mariana), Sheridan Fitzgerald (Juliet), Darlene Johnson (Mistress Overdone), Donald Douglas (Provost), Ian Reddington (Froth), Raymond Westwell (Escalus), Conrad Asquith (Barnadine), Diana Berriman (Francisca), Dennis Edwards (Abhorson), Juliet Stevenson (Whore), Ruby Wax (Whore)

1983 RST/1984 Barbican: Adrian Noble
Bob Crowley (design); Robert Bryan (lighting); Ilona Sekacz (music)
Daniel Massey (Vincentio), Juliet Stevenson (Isabella), David Schofield (Angelo), Richard O’Callaghan (Lucio), Anthony O’Donnell (Pompey), Trevor Peacock (Elbow), John Nolan (Claudio), Emma Watson (Mariana), Sarah Berger/Tilda Swinton (Juliet), Peggy Mount (Mistress Overdone), Oliver Ford Davies (Provost), Raymond Platt (Froth), Joseph O’Conor (Escalus), Stanley Dawson (Varrius), Campbell Morrison (Barnadine), Caroline Harris (Francisca), Griffith Jones (Abhorson), David Killick (A Justice)

1987 RST/1988 Barbican: Nicholas Hytner
Mark Thompson (design); Mark Henderson (lighting); Jeremy Sams (music)
Roger Allam (Vincentio), Josette Simon (Isabella), Sean Baker (Angelo), Alex Jennings (Lucio), Phil Daniels (Pompey), George Raistrick (Elbow), Hakeem Kae-Kazim (Claudio), Janet Amsbury (Mariana), Kate Littlewood (Juliet), Linda Spurrier (Mistress Overdone), David Howey (Provost), David Pullan (Froth), Mark Dignam (Escalus), Gordon Case (Barnadine), Jane Whittenshaw (Francisca), Derek Hutchinson (Abhorson)

1991 TOP/1991 Small-scale Tour/1992 Young Vic: Trevor Nunn
Maria Bjornson (sets), Sue Willmington (costumes); Chris Parry (lighting)
Philip Madoc (Vincentio), Claire Skinner (Isabella), David Haig (Angelo), Roger Hyams (Lucio), Peter-Hugo Daly (Pompey), Desmond McNamara (Elbow), Jason Durr (Claudio), Kelly Hunter/Teresa Banham (Mariana), Teresa Banham (Juliet), Judith Bruce (Mistress Overdone), Sidney Livingstone (Provost), Jonathan Glynn (Froth), Allan Mitchell (Escalus), Julian Forsyth (Barnadine), Sarah Flind (Francisca)

1994 RST/1995 Barbican: Steven Pimlott

Ashley Martin-Davis (design); Brian Harris (lighting); Jason Carr (music)
Michael Feast (Vincentio), Stella Gonet (Isabella), Alex Jennings (Angelo), Barry Lynch (Lucio), Derek Griffiths/Clive Rowe (Pompey), Bille Brown/Simon Dormandy (Elbow), Toby Stephens (Claudio), Tanya Moodie (Mariana), Caroline Blakiston (Mistress Overdone), David Killick (Provost), Alfred Burke (Escalus), Liam O’Callaghan (Barnadine), Griffith Jones (Abhorson)

1998 RST/1999 Barbican: Michael Boyd
Tom Piper (design); Heather Carson (lighting); John Woolf (music)
Robert Glenister (Vincentio), Clare Holman (Isabella), Stephen Boxer (Angelo), Adrian Schiller (Lucio), Jimmy Chisholm (Pompey), John Dougall (Elbow), Stephen Kennedy (Claudio), Cathryn Bradshaw (Mariana), Penny Layden (Juliet), Carol MacReady (Mistress Overdone), Lalor Roddy (Provost), James Tucker (Froth), Gavin Muir (Escalus), Sandy Macnab (Varrius), Steve Swinscoe (Barnadine), Tina Gambe (Francisca), Aislinn Mangan (First Whore)

2003 RST: Sean Holmes
Anthony Lamble (design); Tim Mitchell (lighting); Adrian Lee (music)

Paul Higgins (Vincentio), Emma Fielding (Isabella), Daniel Evans (Angelo), John Lloyd Fillingham (Lucio), Simon Trinder (Pompey), John Lightbody (Elbow), Fergus O’Donnell (Claudio), Lisa Stevenson (Mariana), Shereen Ibrahim (Juliet), Ishia Bennison (Mistress Overdone), Keith Osborn (Provost), Tom Anderson (Froth), James Hayes (Escalus), Bill Nash (Barnadine), Esther Ruth Elliot (Francisca)

For a gallery of over 100 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Merchant of Venice

1960 RST: Michael Langham
Desmond Heeley (design); Maurice Daniels (lighting); Cedric Thorpe Davie (music)

Peter O’Toole (Shylock), Dorothy Tutin (Portia), Patrick Allen (Antonio), Denholm Elliott (Bassanio), Frances Cuka (Jessica), Ian Holm (Lorenzo), Susan Maryott (Nerissa), Dinsdale Landen (Launcelot Gobbo), Patrick Wymark (Gratiano), David Buck (Solanio), David Sumner (Salerio), William Wallis (Balthasar), Tony Church (Duke of Venice), Clive Swift (Tubal), Jack MacGowran (Old Gobbo), Don Webster (Leonardo), Ian Richardson (Prince of Arragon), Paul Hardwick (Prince of Morocco), Clifford Rose (Stephano), Diana Rigg (Lady), Roy Dotrice, Philip Voss (Servants)

1965 RST: Clifford Williams
Ralph Koltai (sets), Nadine Baylis (costumes); John Bradley (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Eric Porter (Shylock), Janet Suzman (Portia), William Squire (Antonio), Peter McEnery (Bassanio), Katharine Barker (Jessica), Charles Thomas (Lorenzo), Patsy Byrne (Nerissa), Charles Kay (Launcelot Gobbo), Jeffery Dench (Gratiano), John Corvin (Solanio), Peter Geddis (Salerio), Tim Wylton (Balthasar), David Waller (Duke of Venice), Timothy West (Tubal), Stephen Hancock (Old Gobbo), David Quilter (Leonardo), Donald Burton (Prince of Arragon), Stanley Lebor (Prince of Morocco), Ted Valentine (Stephano), Michael Pennington (Servant)

1971 RST/1972 Tour/1972 Aldwych: Terry Hands
Timothy O’Brien, Tazeena Firth (design); John Bradley/Stewart Leviton (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Emrys James (Shylock), Judi Dench/Susan Fleetwood (Portia), Tony Church (Antonio), Michael Williams/Bernard Lloyd (Bassanio), Alison Fiske (Jessica), David Calder (Lorenzo), Polly James/Lynn Dearth (Nerissa), Peter Geddis (Launcelot Gobbo), Geoffrey Hutchings/Roger Rees (Gratiano), Alton Kumalo/Kwesi Kay (Solanio), Anthony Pedley/Denis Holmes (Salerio), Michael Shannon (Balthasar), Peter Woodthorpe/Richard Mayes (Duke of Venice), Jeffery Dench/Colin Forbes (Tubal), Gordon Gostelow (Old Gobbo), Robert Ashby (Leonardo), Peter Woodthorpe (Prince of Arragon), Miles Anderson/Matthew Robertson (Salarino), Bernard Lloyd/Robert Ashby (Prince of Morocco)

1978 TOP/1979 Warehouse: John Barton
Christopher Morley (design); Leo Leibovici (lighting); James Walker (music)
Patrick Stewart (Shylock), Marjorie Bland/Lisa Harrow (Portia), David Bradley (Antonio), John Nettles (Bassanio), Avril Carson (Jessica), Paul Whitworth (Lorenzo), Diana Berriman (Nerissa), Hilton McRae (Launcelot Gobbo), John Bowe (Gratiano), Alan Cody (Solanio), James Griffiths (Salerio), Dennis Clinton (Balthasar/Duke of Venice), Raymond Westwell (Tubal/Old Gobbo), Dennis Edwards (Prince of Arragon), Donald Douglas (Prince of Morocco)

1981 RST/1981 Aldwych: John Barton
Christopher Morley (design); Brian Harris (lighting); James Walker (music)
David Suchet (Shylock), Sinead Cusack (Portia), Tom Wilkinson (Antonio), Jonathan Hyde (Bassanio), Judy Buxton (Jessica), Michael Siberry (Lorenzo), Corrina Seddon (Nerissa), Rob Edwards (Launcelot Gobbo), Arthur Kohn (Gratiano), John Darrell (Solanio), William Armstrong (Salerio), Brett Usher (Duke of Venice/Prince of Arragon), David Waller/Raymond Westwell (Tubal), Jimmy Gardner (Old Gobbo), Terry Wood (Prince of Morocco)

1984 RST: John Caird
Ultz (design); Robert Bryan (lighting); Ilona Sekacz (music)
Ian McDiarmid (Shylock), Frances Tomelty (Portia), Christopher Ravenscroft (Antonio), Adam Bareham (Bassanio), Amanda Root (Jessica), Simon Templeman (Lorenzo), Josette Simon (Nerissa), Brian Parr (Launcelot Gobbo), James Simmons (Gratiano), Ian Mackenzie (Solanio), Jim Hooper (Salerio), Stephen Simms (Balthasar), Richard Easton (Duke of Venice), Sebastian Shaw (Tubal), John Rogan (Old Gobbo), Martin Jacobs (Prince of Arragon), Hepburn Graham (Prince of Morocco), Jonathan Scott-Taylor (Clerk of Court)

1986-87 Small-scale Tour: Roger Michell
Di Seymour (design); Geraint Pughe (lighting); Jeremy Sams (music)
Nigel Terry (Shylock), Fiona Shaw (Portia), Paul Webster (Antonio), Simon Dutton (Bassanio), Rachel Joyce (Jessica), Paul Rhys (Lorenzo), Jacqueline Dankworth (Nerissa), Paul McCleary (Launcelot Gobbo), Martin Turner (Gratiano), William Chubb (Solanio), David Summer (Salerio), Rupert Holliday Evans (Balthasar), Norman Henry (Duke of Venice/Prince of Arragon), John Bowler (Tubal/Prince of Morocco), Dick Brannick (Old Gobbo)

1987 RST/1988 Barbican: Bill Alexander
Kit Surrey (sets), Andreane Neofitou (costumes); Robert Bryan (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Antony Sher (Shylock), Deborah Findlay (Portia), John Carlisle (Antonio), Nicholas Farrell (Bassanio), Deborah Goodman (Jessica), Paul Spence (Lorenzo), Pippa Guard (Nerissa), Phil Daniels (Launcelot Gobbo), Geoffrey Freshwater (Gratiano), Gregory Doran (Solanio), Michael Cadman (Salerio), Akim Mogaji (Balthasar), Richard Conway (Duke of Venice/Prince of Arragon), Bill McGuirk (Tubal), Arnold Yarrow (Old Gobbo), Hakeem Kae-Kazim (Prince of Morocco), David Pullan (Leonardo), Kate Littlewood (Citizen)

1993 RST/1994 Barbican: David Thacker
Shelagh Keegan (design); Clive Morris (lighting); Gary Yershon (music).
David Calder (Shylock), Penny Downie (Portia), Clifford Rose (Antonio), Owen Teale (Bassanio), Kate Duchene (Jessica), Mark Lewis Jones (Lorenzo), Debra Gillett (Nerissa), Christopher Luscombe (Launcelot Gobbo), Mark Lockyer (Gratiano), Tim Hudson (Solanio), Richard Clothier (Salerio), David Weston (Balthasar), Christopher Robbie (Duke of Venice), Nick Simons (Tubal), Raymond Bowers (Old Gobbo), Robert Portal (Prince of Arragon), Ray Fearon (Prince of Morocco)

1997-98 RST/1998-99 Barbican: Gregory Doran
Robert Jones (sets), Sue Willmington (costumes); Howard Harrison (lighting); Corin Buckeridge (music)
Philip Voss (Shylock), Helen Schlesinger (Portia), Julian Curry (Antonio), Scott Handy (Bassanio), Emma Handy (Jessica), Dominic Rowan (Lorenzo), Sian Reeves (Nerissa), Jimmy Chisholm (Launcelot Gobbo), John Dougal (Gratiano), Andrew Maud (Solanio), Andrew Ufondu (Salerio), Rowan MacCallum (Balthasar), Sandy MacNab (Duke of Venice), Griffith Jones (Tubal), Alan Stocks (Leonardo), Colin George (Prince of Arragon), Evroy Deer (Prince of Morocco), Giles Taylor (Clerk of Court), Lisa Reeves (Lady)

2001 Pit/2001-02 Swan/2002 Small-scale Tour: Loveday Ingram
Colin Falconer (design); Hartley Kemp (lighting); Paul Englishby (music)
Ian Bartholomew (Shylock), Hermione Gulliford (Portia), Ian Gelder (Antonio), Paul Hickey (Bassanio), Isabel Pollen (Jessica), Ben Turner (Lorenzo), Eliza Lumley (Nerissa), Darren Tunstall (Launcelot Gobbo), Dickon Tyrrell (Gratiano), Robert Mountford (Solanio), Jim Creighton (Salerio), Carl Ferguson (Balthasar), Michael Gardiner (Duke of Venice/Prince of Arragon), David Peart (Tubal/Old Gobbo), Chris Jarman (Prince of Morocco)

For a gallery of over 120 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Merry Wives of Windsor

1964 RST/1964-65 Aldwych: John Blatchley
Andre Francois (design); David Read (lighting)
Clive Swift (Falstaff), Ian Richardson (Ford), Timothy West (Page), Patsy Byrne (Mistress Ford), Brenda Bruce (Mistress Page), John Nettleton (Sir Hugh Evans), Clifford Rose (Shallow), Freddie Jones (Pistol), Morgan Sheppard (Bardolph), Ken Wynne (Dr Caius), Robert Lloyd (Slender), Doris Hare (Mistress Quickly), Michele Dotrice (Anne), Henry Woolf (Nym), Ian Hogg (Rugby)

1968 RST, Aldwych, UK Tour/1969 RST/1970 Japanese Tour/1975 RST/1976 Aldwych: Terry Hands

Timothy O’Brien (design); David Read, John Bradley (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Brewster Mason (Falstaff), Ian Richardson (Ford), Jeffery Dench (Page), Elizabeth Spriggs/Barbara Leigh-Hunt (Mistress Ford), Brenda Bruce/Janet Whiteside (Mistress Page), Emrys James/Trevor Peacock (Sir Hugh Evans), Sydney Bromley (Shallow), Morgan Sheppard/Richard Moore/Christopher Saul (Pistol), Don Henderson/Tim Wylton (Bardolph), Derek Smith (Dr Caius), Peter Geddis/Ben Kingsley (Slender), Lila Kaye/Janet Henfrey/Maureen Pryor (Mistress Quickly), Vanessa Miles/Susan Sheers/Juliet Ackroyd/Yvonne Nicholson/Anne Hasson (Anne), Anthony Pedley/Philip Dunbar (Nym), David Bailie (Rugby), Roger Rees/Gareth Armstrong (Fenton), Geoffrey Hutchings (Simple), David Healy/Denis Holmes/Don Meaden (Host of the Garter)

1979 RST/1980 Aldwych: Trevor Nunn, John Caird
John Napier (design); Brian Harris (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
John Woodvine (Falstaff), Ben Kingsley (Ford), Bob Peck (Page), Susan Tracy (Mistress Ford), Jane Downs (Mistress Page), David Lloyd Meredith (Sir Hugh Evans), Patrick Godfrey (Shallow), John McEnery (Pistol), Norman Tyrrell (Bardolph), Geoffrey Hutchings (Dr Caius), David Threlfall (Slender), Lila Kaye (Mistress Quickly), Kate Nicholls (Anne), Ian McNeice (Nym), Teddy Kempner (Rugby), Tim Brierley (Fenton), Timothy Spall (Simple), Cathryn Harrison (Servant)

1985 RST/1986 Barbican: Bill Alexander
William Dudley (design); Leo Leibovici (lighting); Jeremy Sams (music)

Peter Jeffrey (Falstaff), Nicky Henson (Ford), Paul Webster (Page), Lindsay Duncan (Mistress Ford), Janet Dale (Mistress Page), Bruce Alexander (Sir Hugh Evans), Arnold Yarrow (Shallow), Campbell Morrison (Pistol), Mike Murray (Bardolph), David Bradley (Dr Caius), Ian Talbot (Slender), Sheila Steafel (Mistress Quickly), Francine Morgan (Anne), Brian Horstead (Nym), Alexander Wilson (Rugby), Paul Spence (Fenton), Graham Turner (Simple), Trevor Martin (Host of the Garter)

1992 RST: David Thacker
William Dudley (design); Jim Simmons (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Benjamin Whitrow (Falstaff), Anton Lesser (Ford), John Nettles (Page), Gemma Jones (Mistress Ford), Cheryl Campbell (Mistress Page), Paul Webster (Sir Hugh Evans), Jeffery Dench (Shallow), Guy Williams (Pistol), John Bott (Bardolph), Ron Cook (Dr Caius), Pearce Quigley (Slender), Barbara Jefford (Mistress Quickly), Catherine Mears (Anne), Roger Frost (Nym), Andrew Cryer (Rugby), Peter De Jersey (Fenton), Nick Holder (Simple)

1996 RST/1997 Barbican: Ian Judge
Tim Goodchild (design); Simon Tapping (lighting); John White (music)
Leslie Phillips (Falstaff), Edward Petherbridge (Ford), Paul Greenwood (Page), Susannah York (Mistress Ford), Joanna McCallum (Mistress Page), John Kane (Sir Hugh Evans), Peter Reeves (Shallow), Barry Aird (Pistol), David Hobbs (Bardolph), Guy Henry (Dr Caius), Christopher Luscombe (Slender), Cherry Morris (Mistress Quickly), Claire Marchionne (Anne), David Glover (Nym), Christopher Gee (Rugby), Jo Stone-Fewings (Fenton), Toby Longworth (Simple)

2002-03 Swan/2003 Small-scale Tour/2003 Old Vic: Rachel Kavanaugh
Peter McKintosh (design); Hartley TA Kemp (lighting); Terry Davies (music)
Richard Cordery (Falstaff), Tom Mannion (Ford), Simon Coates (Page), Claire Carrie (Mistress Ford), Lucy Tregear (Mistress Page), Michael Gardiner (Sir Hugh Evans), David Killick (Shallow), Kieron Jecchinis (Pistol), Ciaran McIntyre (Bardolph), Greg Hicks (Dr Caius), Adam Kay (Slender), Alison Fiske (Mistress Quickly), Hannah Young (Anne), Richard Copestake (Nym), James O’Donnell (Rugby), Chuk Iwuji (Fenton), Christian Steel (Simple)

2006-07 RST: Gregory Doran
Ranjit Bolt (lyrics). Stephen Brimson Lewis (design); Tim Mitchell (lighting); Paul Englishby (music); Paul Groothuis (sound); Michael Ashcroft (choreography); Bruce O’Neil (musical direction); Terry King (fights)
Simon Callow (Falstaff), Alistair McGowan (Ford), Rob Edwards (Page), Alexandra Gilbreath (Mistress Ford), Haydn Gwynne (Mistress Page), Ian Hughes (Sir Hugh Evans), Jeffery Dench (Shallow), Brendan O’Hea (Pistol), Ian Pirie (Bardolph), Paul Chahidi (Dr Caius), Simon Trinder (Slender), Judi Dench (Mistress Quickly), Scarlett Strallen (Anne), Ian Conningham (Nym), Christopher Colley (Rugby), Martin Crewes (Fenton), Tobias Beer (Simple), Matt Cross (Wart), Robert Burt (Host), Dominic Colchester (John), Simon Thomas (Robert), Lisa Thorner (Maid), Mary Doherty (Maid), Anna Lowe (Maid)

For a gallery of nearly 100 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Midsummer Night’s Dream

1962 RST/1963 Aldwych: Peter Hall (revival of 1959 production)
Lila de Nobili (design); John Bradley (lighting); Raymond Leppard (music)
Judi Dench/Juliet Mills (Titania), Yvonne Bonnamy/Rosemary Frankau (Hippolyta), Ian Richardson (Oberon), Tony Steedman (Theseus), Ian Holm/Michael Williams (Puck), Paul Hardwick (Bottom), Patricia Brake/Ann Beach (Hermia), Brian Murray (Lysander), Diana Rigg (Helena), Barry MacGregor (Demetrius), Tony Church (Peter Quince), Ian Hewitson (Flute), Bill Travers (Snout), Clive Swift/John Nettleton (Snug), Clifford Rose (Starveling), Edmond Bennett/Donald Bisset (Egeus), Margaret Drabble, Nerys Hughes, Ian Cullen, Peter Geddis, Ian Lindsay, Gareth Morgan, Gordon Honeycombe, Robert Lloyd (Fairies)

1970 RST/1970 Roundhouse/1971 US Tour (BAM, New York, etc)/1971 Aldwych/1972 Aldwych/1972 European Tour (Theatre de la Ville, Paris, etc)/1972-73 Aldwych/1973 RST/1973 US, Japanese and Australian Tour: Peter Brook
Sally Jacobs (design); Richard Peaslee (music)
Sara Kestelman/Gemma Jones (Hippolyta/Titania), Alan Howard (Theseus/Oberon), John Kane/Robert Lloyd (Puck/Philostrate), David Waller/Barry Stanton (Bottom), Mary Rutherford/Zhivila Roche (Hermia), Christopher Gable/Terence Taplin/Bruce Myers (Lysander), Frances de la Tour/Jennie Stoller (Helena), Ben Kingsley/Glynne Lewis/Phillip Sayer (Demetrius), Philip Locke/Denis Carey (Peter Quince/Egeus), Glynne Lewis/George Sweeney (Flute), Norman Rodway/Patrick Stewart/Malcolm Rennie (Snout), Barry Stanton/Hugh Keays Byrne (Snug), Terrence Hardiman/Philip Manikum/Richard Moore (Starveling), Hugh Keays Byrne, Ralph Cotterill, Celia Quicke, David Meyer, John York/Gillian Rhind/Anthony Meyer, David Meyer, Pauline Munro, Roshan Seth/Doyne Byrd, Lynette Davies, Patricia Doyle, Gillian Joyce (Fairies)

1977 RST/1977 Aldwych/1978 RST: John Barton, Gillian Lynne
John Napier (design); John Watts (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Marjorie Bland (Titania), Carmen Du Sautoy (Hippolyta), Patrick Stewart (Oberon), Richard Durden (Theseus), Leonard Preston (Puck), Richard Griffiths (Bottom), Pippa Guard (Hermia), Paul Whitworth (Lysander), Marilyn Galsworthy (Helena), Peter Woodward (Demetrius), Norman Tyrrell (Peter Quince), Ducan Preston (Flute), Keith Taylor (Snout), Brian Coburn/David Lyon (Snug), Leon Tanner (Starveling), Griffith Jones/George Raistrick (Egeus), Robert Shaw (Peaseblossom), Gordon Garrity (Cobweb), Matthew Beacham (Moth), John Lyddon (Mustardseed), Avril Carson, Carmen Du Sautoy (Fairies)

1981 RST/1982 Barbican: Ron Daniels
Maria Bjornson (design); Chris Ellis (lighting); Stephen Oliver (music)
Juliet Stevenson (Hippolyta/Titania), Mike Gwilym (Theseus/Oberon), Joseph Marcell (Puck), Geoffrey Hutchings (Bottom), Jane Carr (Hermia), Philip Franks (Lysander), Harriet Walter (Helena), Simon Templeman (Demetrius), John Rogan/Peter Ellis (Peter Quince), James Fleet (Flute), Peter Ellis (Snout), Anthony O’Donnell (Snug), Andrew Jarvis (Starveling), John Burgess/David Lloyd Meredith (Egeus), Julia Hills (Peaseblossom), Kevin Wallace (Cobweb), Christopher Hurst (Moth), Clare Travers-Deacon (Mustardseed), Juliette Mole, John McAndrew, Graham Turner, Nigel Le Vaillant (Fairies)

1983-84 Small-scale Tour/1984 TOP: Sheila Hancock
Bob Crowley (design), Priscilla Truett (costumes); Brian Harris (lighting); Ilona Sekacz (music)
Penny Downie (Hippolyta/Titania), Roger Allam (Theseus/Oberon), David Whitaker (Puck), Philip Jackson (Bottom), Amanda Root (Hermia), James Simmons (Lysander), Katharine Rogers (Helena), Michael Thomas/Christopher Baines (Demetrius), Robert Eddison/Frank Middlemass (Peter Quince), Daniel Day-Lewis/Andrew Hall (Flute), George Raistrick (Snout), Jimmy Yuill (Snug), Simon Templeman (Starveling), Donald McKillop (Egeus), Susan Jane Tanner/Jan Revere (Peaseblossom), Cliff Burnett/Steven Pinner (Cobweb), Polly James/Alison Rose (Moth), Donald McKillop (Mustardseed)

1986 RST/1987 Barbican: Bill Alexander
William Dudley (design); Mark Henderson (lighting); Jeremy Sams (music)
Janet McTeer/Di Botcher/Frances Tomelty (Titania), Janet McTeer/Penelope Beaumont (Hippolyta), Gerard Murphy (Theseus/Oberon), Richard Easton (Theseus), Nicholas Woodeson (Puck), Pete Postlethwaite/David Haig (Bottom), Amanda Harris (Hermia), Paul Greenwood/Nathaniel Parker (Lysander), Joely Richardson/Kathryn Pogson (Helena), Martin Jacobs/Max Gold (Demetrius), David Haig/Christopher Ashley (Peter Quince), Paul Venables (Flute), Donald McBride/Jeremy Pearce (Snout), Christopher Ashley/Nicholas Collett (Snug), Sean Bean/Malcolm Hassall (Starveling), Robert Demeger/Stuart Richman (Egeus), Stanley Dawson (Philostrate), Cornelia Hayes (First Fairy), Jane Lancaster, Malcolm Hassall/Peter Andrew, Roger Moss/Paul Hargreaves (Fairies), Catherine Fleetwood/Denise Outen (Mustardseed), Philippa Stanton/Nicola Doyle/Ruth Funnell (Cobweb), Nichola Wash/Kelly Marcel (Moth), Charlotte Williams/Jemma Price (Peaseblossom)

1988 Small-scale Tour: Bill Buffery
Philippe Brandt (design); Michael Calf (lighting); Mia Soteriou (music)
Jennie Stoller (Hippolyta/Titania), Raad Rawi (Theseus/Oberon), Peter Andrew (Puck), Roger Walker (Bottom), ? (Hermia), Paul Slack (Lysander), Fiona Gillies (Helena), Roger Moss (Demetrius), Nicholas Lumley (Peter Quince), Simeon Andrews (Flute), Nicholas Gecks (Snout), Mel Hastings (Snug), John Keenan (Starveling), John Keenan (Egeus)

1989 RST/1989 UK Tour/1989 Barbican: John Caird

Sue Blane (design); Alan Burrett (lighting); Ilona Sekacz (music)
Clare Higgins (Hippolyta/Titania), John Carlisle (Theseus/Oberon), Richard McCabe (Puck), David Troughton (Bottom), Amanda Bellamy (Hermia), Stephen Simms (Lysander), Sarah Crowden (Helena), Paul Lacoux (Demetrius), Paul Webster (Peter Quince), Graham Turner (Flute), David Shaw-Parker (Snout), Jimmy Gardner (Snug), Dhobi Oparei (Starveling), Russell Enoch (Egeus), Liza Hayden (First Fairy), Sharon Hinds, Polly Kemp, Jacqueline Leonard, Keith Gooze, Peter Hamilton Dyer, Neil Richardson (Fairies)

1994 RST/1995 Barbican/1996 US Tour (Kennedy Center, Washington; Lunt Fontanne Theater, New York, etc)/1996-97 Barbican, RST, UK Tour, International Tour (Japan, Australia and New Zealand): Adrian Noble
Anthony Ward (design); Chris Parry (lighting); Ilona Sekacz (music)
Stella Gonet/Lindsay Duncan/Amanda Harris (Hippolyta/Titania), Alex Jennings/Leigh Lawson (Theseus/Oberon), Barry Lynch/Ian Hughes (Puck), Desmond Barrit/Christopher Benjamin (Bottom), Emma Fielding/Monica Dolan/Katy Brittain (Hermia), Toby Stephens/Daniel Evans/John Lloyd Fillingham (Lysander), Haydn Gwynne/Emily Raymond/Rebecca Egan (Helena), Kevin Doyle/Matthew McFadyen (Demetrius), Philip Voss/John Kane/Bernard Lloyd (Peter Quince/Fairy), Daniel Evans/Mark Letheren (Flute/Fairy), Howard Crossley (Snout/Fairy), Kenn Sabberton (Snug/Fairy), Robert Gillespie (Starveling/Fairy), Alfred Burke (Egeus), Ann Hasson (First Fairy), Elaine Pyke, Jonathan Dean, Fiona Tong, Darren Roberts (Fairies)

1999 RST/1999-00 Barbican/2000 New York: Michael Boyd
Tom Piper (design); Chris Davey (lighting); John Woolf (music)

Josette Simon (Hippolyta/Titania), Nicholas Jones (Theseus/Oberon), Aidan McArdle (Puck), Daniel Ryan (Bottom), Catherine Kanter (Hermia), Fergus O’Donnell (Lysander), Hermione Gulliford (Helena), Henry Ian Cusick (Demetrius), Peter Kelly (Peter Quince), Orlando Wells (Flute), Rod Arthur (Snout), Andrew Dennis (Snug), David Hobbs (Starveling), Geoffrey Whitehead (Egeus), Sirine Saba (Peaseblossom), Kemi Baruwa (Cobweb), Rebecca Lenkiewicz (Moth), Mary Duddy (Mustardseed), Ben Elliot, Farimang Singhateh (Fairies)

2001 (March/April) Barbican Hall: Jonathan Bates (co-production with the City of London Sinfonia, to mark the CLS’s 30th anniversary, integrating Shakespeare’s text with Mendelssohn’s complete score of 1843)
Richard Hickox (conductor). Nina Garner (design)
Samantha Bond (Titania/Hippolyta), Alex Jennings (Oberon/Oberon), Ian Hughes (Puck), Desmond Barrit (Bottom), Mali Harries (Hermia), David Tennant (Lysander/Flute), Emily Raymond (Helena), Adam Levy (Demetrius/Snug), Paul Greenwood (Peter Quince), Robert Gillespie (Starveling)

2002 RST/2002 Barbican and UK Tour: Richard Jones
Giles Cadle (set), Nicky Gillibrand (costumes); Matthew Richardson (lighting); Jonathan Dove (music)
Yolanda Vazquez (Titania), Priyanga Elan (Hippolyta), Tim McMullan (Oberon), Peter Lindford (Theseus), Dominic Cooper (Puck), Darrell D’Silva (Bottom), Gabrielle Jourdan (Hermia), Michael Colgan (Lysander), Nikki Amuka-Bird (Helena), Paul Chequer (Demetrius), Martin Savage (Peter Quince), Richard Dempsey (Flute), Gareth Farr (Snout), Dale Rapley (Snug), Steven Beard (Starveling), Steven Beard (Egeus), Michele Wade (First Fairy), Meredith MacNeill (Peaseblossom), Stephen Wight (Cobweb), Fergus Craig (Moth), Oliver Maltman (Mustardseed), Fergus Craig (Philostrate)

2005 RST/2006 Novello: Gregory Doran
Stephen Brimson Lewis (design); Tim Mitchell (lighting); Paul Englishby (music)
Amanda Harris (Titania), Bridgitta Roy (Hippolyta), Joe Dixon (Oberon), Miles Richardson (Theseus), Jonathan Slinger (Puck), Malcolm Storry (Bottom), Sinead Keenan (Hermia), Trystan Gravelle (Lysander), Caitlin Mottram (Helena), Oscar Pearce (Demetrius), Paul Chahidi (Quince), Jamie Ballard (Flute), David Rogers (Snout), Edward Clayton (Snug), Patrick Waldron (Starveling), Tom Hodgkins (Egeus), Bettrys Jones (First Fairy), Peter Bankole (Fairy), Alice Barclay (Fairy), Geoffrey Lumb (Fairy), Chris McGill (Fairy)

For a gallery of nearly 200 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Much Ado about Nothing

1961 RST: Michael Langham
Desmond Heeley (design); Maurice Daniels (lighting); Louis Applebaum (music)
Geraldine McEwan (Beatrice), Christopher Plummer (Benedick), Noel Willman (Don Pedro), Ian Richardson (Don John), Jill Dixon (Hero), Barry Warren (Claudio), Newton Blick (Dogberry), Redmond Phillips (Leonato), Tony Church (Antonio), David Buck (Borachio), Gordon Gostelow (Conrade), Peter Holmes (Friar Francis), Julian Battersby (Sexton), Clifford Rose (Verges), Maroussia Frank (Margaret), Rosalind Knight (Ursula), Ronald Scott-Dodd (Balthasar), William Wallis (First Watch), Terry Wale (Second Watch), Richard Barr (Third Watch), Gareth Morgan (Villager)

1968 RST/1969 US Tour (Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc)/1969 Aldwych: Trevor Nunn
Christopher Morley (design); John Bradley (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Janet Suzman (Beatrice), Alan Howard (Benedick), Norman Rodway/Anthony Bate (Don Pedro), Terrence Hardiman/Clifford Rose (Don John), Helen Mirren (Hero), Bernard Lloyd (Claudio), David Waller (Dogberry), Sebastian Shaw (Leonato), George Cormack (Antonio), Patrick Stewart (Borachio), Ben Kingsley (Conrade), Julian Curry (Friar Francis), Richard Simpson (Sexton), Clifford Rose/Richard Simpson (Verges), Susan Fleetwood/Sara Kestelman (Margaret), Rowena Cooper (Ursula), John Shrapnel (Balthasar), Bruce Myers (First Watch), Peter Gordon (Second Watch) Gareth Thomas (Soldier)

1971 RST/1971 Aldwych: Ronald Eyre
Voytek (design); Barry Griffiths (lighting); Carl Davis (music)
Elizabeth Spriggs (Beatrice), Derek Godfrey (Benedick), Jeffery Dench (Don Pedro), Richard Pasco (Don John), Alison Fiske (Hero), Roger Rees (Claudio), Peter Woodthorpe (Dogberry), Tony Church (Leonato), Gordon Gostelow (Antonio), Morgan Sheppard (Borachio), Anthony Pedley (Conrade), Peter Geddis (Friar Francis), Gordon Reid (Sexton), Sydney Bromley (Verges), Polly James (Margaret), Anne Dyson (Ursula), Adrian Harman (Balthasar), Geoffrey Hutchings, Michael Williams (Officers/The Watch), Judi Dench, Lynn Dearth, Janet Whiteside (Ladies), Denis Holmes (Steward)

1976 RST/1977 Aldwych: John Barton
John Napier (design); Clive Morris (lighting); James Walker (music)
Judi Dench (Beatrice), Donald Sinden (Benedick), Robin Ellis (Don Pedro), Ian McDiarmid (Don John), Cherie Lunghi (Hero), Richard Durden (Claudio), John Woodvine (Dogberry), Ivan Beavis (Leonato), Dennis Clinton (Antonio), Bob Peck (Borachio), Brian Coburn (Conrade), John Bown (Friar Francis), Keith Taylor/David Lyon (Sexton), Norman Tyrrell (Verges), Eliza Ward (Margaret), Marilyn Taylerson (Ursula), Jacob Witkin (Balthasar), Greg Hicks, Clyde Pollitt, Paul Whitworth (The Watch), Pippa Guard, Marjorie Bland, Susan Dury (Maids)

1979 Small-scale Tour/1980 Warehouse: Howard Davies
Chris Dyer (design); Brian Wigney (lighting); Stephen Oliver (music)
Charlotte Cornwell (Beatrice), Kenneth Colley (Benedick), Clive Merrison (Don Pedro), Donald Sumpter (Don John), Jill Baker (Hero), Hugh Fraser (Claudio), Alun Armstrong (Dogberry), Fred Pearson (Leonato), Kenny Ireland (Antonio), Colin McCormack (Borachio), David John (Conrade), Roger Sloman (Friar Francis/Watch), John Rogan (Verges), Jane Carr (Margaret), Matyelok Gibbs (Ursula), Andrew Dickson (Balthasar/Watch)

1982 RST/1983-84 Barbican/1984 International Tour (Paris, Los Angeles, New York, etc): Terry Hands
Ralph Koltai (design), Alexander Reid (costumes); Terry Hands, Clive Morris (lighting); Nigel Hess (music)
Sinead Cusack (Beatrice), Derek Jacobi (Benedick), Derek Godfrey/Ken Bones (Don Pedro), John Carlisle (Don John), Joanna Foster/Clare Byam Shaw (Hero), Robert O’Mahoney (Claudio), Terry Wood/Christopher Benjamin (Dogberry), Edward Jewesbury (Leonato), Jeffery Dench (Antonio), Ken Bones/Geoffrey Freshwater (Borachio), David Troughton/Richard Clifford (Conrade), George Parsons (Friar Francis), Ray Llewellyn (Sexton), Jimmy Gardner (Verges), Christine Kavanagh/Josette Simon/Alexandra Brook (Margaret), Katy Behean/Cathy Finlay (Ursula), Philip Dennis (Balthasar), Albie Woodington (George Seacoal), William Haden (Hugh Oatcake), Christopher Bowen (First Watch), David Shaw-Parker (Fourth Watch), Josette Simon/Cathy Finlay/Jayne Tottman (Josetta)

1986-87 Small-scale Tour: Ron Daniels
Di Seymour (design); Geraint Pughe (lighting); Jeremy Sams (music)
Fiona Shaw (Beatrice), Nigel Terry (Benedick), Martin Turner (Don Pedro), Simon Dutton (Don John), Jacqueline Dankworth (Hero), Paul Rhys (Claudio), Dick Brannick (Dogberry), Paul Webster (Leonato), Norman Henry (Antonio), John Bowler (Borachio), William Chubb (Conrade), David Summer (Friar Francis/Sexton/First Watch), Paul McLeary (Verges), Susan Harper-Browne (Margaret), Rachel Joyce (Ursula), Rupert Holliday Evans (Balthasar/Second Watch)

1988 RST: Di Trevis
Mark Thompson (design); Mark Henderson (lighting); Dominic Muldowney (music)
Maggie Steed (Beatrice), Clive Merrison (Benedick), David Lyon (Don Pedro), Robert Demeger (Don John), Julia Ford (Hero), Ralph Fiennes (Claudio), David Waller (Dogberry), Antony Brown (Leonato), Raymond Bowers (Antonio), Roger Watkins (Borachio), Patrick Robinson (Conrade), Edward Harbour (Friar Francis/Watch), Darryl Forbes-Dawson (Sexton), Jeffrey Segal (Verges), Denise Armon (Margaret), Catherine Harding (Ursula), Kenn Sabberton (Balthasar), Simon Dormandy (Hugh Oatcake), Jo James (Watch)

1990 RST/1991 Barbican: Bill Alexander

Kit Surrey (design); Brian Harris (lighting); Ilona Sekacz (music)
Susan Fleetwood (Beatrice), Roger Allam (Benedick), John Carlisle (Don Pedro), Vincent Regan (Don John), Alex Kingston (Hero), John McAndrew (Claudio), George Raistrick (Dogberry), Paul Webster (Leonato), Trevor Martin (Antonio), Ken Shorter (Borachio), Dominic Mafham (Conrade), Mike Dowling/Alec Linstead (Friar Francis), Bill McGuirk (Sexton), Arnold Yarrow (Verges), Mary Chater (Margaret), Andrea Wray/Lucy Slater (Ursula), Jamie Hinde (Balthasar), Andrew Havill (George Seacoal), Marston Bloom (Hugh Oatcake), Anthony Skordi (Watch), Lucy Slater (Lady)

1996-97 RST/1998 Barbican: Michael Boyd
Tom Piper (design); Robert Bryan (lighting); Stanislas Syrewicz (music)
Siobhan Redmond (Beatrice), Alex Jennings (Benedick), Peter Wight (Don Pedro), Damian Lewis (Don John), Emily Bruni (Hero), Rhashan Stone (Claudio), Christopher Luscombe (Dogberry), Jeffry Wickham (Leonato), David Glover (Antonio), Patrick Baladi (Borachio), Christopher Gee (Conrade), Patrice Naiambana (Friar Francis), Michael Healy (Sexton), Toby Longworth (Verges), Elli Garnett (Margaret), Deirdra Morris (Ursula), Richard Cant (Balthasar), Ignatius Anthony (George Seacoal), Shuna Snow (Hugh Oatcake), Crispian Belfrage (Francis Leathercoat), Jane McFarlane (Lady with Cello)

2002 RST/2002 Theatre Royal Haymarket: Gregory Doran
Stephen Brimson Lewis (design); Tim Mitchell (lighting); Paul Englishby (music)

Harriet Walter (Beatrice), Nicholas Le Prevost (Benedick), Clive Wood (Don Pedro), Stephen Campbell-Moore (Don John), Kirsten Parker (Hero), John Hopkins (Claudio), Christopher Benjamin (Dogberry), Gary Waldhorn (Leonato), Trevor Martin (Antonio), John Killoran (Borachio), Ian Drysdale (Conrade), William Whymper (Friar Francis), Julien Bell (Sexton), Simon Scott (Verges), Sarah Ball (Margaret), Noma Dumezweni (Ursula), Cristina Barreiro (Innogen), Julian Jensen (Balthasar), Steve Sarossy (First Watchman), Israel Aduramo (Second Watchman), Ross Waiton (Third Watchman)

2006 Swan (Complete Works Festival)/2006-07 Novello: Marianne Elliott
Lez Brotherston (design); Neil Austin (lighting); Olly Fox (music); Chris Shut (sound); Sarah Gorman (movement)
Tamsin Greig (Beatrice), Joseph Millson (Benedick), Patrick Robinson (Don Pedro), Jonny Weir (Don John), Morven Christie (Hero), Adam Rayner (Claudio), Bette Bourne (Dogberry), Nicholas Day (Leonato), Leon Tanner (Antonio), Jamie Ballard (Borachio), Geoffrey Lumb (Conrade), Patrick Romer (Friar Francis), John Heffernan (Sexton), Steven Beard (Verges), Amy Brown (Margaret), Caroline Wildi (Ursula), Yvette Rochester-Duncan (Balthasar), Sam O’Mahony-Adams (Watch), Curtis Flowers (Watch), Christopher Davies (Watch), Shane Frater (Watch), Somon Bubb (Messenger)

For a gallery of over 100 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to


1961 RST: Franco Zeffirelli
Franco Zeffirelli (sets), Peter J. Hall (costumes); Brian Priestman (music); John Barton (fights)
John Gielgud (Othello), Ian Bannen (Iago), Dorothy Tutin (Desdemona), Peggy Ashcroft (Emilia), Brian Murray (Cassio), Paul Hardwick (Roderigo), Newton Blick (Brabantio), Clifford Rose (Gratiano), David Buck (Montano), Colin Blakely (Duke of Venice), Tony Church (Lodovico), Patsy Byrne (Bianca), Gareth Morgan (Montano Officer), William Wallis (Soldier)

1971 RST/1972 Japanese Tour/1972 Aldwych: John Barton
Julia Trevelyan Oman (design); John Bradley/Brian Harris (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Brewster Mason (Othello), Emrys James (Iago), Lisa Harrow (Desdemona), Elizabeth Spriggs/Heather Canning (Emilia), David Calder (Cassio), Roger Rees (Roderigo), Jeffery Dench/Denis Holmes (Brabantio), Michael Shannon (Gratiano), Anthony Langdon (Montano), Morgan Sheppard (Duke of Venice), Anthony Pedley (Lodovico), Lynn Dearth (Bianca), Alison Fiske (Gentlewoman), Miles Anderson (Soldier), Bernard Lloyd (Second Officer), Ted Valentine (Senetor), Jeremy Sinden/Nickolas Grace (Venetian Officer)

1979 RST/1980 Aldwych: Ronald Eyre
Pamela Howard (design); Brian Harris (lighting); Stephen Oliver (music)
Donald Sinden (Othello), Bob Peck (Iago), Suzanne Bertish (Desdemona), Susan Tracy (Emilia), James Laurenson (Cassio), John McEnery (Roderigo), Jeffery Dench (Brabantio), Norman Tyrrell (Gratiano), Gareth Thomas (Montano), Willoughby Goddard (Duke of Venice), Jeffery Dench (Lodovico), Shirley King (Bianca), Cathryn Harrison (Gentlewoman)

1985 RST/1986 Barbican: Terry Hands
Ralph Koltai (sets), Alexander Reid (costumes); Terry Hands, Clive Morris (lighting); Nigel Hess (music)
Ben Kingsley (Othello), David Suchet (Iago), Niamh Cusack (Desdemona), Janet Dale (Emilia), Tom Mannion (Cassio), Gerard Logan (Roderigo), Joseph O’Conor (Brabantio), Paul Webster (Gratiano), Brian Horstead (Montano), Trevor Martin (Duke of Venice), Roger Llewellyn (Lodovico), Penny Ryder (Bianca), John Nolan (First Gentleman), Keith Osborn (Second Gentleman), Max Gold (Third Gentleman), Arnold Yarrow (Clown)

1989 TOP/1989 Young Vic: Trevor Nunn
Bob Crowley (design); Chris Parry, Robert A. Jones (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Willard White (Othello), Ian McKellen (Iago), Imogen Stubbs (Desdemona), Zoe Wannamaker (Emilia), Sean Baker (Cassio), Michael Grandage (Roderigo), Clive Swift (Brabantio/Gratiano), Philip Sully (Montano), John Burgess (Duke of Venice/Lodovico), Marsha Hunt (Bianca), Brian Lawson (First Senator), David Hounslow (First Cyprus Soldier)

1999 RST/1999-00 Barbican: Michael Attenborough
Robert Jones (design); Peter Mumford (lighting); George Fenton (music)
Ray Fearon (Othello), Richard McCabe (Iago), Zoe Waites (Desdemona), Rachel Joyce (Emilia), Henry Ian Cusick (Cassio), Aidan McArdle (Roderigo), Richard Cordery (Brabantio), Graeme Eton (Gratiano), Colin Mace (Montano), Geoffrey Whitehead (Duke of Venice) Peter Reeves (Lodovico), Catherine Kanter (Bianca), Graham Ingle (First Senator), Andrew Bone (Second Senator), John Sackville (First Soldier), Ben Elliot (First Messenger), Orlando Wells (Second Messenger)

2004 Swan/2004 Japanese Tour/2004 Trafalgar Studios at the Whitehall: Gregory Doran
Stephen Brimson Lewis (design); Tim Mitchell (lighting); Adrian Lee (music)
Sello Maake ka-Ncube (Othello), Antony Sher (Iago), Lisa Dillon (Desdemona), Amanda Harris (Emilia), Justin Avoth (Cassio), Mark Lockyer (Roderigo), Ken Bones (Brabantio/Gratiano), Charles Abomeli (Montano), Clifford Rose (Duke of Venice) Vincent Brimble (Lodovico), Nathalie Armin (Bianca), Edward Clayton (Senator), Barry Aird, Peter Bramhill, Jonathan Duff, Paul O’Mahony (Soldiers), Viss Elliot (Lady)

For a gallery of over 100 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to


1969 RST: Terry Hands
Timothy O’Brien (design); John Bradley (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Ian Richardson (Pericles), Susan Fleetwood (Marina/Thaisa), Emrys James (Gower/Helicanus), Morgan Sheppard (Antiochus/Boult), Derek Smith (Simonides), Brenda Bruce (Dionyza/Bawd), David Bailie (Lysimachus), Geoffrey Hutchings (Cleon), Juliet Ackroyd (Diana), Roger Rees (Patchbreech/Lord), Sydney Bromley (Cerimon), Denis Holmes (Fisherman), Basil Clarke (Philemon), Alton Kumalo (Leonine/Thaliard), Janet Henfrey (Lycorida)

1979 TOP/1980 Warehouse: Ron Daniels
Chris Dyer (design); Leo Leibovici (lighting); Stephen Oliver (music)
Peter McEnery (Pericles), Julie Peasgood (Marina), Griffith Jones (Gower), Emily Richard (Thaisa), Jeffery Dench (Antiochus/First Gentleman/A Pander), Hubert Rees (Simonides), John Matshikiza (Boult/First Knight), Suzanne Bertish (Dionyza/Diana), Heather Canning (Lycorida/Bawd), Peter Clough (Lysimachus), Nigel Terry (Cleon/First Mariner), Clyde Pollitt (Cerimon/First Fisherman), Robert Gwilym (Philemon/Leonine/Sailor), Neil Phillips (Thaliard)

1989 Swan/1990 Pit: David Thacker
Fran Thompson (design); Jimmy Simmons (lighting); Mark Vibrans (music)
Nigel Terry/Rob Edwards (Pericles), Suzan Sylvester (Marina), Rudolph Walker (Gower), Sally Edwards (Thaisa/Diana), Michael Cadman (Antiochus/Sailor/A Pander), Russell Dixon (Simonides/Boult), Jane Maud (Dionyza), Helen Blatch (Bawd/Cerimon), Rob Edwards/Ade Sapara (Lysimachus), Randal Herley (Helicanus), Peter Theedom (Cleon), Ian Driver (Philemon), Harry Miller (Leonine), Niall Refoy (Thaliard), Steven Waddington (Prince/Citizen/Fisherman), Dennis Clinton (Fisherman), Daniel Ryan (Prince/Knight/Citizen)

2002 Roundhouse/2002 RST: Adrian Noble
Peter McKintosh (design); Jean Kalman (lighting); Shaun Davey (music)
Ray Fearon (Pericles), Kananu Kirimi (Marina), Brian Protheroe (Gower), Lauren Ward (Thaisa), Geff Francis (Antiochus), Rolf Saxon (Simonides), Myra Lucretia Taylor (Dionyza), Simon Gregor (Boult), Olwen May (Bawd), Tom Beard (Lysimachus), Roger Frost (Helicanus), Keith Bartlett (Cleon), Jude Akuwudike (Cerimon), Gracy G. Goldman (Philemon), James Telfer (Leonine), James Staddon (Thaliard), Sirine Saba (Prostitute), Fiona Lait (Prostitute/Diana), Felix Dexter (Messenger/Fisherman), Alan Turkington (Knight), Jerome Willis (Fisherman)

2006-07 Swan (Complete Works Festival): Dominic Cooke

Mike Britton (design); Chris Davey (lighting); Gary Yershon (music); Carolyn Downing (sound); Liz Ranken (movement); Terry King (fights)
Lucian Msamati (Pericles), Ony Uhiara (Marina), Joseph Mydell (Gower), Kate Fleetwood (Thaisa), Clarence Smith (Antiochus), Richard Moore (Simonides), Frances Ashman (Dionyza), Richard Katz (Boult), Linda Bassett (Bawd), Nigel Cooke (Lysimachus), Ben Onwukwe (Helicanus), Daniel Dalton (Athenian King), Michelle Terry (Philemon), Amanda Daniels (Lychorida), Robin Lawrence (Master Fisherman), Trystan Gravelle (2nd Fisherman), Simon Harrison (Corinthian Knight), Maynard Eziashi (1st Tyre Lord), Ashley Rolfe (Spartan Lord), Jason Barnett, Nyasha Hatendi, Mark Theodore (Antiochus’s Followers)

For a gallery of about 50 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Richard II

1964 RST: Peter Hall, John Barton, Clifford Williams

John Bury (settings, costumes), Ann Curtis (costumes); Guy Woolfenden (music)
David Warner (Richard II), Eric Porter (Bolingbroke), Charles Thomas (Aumerle), Paul Hardwick (York), David Waller (Northumberland), Roy Dotrice (Harry Percy), Roy Dotrice (John of Gaunt), Deborah Stanford (Isabel), Madoline Thomas (Duchess of Gloucester), Patience Collier (Duchess of York), John Corvin (Lord Willoughby), William Squire (Mowbray), Derek Waring (Bagot), David Hargreaves (Bushy), Jeffery Dench (Green), Michael Rose (Bishop of Carlisle), Michael Rose (Salisbury), Philip Brack (Exton), Malcolm Webster (First Gardener), Tim Wylton (Second Gardener), Gareth Morgan (Welsh Captain), Peter Geddis (Groom)

1971 RST and Theatregoround: John Barton
Ann Curtis (design); John Bradley (lighting)
Richard Pasco (Richard II), Morgan Sheppard (Bolingbroke), Gordon Reid (Aumerle), Gordon Gostelow (York), Richard Mayes (Northumberland), Matthew Robertson (Henry Percy/Green), Anthony Langdon (John of Gaunt/Salisbury), Lisa Harrow (Isabel), Anne Dyson (Duchess of Gloucester), Elizabeth Spriggs (Duchess of York), Denis Holmes (Lord Willoughby/Bishop of Carlisle), Don Henderson (Mowbray), Ted Valentine (Bushy), Michael Rose (Salisbury), Roger Rees (Exton), Janet Whiteside (Lady)

1973 RST/1974 US Tour/1974 RST/1974 Aldwych: John Barton
Timothy O’Brien, Tazeena Firth (design); David Hersey (lighting); James Walker (music adaptation)

Richard Pasco or Ian Richardson (Richard II), Ian Richardson or Richard Pasco (Bolingbroke), Nickolas Grace/Jonathan Kent (Aumerle), Sebastian Shaw (York), Clement McCallin (Northumberland), John Abbott/Julian Barnes (Harry Percy), Tony Church/Clement McCallin (John of Gaunt), Janet Chappell (Isabel), Janet Whiteside (Duchess of Gloucester), Beatrix Lehmann/Hilda Braid (Duchess of York), Gavin Campbell (Lord Willoughby), Denis Holmes (Mowbray/First Gardener), Robert Ashby/Michael Ensign (Bushy), Ray Armstrong (Green), Brian Glover (Bishop of Carlisle), Richard Mayes (Salisbury), Anthony Pedley (Exton), Peter Machin (Second Gardener), Wilfred Grove (Third Gardener), David Suchet (Soldier), Louise Jameson (Lady)

1980 RST/1981 Aldwych: Terry Hands
Farrah (design); Terry Hands, Clive Morris (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Alan Howard (Richard II), David Suchet (Bolingbroke), Jonathan Hyde (Aumerle), Tony Church (York), Bruce Purchase (Northumberland), Chris Hunter (Harry Percy), Raymond Westwell (John of Gaunt), Domini Blythe (Isabel), Judith Harte/Avril Clark (Duchess of Gloucester), Eve Pearce (Duchess of York), Hugh Ross/Richard Cordery (Lord Willoughby), John Bowe (Mowbray), Gordon Dulieu (Bagot), Paul Webster (Bushy), Bille Brown (Green), Trevor Baxter (Bishop of Carlisle), Michael Siberry (Salisbury), Terry Wood (Exton), Dennis Clinton (Gardener), Jimmy Gardner (First Gardener’s Man), Sior Tudor-Owen (Welsh Captain)

1986 RST/1987 Barbican: Barry Kyle
William Dudley (design); Mark Henderson (lighting); Stephen Oliver (music)
Jeremy Irons (Richard II), Michael Kitchen (Bolingbroke), Paul Venables (Aumerle), Bernard Horsfall (York), Richard Easton (Northumberland), Nathaniel Parker (Harry Percy), Brewster Mason (John of Gaunt), Imogen Stubbs/Denica Fairman (Isabel), Eileen Page (Duchess of Gloucester), Rosalind Boxall (Duchess of York), Stan Pretty (Lord Willoughby), Richard Moore (Mowbray), Malcolm Hassall (Bagot), Raymond Bowers (Bushy), Robert Morgan (Green), Robert Demeger/John Burgess (Bishop of Carlisle), Dennis Edwards/Edward Jewesbury (Salisbury), John Patrick (Exton), Raymond Bowers (Gardener), Roger Watkins (Welsh Captain), Roger Moss (Groom), Jane Lancaster (Lady)

1990 RST/1991 Barbican: Ron Daniels
Antony McDonald (design); James F. Ingalls (lighting); Orlando Gough (music)
Alex Jennings (Richard II), Anton Lesser (Bolingbroke), Linus Roache/Peter De Jersey (Aumerle), David Waller/Bernard Lloyd (York), Paul Jesson (Northumberland), George Anton/Stephen Casey (Harry Percy), Alan MacNaughtan (John of Gaunt), Yolanda Vazquez/Valentina Yakunina (Isabel), Margaret Robertson (Duchess of Gloucester), Marjorie Yates (Duchess of York), Richard Avery (Lord Willoughby), Mike Dowling (Mowbray), Andrew Havill (Bagot), Dominic Mafham (Bushy), Vincent Regan (Green/Exton), John Bott (Bishop of Carlisle), Alec Linstead (Gardener), Jamie Hinde (His Man), John Hodgkinson (Welsh Captain), Callum Dixon (Groom), Lucy Slater, Rowena King (Ladies)

2000 TOP/2000-01 Pit: Steven Pimlott (‘This England: the Histories’)
Sue Willmington (design), David Fielding (environment design); Simon Kemp (lighting); Jason Carr (music)
Samuel West (Richard II), David Troughton (Bolingbroke), Alexis Daniel (Aumerle), David Killick (York), Christopher Saul (Northumberland), Adam Levy (Harry Percy), Alfred Burke (John of Gaunt/Gardener), Catherine Walker (Isabel), Janet Whiteside (Duchess of Gloucester/Duchess of York), Sam Cox (Lord Willoughby), Paul Greenwood (Mowbray/Bishop of Carlisle), Dickon Tyrrell (Bagot), Paul McEwan (Bushy/Exton), William Buckhurst (Green), William Whymper (Salisbury/Westminster), Tim Treloar (Welsh Captain)

For a gallery of nearly 100 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Richard III

1961 RST: William Gaskill
Jocelyn Herbert, Sally Jacobs (design); Richard Pilbrow (lighting); Marc Wilkinson (music); John Barton (fights)
Christopher Plummer (Richard III), Eric Porter (Buckingham), Peter McEnery (Clarence), Colin Blakely (Hastings), Edith Evans (Margaret), Jill Dixon (Lady Anne), Elizabeth Sellars (Elizabeth), Esme Church (Duchess of York), Tony Church (Edward IV), Gordon Gostelow (Norfolk/First Murderer), David Buck (Oxford), Russell Hunter (Blunt/Second Murderer), Julian Battersby (Archbishop of Canterbury/Surrey), Clifford Rose (Bishop of Ely/Brakenbury), Redmond Phillips (Stanley), Michael Murray (Earl Rivers), Peter Holmes (Marquis of Dorset), Gareth Morgan (Grey), Paul Bailey (Lord Lovel), James Kerry (Ratcliffe), Ian Richardson (Catesby), David Buck (Tyrell), William Wallis (Mayor of London), Brian Murray (Richmond)

1963 RST/1964 Aldwych/1964 RST: Peter Hall, with John Barton and Frank Evans (performed with a two part adapatation of Henry VI as ‘The Wars of the Roses’)
John Barton (adaptation). John Bury (design); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Ian Holm (Richard III), Tom Fleming/William Squire (Buckingham), Charles Kay (Clarence), Hugh Sullivan (Hastings), Peggy Ashcroft (Margaret), Janet Suzman (Lady Anne), Susan Engel (Elizabeth), Madoline Thomas (Duchess of York), Roy Dotrice (Edward IV), Philip Brack (Norfolk/Second Murderer), Michael Murray (Oxford), Jolyon Booth (Bishop of Ely), Jeffery Dench (Stanley), Roy Marsden (Earl Rivers), John Hussey (Ratcliffe), Ian McCulloch/Charles Thomas (Catesby), Brian Harrison (Tyrell), Robert Jennings (Brakenbury), Ken Wynne (Mayor of London), Clifford Rose (First Murderer), Derek Waring/Eric Porter (Richmond), Penelope Keith (Mayor’s Wife), John Normington (Citizen)

1970 RST: Terry Hands
Farrah (design); John Bradley (lighting)
Norman Rodway (Richard III), Ian Richardson (Buckingham), Terrence Hardiman (Clarence/Mayor of London), Barry Stanton (Hastings), Sheila Burrell (Margaret), Helen Mirren (Lady Anne), Brenda Bruce (Elizabeth), Eileen Beldon (Duchess of York), Patrick Stewart (Edward IV), Sara Kestelman (Jane Shore)

1975 TOP: Barry Kyle
John Napier (design)
Ian Richardson (Richard III), Tony Church (Buckingham/Richmond), George Baker (Clarence/Mayor of London), Bob Peck (Hastings), Brenda Bruce (Margaret), Celia Bannerman (Lady Anne), Barbara Leigh-Hunt (Elizabeth), Jeffery Dench (Edward IV/Tyrell), Gareth Armstrong (Oxford/Brackenbury/Grey), Christopher Saul (Bishop of Ely/Earl Rivers), Griffith Jones (Stanley), Terence Wilton (Ratcliffe/Murderer), Charles Dance (Catesby/Murderer), Ann Hasson (Jane Shore)

1980 RST/1981 Aldwych: Terry Hands
Farrah (design); Terry Hands, Clive Morris (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Alan Howard (Richard III), Derek Godfrey (Buckingham), Richard Pasco (Clarence), Bruce Purchase (Hastings), Barbara Leigh-Hunt (Margaret), Sinead Cusack (Lady Anne), Domini Blythe (Elizabeth), Judith Harte/Marjorie Yates (Duchess of York), David Suchet (Edward IV), John Carlisle (Bishop of Ely), Trevor Baxter (Stanley), Brett Usher (Earl Rivers), Peter Settelen (Marquis of Dorset), Rob Edwards (Grey), Bille Brown (Lord Lovel), John Bowe (Ratcliffe), Tom Wilkinson (Catesby), Arthur Kohn (Tyrell), Paul Webster/David Bradley (Brakenbury), Shay Gorman (Mayor of London), James Hazeldine (First Murderer), Joe Melia (Second Murderer), Jonathan Hyde (Richmond), Judy Buxton/Catherine Riding (Jane Shore), Felicity Dean (A Woman)

1984 RST/1985 Barbican/1986 Australian Tour: Bill Alexander
William Dudley (design); Leo Leibovici (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Antony Sher (Richard III), Malcolm Storry/Christopher Ravenscroft (Buckingham), Roger Allam/Jim Hooper (Clarence), Brian Blessed/Pete Postlethwaite/Geoffrey Freshwater (Hastings), Patricia Routledge (Margaret), Penny Downie/Caroline Goodall (Lady Anne), Frances Tomelty/Penelope Beaumont (Elizabeth), Yvonne Coulette (Duchess of York), Harold Innocent/John Carlisle (Edward IV), Andrew Jarvis (Norfolk), Steven Pinner (Oxford), Donald McKillop (Bishop of Ely), Peter Miles (Stanley), Adam Bareham/Stephen Simms (Earl Rivers), Andrew Hall (Marquis of Dorset), Andy Readman/Nicholas Bell (Grey/Surrey), Ian McKenzie (Ratcliffe), Simon Templeman (Catesby), Jim Hooper (Tyrell), Paul Gregory (Brakenbury), Norman Henry (Mayor of London), Brian Parr (First Murderer), Sion Probert (Second Murderer), Christopher Ravenscroft (Richmond), Sarah Woodward (Lady)

1988 RST/1989 Barbican: Adrian Noble (performed with a two-part adaptation of Henry VI as ‘The Plantagenets’)
Bob Crowley (design); Chris Parry (lighting); Edward Gregson (music)
Anton Lesser (Richard III), Oliver Cotton (Buckingham), David Morrissey (Clarence), Edward Peel (Hastings), Penny Downie (Margaret), Geraldine Alexander (Lady Anne), Joanne Pearce (Elizabeth), Marjorie Yates (Duchess of York), Ken Bones (Edward IV), Jason Watkins (Norfolk/Brakenbury), Jeffrey Segal (Bishop of Ely), Darryl Forbes-Dawson/Robert Demeger (Stanley), Edward Harbour (Earl Rivers), Jo James/Kenn Sabberton (Marquis of Dorset), Kevin Doyle (Grey), Mark Hadfield (Lovel), Richard Bremmer (Ratcliffe), Patrick Robinson (Catesby), Raymond Bowers (Tyrell/Mayor of London), Simon Dormandy (Richmond), Ralph Fiennes (Ghost of Henry VI), Kenn Sabberton (Messenger), Cissy Collins (Citizen)

1992 TOP/1992-93 Small-scale Tour (Donmar Warehouse, London; Tokyo; Rotterdam, etc.)/1993 Swan: Sam Mendes

Tim Hatley (design); Paul Pyant (lighting); Paddy Cunneen (music)
Simon Russell Beale/Ciaran Hinds (Richard III), Stephen Boxer (Buckingham), Simon Dormandy (Clarence/Ratcliffe), Christopher Hunter (Hastings/Second Murderer), Cherry Morris (Margaret), Annabelle Apsion (Lady Anne), Kate Duchene (Elizabeth), Ellie Haddington (Duchess of York), Mike Dowling (Edward IV), Mark Benton (Bishop of Ely/Marquis of Dorset/First Murderer), Sam Graham (Stanley/Brakenbury), Michael Packer (Earl Rivers/Tyrell), Mark Lewis Jones (Grey/Richmond), Daniel Ryan (Catesby)

1995 RST/1996 Barbican: Steven Pimlott
Tobias Hoheisel (design); Hugh Vanstone (lighting); Jason Carr (music)
David Troughton (Richard III), John Nettles (Buckingham), Michael Siberry (Clarence), Paul Bentall (Hastings), Cherry Morris (Margaret), Jennifer Ehle/Rachel Sanders (Lady Anne), Susan Brown (Elizabeth), Diana Coupland (Duchess of York), Robin Nedwell (Edward IV/Mayor of London), Victor Spinetti (Archbisop of Canterbury), Clifford Rose (Stanley), Robert Arnold (Earl Rivers), SimonChadwick (Marquis of Dorset), Justin Shevlin/Orlando Seale (Grey), Lionel Guyett (Ratcliffe), Mark Bazeley (Catesby), Don Gallagher (Tyrell), Robert Lister (Brakenbury), Paul Bettany (Richmond), Paul Hilton (Second Murderer), Rachel Sanders (Jane Shore)

1998 RST/1998 Savoy: Elijah Moshinsky
Rob Howell (design); Peter Mumford (lighting); Corin Buckeridge (music)

Robert Lindsay (Richard III), David Yelland (Buckingham), Kevin McMonagle (Clarence), Robert East (Hastings), Anna Carteret (Margaret), Rachel Power (Lady Anne), Sian Thomas (Elizabeth), Dilys Hamlett (Duchess of York), Benny Young (Edward IV), David Semark (Norfolk), Russell Gomer (Bishop of Ely), David Killick (Stanley), Dickon Tyrrell (Earl Rivers/Tyrell), Jon Fenner (Marquis of Dorset), Jo Stone-Fewings (Grey/Richmond), Tom Bowles (Catesby), Charles Baillie (Brakenbury)

2001 Swan/2001 Young Vic: Michael Boyd (‘This England: the Histories’)
Tom Piper (design); Heather Carson (lighting); James Jones (music)
Aidan McArdle (Richard III), Richard Cordery (Buckingham), Rhashan Stone (Clarence), David Beames (Hastings), Fiona Bell (Margaret), Aislin McGuckin (Lady Anne), Elaine Pyke (Elizabeth), Deirdra Morris (Duchess of York), Tom Beard (Edward IV), John Kane (Bishop of Ely), Keith Bartlett (Stanley), Richard Dillane (Earl Rivers), Robert Barton (Grey), Gavin Marshall (Ratcliffe), James Tucker (Catesby), Jake Nightingale (Tyrell), Philip Brook (Mayor of London), Sam Troughton (Richmond)

2003 RST: Sean Holmes
Anthony Lamble (design); Tim Mitchell (lighting); Adrian Lee (music)
Henry Goodman (Richard III), Malcolm Sinclair (Buckingham), Ian Gelder (Clarence), Michael Hadley (Hastings), Sheila Reid (Margaret), Lisa Stevenson (Lady Anne), Maureen Beattie (Elizabeth), Cherry Morris (Duchess of York), David Fielder (Edward IV/Norfolk), Tom Anderson (Bishop of Ely/First Murderer), James Hayes (Stanley), John Killoran (Earl Rivers), David Peart (Grey/Lord Mayor), John Lightbody (Ratcliffe), John Lloyd Fillingham (Catesby), Bradley Freegard (Richmond/Brakenbury)

2007 Courtyard (Complete Works Festival, re-working of 2001): Michael Boyd
Tom Piper (design); Heather Carson (lighting); John Woolf, James Jones (music); Andrea J. Cox (sound); Liz Ranken (movement); Terry King (fights)
Jonathan Slinger (Richard III), Richard Cordery (Buckingham), James Tucker (Clarence), Tom Hodgkins (Hastings), Katy Stephens (Margaret), Hannah Barrie (Lady Anne), Ann Ogbomo (Elizabeth), Maureen Beattie (Duchess of York), Forbes Masson (Edward IV), Miles Richardson (Bishop of Ely), Keith Bartlett (Stanley), Geoffrey Streatfeild (Earl Rivers), Chris McGill (Grey), Matt Constain (Ratcliffe), Julius D’Silva (Catesby), John MacKay (Tyrell), Kieran Hill (Mayor of London), Roger Watkins (Archbishop of York), Paul Hamilton (Oxford), Geoffrey Freshwater (Scrivenor), Lex Shrapnel (Richmond), Antony Bunsee (Brackenbury), Keith Dunphy (Lovell), Nicholas Asbury (Murderer), Chuk Iwuji (Ghost of Henry VI), Clive Wood (Ghost of York), Patrice Naiambana (Ghost of Warwick), Wela Frasier (Lord Mayor’s Attendant), Alexia Healy (as cast)

For a gallery of over 150 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Romeo and Juliet

1961 RST: Peter Hall
Sean Kenny (sets), Desmond Heeley (costumes); John Wyckham (lighting); Raymond Leppard (music); John Barton (fights)
Brian Murray (Romeo), Dorothy Tutin (Juliet), Ian Bannen (Mercutio), Peter McEnery (Tybalt), James Kerry (Benvolio), Edith Evans (Nurse), Max Adrian (Friar Lawrence), Newton Blick (Capulet), Cherry Morris (Lady Capulet), Michael Murray (Montague), Barry Warren (Paris), Tony Church (Chorus/Prince), Edith MaCarthur (Lady Montague), Gordon Gostelow (Apothecary), William Wallis (Potpan)

1967 RST: Karolos Koun
Timothy O’Brien (design); David Read (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music); John Barton (fights)
Ian Holm (Romeo), Estelle Kohler (Juliet), Norman Rodway (Mercutio), Ian Hogg (Tybalt), David Weston (Benvolio), Elizabeth Spriggs (Nurse), Sebastian Shaw (Friar Lawrence), Nicholas Selby (Capulet), Sheila Allen (Lady Capulet), Hector Ross (Montague), John Bell (Paris), Michael Jayston (Chorus), Jeffery Dench (Prince), Clare Kelly (Lady Montague), Richard Moore (Peter), Alton Kumalo (Paris’s Page), Bruce Myers (Servant), Helen Mirren, Don Henderson, Roger Lloyd Pack (Townspeople)

1973 RST: Terry Hands
Farrah (design); John Bradley (lighting); Ian Kellam (music)
Timothy Dalton (Romeo), Estelle Kohler (Juliet), Bernard Lloyd (Mercutio), David Suchet (Tybalt), Peter Machin (Benvolio), Beatrix Lehmann (Nurse), Tony Church (Friar Lawrence), Jeffery Dench (Capulet), Brenda Bruce (Lady Capulet), Richard Mayes (Montague), Anthony Pedley (Paris), Clement McCallin (Chorus/Prince), Janet Whiteside (Lady Montague), Brian Glover (Peter), Nickolas Grace (Balthasar), Denis Holmes (Old Capulet)

1976 RST/1977 Aldwych: Trevor Nunn with Barry Kyle
Chris Dyer (design); Clive Morris (lighting); Stephen Oliver (music)
Ian McKellen (Romeo), Francesca Annis (Juliet), Michael Pennington (Mercutio), Paul Shelley (Tybalt), Roger Rees (Benvolio), Marie Kean (Nurse), David Waller (Friar Lawrence), John Woodvine (Capulet), Barbara Shelley (Lady Capulet), Ivan Beavis (Montague), Richard Durden (Paris), John Bown (Chorus), Griffith Jones (Prince), Judith Harte (Lady Montague), Richard Griffiths (Peter), Greg Hicks (Balthasar), Duncan Preston (Abraham), Peter Woodward (Page), Dennis Clinton (Friar John), Pippa Guard, Susan Dury (Ladies)

1980 RST/1981 Aldwych: Ron Daniels
Ralph Koltai (design), Nadine Baylis (costumes); Mark Pritchard (lighting); Stephen Oliver (music)
Anton Lesser (Romeo), Judy Buxton (Juliet), Jonathan Hyde (Mercutio), Chris Hunter (Tybalt), Allan Hendrick (Benvolio), Brenda Bruce (Nurse), Edwin Richfield (Friar Lawrence), Trevor Baxter (Capulet), Barbara Kinghorn (Lady Capulet), Shay Gorman (Montague), Peter Settelen (Paris), Bruce Purchase (Prince), Eve Pearce (Lady Montague), Jimmy Gardner (Peter), Michael Siberry (Abraham)

1983 Small-scale Tour/1984 TOP: John Caird
Bob Crowley (design), Priscilla Truett (costumes); Brian Harris (lighting); Ilona Sekacz (music)
Daniel Day-Lewis/Simon Templeman (Romeo), Amanda Root (Juliet), Roger Allam (Mercutio/Apothecary), Andrew Hall (Tybalt), James Simmons (Benvolio), Polly James (Nurse), Frank Middlemass (Friar Lawrence), George Raistrick (Capulet), Penny Downie (Lady Capulet), Donald McKillop (Montague), Steven Pinner (Paris), Martin Jacobs (Prince), Susan Jane Tanner/Liz Moscrop (Lady Montague)

1986 RST/1987 Barbican: Michael Bogdanov
Chris Dyer (design), Ginny Humphreys (costumes); Chris Ellis (lighting); Hiroshi Sato (music)
Sean Bean (Romeo), Niamh Cusack (Juliet), Michael Kitchen (Mercutio), Hugh Quarshie (Tybalt), Martin Jacobs (Benvolio), Dilys Laye (Nurse), Robert Demeger (Friar Lawrence), Richard Moore (Capulet), Anna Nygh/Darlene Johnson (Lady Capulet), Roger Watkins (Montague), Robert Morgan (Paris), David Glover (Prince), Eileen Page (Lady Montague), Donald McBride (Peter), Cornelia Hayes, Jenni George, Lucy Hancock (Ladies)

1989 Swan/1989 Pit: Terry Hands
Farrah (design); Terry Hands (lighting); Claire Van Kampen (music)
Mark Rylance (Romeo), Georgia Slowe (Juliet), David O’Hara (Mercutio), Vincent Regan (Tybalt), Patrick Brennan (Benvolio), Margaret Courtenay (Nurse), Patrick Godfrey (Friar Lawrence), Bernard Horsfall (Capulet), Linda Spurrier (Lady Capulet), Michael Loughnan (Montague), Michael Howell (Paris), Rob Heyland (Prince), Katherine Stark (Lady Montague), Evan Russell (Peter), Ben Miles (Abraham/Friar John), Griffith Jones (Apothecary)

1991 RST/1992 Barbican: David Leveaux
Alison Chitty (design); Jean Kalman (lighting); Ilona Sekacz (music)
Michael Maloney (Romeo), Clare Holman (Juliet), Tim McInnerny (Mercutio), Sean Murray (Tybalt), Kevin Doyle (Benvolio), Sheila Reid (Nurse), Robert Langdon Lloyd (Friar Lawrence), Jonathan Newth (Capulet), Celia Gregory (Lady Capulet), Randal Herley (Montague), Valentine Pelka (Paris), Julian Glover (Chorus/Prince), Jan Shand (Lady Montague), Scott Ransome (Peter), Kenn Sabberton (Sampson), Emily Joyce (Citizen)

1995 RST/1996 Barbican: Adrian Noble
Kendra Ullyart (design); Hugh Vanstone (lighting); Shaun Davey (music)
Zubin Varla (Romeo), Lucy Whybrow (Juliet), Mark Lockyer (Mercutio), Dermot Kerrigan (Tybalt), Michael Gould (Benvolio), Susan Brown (Nurse), Julian Glover (Friar Lawrence), Christopher Benjamin (Capulet), Darlene Johnson (Lady Capulet), Jeffery Dench (Montague), Paul Bettany/Paul Hilton (Paris), Christopher Robbie (Chorus/Prince), Anita Wright (Lady Montague), Gary Taylor (Peter), Lise Stevenson (Rosaline)

1997 Pit/1997-88 Swan/1998 Small-scale Tour: Michael Attenborough

Robert Jones (design); Tim Mitchell (lighting); Stephen Warbeck (music)
Ray Fearon (Romeo), Zoe Waites (Juliet), Chook Sibtain (Mercutio), Nigel Clauzel (Tybalt), Lawrence Wood (Benvolio), Sandra Voe (Nurse), Richard Cordery (Friar Lawrence), David Lyon (Capulet), Jan Chappell (Lady Capulet), Louis Mahoney (Montague/Friar John), Oliver Fox (Paris/Gregory), Neil Phillips (Chorus/Prince), Sandra Clark (Montague’s Wife), Russell Layton (Peter/Sampson), Jack Tanner (Abraham), Amanda Perry-Smith (Helena), Jo Keating (Livia)

2000 RST/2001 Barbican: Michael Boyd
Tom Piper (design); Chris Davey (lighting); Stephen Warbeck (music)
David Tennant (Romeo), Alexandra Gilbreath (Juliet), Adrian Schiller (Mercutio), Keith Dunphy (Tybalt), Anthony Howell (Benvolio), Eileen McCallum (Nurse), Des McAleer (Friar Lawrence), Ian Hogg (Capulet), Caroline Harris (Lady Capulet), Vincent Brimble (Montague), Nicholas Kahn (Paris), Alfred Burke (Prince), Helen Weir (Lady Montague), Robert Goodale (Peter)

2004 RST/2004-05 Albery: Peter Gill
Simon Daw (set), Deirdre Clancy (costumes); Hartley T.A. Kemp (lighting); Terry Davies (music)

Matthew Rhys (Romeo), Sian Brooke (Juliet), Gideon Turner (Mercutio), Tam Mutu (Tybalt), Trystan Gravelle (Benvolio), June Watson (Nurse), John Normington (Friar Lawrence), David Hargreaves (Capulet), Emily Raymond (Lady Capulet), Sion Tudor Owen (Montague), Jonathan Forbes (Paris), Leo Wringer (Prince), Matt Cross (Peter), Anita Booth (Lady Montague), Samuel Clemens (Balthasar), Peter Bygott (Old Capulet/Apothecary), Caolan Byrne (Friar John), Anatol Yusef (Sampson), Edward Clarke (Gregory), Jessica Tomchak (Lady)

2006 RST (Complete Works Festival): Nancy Meckler
Katrina Lindsay (design); Neil Austin (lighting); Ilona Sekacz (music); John Leonard (sound); Liz Ranken (movement)
Rupert Evans (Romeo), Morven Christie (Juliet), Jamie Ballard (Mercutio), Adam Rayner (Tybalt), Geoffrey Lumb (Benvolio), Sorcha Cusack (Nurse), David Fielder (Friar Lawrence), Nicholas Day (Capulet), Caroline Wildi (Lady Capulet), Patrick Romer (Montague/Apothecary), Simon Bubb (Paris), Jonny Weir (Prince/Old Capulet), Sam O’Mahony-Adams (Peter), Eliza Hunt (Lady Montague), John Heffernan (Balthasar), Steven Beard (Friar John), Shane Frater (Sampson), Christopher Davies/Curtis Flowers (Abram), Amy Brown, Yvette Rochester-Duncan (Ensemble)

For a gallery of over 100 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Taming of the Shrew

1960 RST/1961 Aldwych/1962 RST: John Barton/Maurice Daniels (re-direction, 1961-62)
Alix Stone (design); John Wyckham (lighting)
Peter O’Toole/Derek Godfrey (Petruchio), Peggy Ashcroft/Vanessa Redgrave (Kate), Peter Jeffrey (Lucentio), James Bree (Tranio), Elizabeth Sellars/Diana Rigg (Bianca), Paul Hardwick/Patrick Wymark (Baptista), Ian Holm/Donald Layne-Smith (Gremio), Tony Church/George Murcell (Hortensio), Patrick Wymark/Clive Swift (Grumio), Dinsdale Landen/Wolfe Morris (Biondello), Edward Argent (Curtis), Roy Dotrice/Peter Russell (Vincentio), Wendy Gifford (A Widow), Clifford Rose/P.G. Stephens (A Tailor), Donald Layne-Smith/John Nettleton (A Pedant), Clive Swift (Peter), William Wallis (Nathaniel), Jack MacGowran/Roy Dotrice (Sly), Ian Richardson/John Warner (A Lord), Diana Rigg (Wench), Philip Voss, David Buck/Gareth Morgan, Peter Geddis (Huntsmen), Mavid Edwards (Hostess), Dennis Waterman (Boy Player)

1967 RST/1967 Aldwych: Trevor Nunn
Christopher Morley (design); John Bradley (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)

Michael Williams (Petruchio), Janet Suzman (Kate), Robert Lloyd (Lucentio), Charles Thomas (Tranio), June Watts (Bianca), Roy Kinnear (Baptista), Terrence Hardiman (Gremio), Tim Wylton (Hortensio), Patrick Stewart (Grumio), John Kane (Biondello), Richard Simpson (A Tailor), George Cormack (A Pedant), Morgan Sheppard (Sly), Donald Burton (Lord)

1973 RST: Clifford Williams
Farrah (design); John Bradley (lighting)
Alan Bates (Petruchio), Susan Fleetwood (Kate), Peter Machin (Lucentio), David Suchet (Tranio), Louise Jameson (Bianca), Derek Smith (Baptista), Jeffery Dench (Gremio), Anthony Pedley (Hortensio), Brian Glover (Grumio), Nickolas Grace (Biondello), Robert Ashby (Curtis), John Abbott (A Tailor), Denis Holmes (A Pedant), Lloyd McGuire (A Haberdasher)

1978 RST/1979 Aldwych: Michael Bogdanov
Chris Dyer (design); Chris Ellis (lighting); Tony Haynes (music)
Jonathan Pryce (Petruchio), Paola Dionisotti (Kate), Anthony Higgins (Lucentio), Ian Charleson (Tranio), Zoe Wanamaker (Bianca), Paul Brooke (Baptista), Paul Webster (Gremio), David Lyon (Hortensio), David Suchet (Grumio), Allan Hendrick (Biondello), Catherine Riding/Juliet Stevenson (Curtis/A Widow), George Raistrick (Vincentio), James Griffin (A Tailor), Geoffrey Freshwater (A Pedant), Conrad Asquith (A Haberdasher)

1982 RST/1983 Barbican: Barry Kyle
Bob Crowley (design); Brian Harris (lighting); Nick Bicat (music)
Alun Armstrong (Petruchio), Sinead Cusack (Kate), Mark Rylance (Lucentio), John Bowe (Tranio), Alice Krige (Bianca), David Waller (Baptista), John Carlisle (Gremio), Ian Talbot (Hortensio), Peter Postlethwaite (Grumio), David Shaw-Parker (Biondello), William Haden (Curtis), Edward Jewesbury (Vincentio), Stephanie Fayerman (A Widow), Dennis Clinton (A Tailor), Conrad Asquith (A Pedant), Christine Kavanagh (A Haberdasher), Geoffrey Freshwater (Sly), Raymond Bowers (The Lord), Lesley Sharp (Servant), Ian Talbot, John Carlisle (Huntsmen)

1985 Small-scale Tour: Di Trevis
Pamela Howard (design); Gerry Jenkinson (lighting); Dominic Muldowney (music)
Alfred Molina (Petruchio), Sian Thomas (Kate), Richard Garnett (Lucentio), Nick Dunning (Tranio), Sara Mair-Thomas (Bianca), Wolfe Morris (Baptista), Nigel Anthony (Gremio), Peter Rumney (Hortensio), Geoffrey Freshwater (Grumio), Sonia Ritter (Biondello), Edward Harbour (Vincentio), Linda Polan (A Widow), Michael Troughton (Sly)

1987 RST/1988 Barbican: Jonathan Miller
Stefanos Lazaridis (set), Martin Chitty (costumes); David Cunningham (lighting); Stephen Oliver (music)
Brian Cox (Petruchio), Fiona Shaw (Kate), Alex Jennings (Lucentio), Bruce Alexander (Tranio), Felicity Dean (Bianca), George Raistrick (Baptista), Trevor Martin (Gremio), James Fleet (Hortensio), Barrie Rutter (Grumio), David O’Hara (Biondello), Derek Hutchinson (Curtis), Griffith Jones (Nathaniel), Alan Thompson (Vincentio), Shirley King (A Widow), William Chubb (A Tailor), Dennis Clinton (A Pedant), Piers Ibbotson (A Haberdasher), Sally George, Deborah Goodman/Kate Littlewood (Servants)

1990 Small-scale Tour: Bill Alexander
Tim Goodchild (design); Brian Harris (lighting); Jonathan Goldstein (music)
Gerard Murphy (Petruchio), Naomi Wirthner (Kate), Paul Spence (Lucentio), Brian Parr (Tranio), Sally George (Bianca), Michael Loughnan (Baptista), Stuart Richman (Gremio), Roger Moss (Hortensio), David Shaw Parker (Grumio), Jimmy Gallagher (Biondello), Richard Conway (Vincentio/A Tailor), Jim Hooper (Sly), Charles Daish (Lord Simon), Elaine English (Ruth), Matthew Lloyd Davies (Rupert), Richard Bates (Peter), Sarah Carpenter (Sarah), Alastair Cumming (Hugo)

1992 RST/1993 Barbican: Bill Alexander (main house re-working of 1990)
Tim Goodchild (design); Brian Harris (lighting); Jonathan Goldstein (music)
Anton Lesser (Petruchio), Amanda Harris (Kate), John McAndrew (Lucentio), Richard McCabe (Tranio), Rebecca Saire (Bianca), Trevor Martin (Baptista), Paul Webster (Gremio), Graham Turner (Hortensio), Geoffrey Freshwater (Grumio), Andrew Cryer (Biondello), Ciaran McIntyre (Vincentio/A Tailor), Maxwell Hutcheon (Sly), Dominic Mafham (Lord Simon), Emily Watson (Ruth), Jack Waters (Rupert), Barnaby Kay (Peter), Catherine Mears (Sarah), Dorian MacDonald (Hugo)

1995 RST/1996 Barbican: Gale Edwards
Russell Craig (design); Hugh Vanstone (lighting); Stephen Warbeck (music)
Michael Siberry (Petruchio), Josie Lawrence (Kate), Dermot Kerrigan (Lucentio), Mark Lockyer (Tranio), Tilly Blackwood (Bianca), Clifford Rose (Baptista), James Hayes (Gremio), Timothy Davies (Hortensio), Robin Nedwell (Grumio), Daniel Goode (Biondello), Gary Taylor (Curtis), David Frederickson (Nathaniel), Don Gallagher (A Tailor/Peter), Leon Tanner (A Pedant), Paul Bentall (Lord), Alice Hogg (Servant)

1999 Pit/1999-00 Swan/2000 Small-scale Tour: Lindsay Posner
Ashley Martin-Davis (design); Peter Mumford (lighting); Gary Yershon (music)
Stuart McQuarrie (Petruchio/Sly), Monica Dolan (Kate), Jo Stone-Fewings (Lucentio), Louis Hilyer (Tranio), Charlotte Randle (Bianca), Colin McCormack (Baptista), Christopher Wilkinson (Gremio), Simon Coates (Hortensio), John Lloyd Fillingham (Grumio), Ryan Pope (Biondello), Nicholas Blane (Curtis), Maxwell Hutcheon (Nathaniel/Vincentio), Katherine Grice (A Widow), Sam Troughton (A Tailor)

2003 RST/2004 Queen’s: Gregory Doran
Stephen Brimson Lewis (design); Tim Mitchell (lighting); Paul Englishby (music)
Jasper Britton (Petruchio), Alexandra Gilbreath (Kate), Daniel Hawksford (Lucentio), Rory Kinnear (Tranio), Eve Myles (Bianca), Ian Gelder (Baptista), Christopher Godwin (Gremio), Paul Chahidi (Hortensio), Nicolas Tennant (Grumio), Simon Trinder (Biondello), John Lightbody (Curtis), Bill Nash (Nathaniel), David Peart (Vincentio), Esther Ruth Elliot (A Widow), Christopher Harvey (A Tailor), Keith Osborn (A Pedant), Tom Anderson (A Haberdasher), Oliver Maltman (Peter)

For a gallery of over 100 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to


1963 RST: Clifford Williams, Peter Brook
Farrah (design); Raymond Leppard (music)
Tom Fleming (Prospero), Ian Holm (Ariel), Roy Dotrice (Caliban), Philipa Urquhart (Miranda), David Warner (Trinculo), Derek Smith (Stephano), Ian McCulloch (Ferdinand), Donald Sinden (Sebastian), Roy Marsden (Francisco), Nicholas Selby (Antonio), Ken Wynne (Gonzalo), Janet Suzman (Iris), Peter Geddis

1970 RST: John Barton

Christopher Morley, Ann Curtis (design); John Bradley (lighting)
Ian Richardson (Prospero), Ben Kingsley (Ariel), Barry Stanton (Caliban), Estelle Kohler (Miranda), Norman Rodway (Trinculo), Patrick Stewart (Stephano), Christopher Gable (Ferdinand)

1974 TOP: Keith Hack
Debbie Sharp (design); John Watts (lighting); Stephen Oliver (music)
Michael Aldridge (Prospero), Robert Lloyd (Ariel), Jeffery Kisson (Caliban), Debbie Bowen (Miranda), Ian McDiarmid (Trinculo), James Booth (Stephano), Michael Pennington (Ferdinand), James Aubrey (Sebastian), Richard Griffiths (Gonzalo)

1978 RST: Clifford Williams
Ralph Koltai (design); Leo Leibovici (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)

Michael Hordern (Prospero), Ian Charleson (Ariel), David Suchet (Caliban), Sheridan Fitzgerald (Miranda), Richard Griffiths (Trinculo), Paul Moriarty (Stephano), Alan Rickman (Ferdinand), Donald Douglas (Sebastian), Dennis Edwards (Alonso), Darlene Johnson (Juno), Carmen Du Sautoy (Ceres), Juliet Stevenson (Spirit), Ruby Wax (Spirit)

1982 RST/1983 Barbican: Ron Daniels
Maria Bjornson (design); Richard Riddell (lighting); Stephen Oliver (music)
Derek Jacobi (Prospero), Mark Rylance (Ariel), Bob Peck (Caliban), Alice Krige (Miranda), Alun Armstrong (Trinculo), Christopher Benjamin (Stephano), Michael Maloney (Ferdinand), Jeffery Dench (Sebastian), Paul Webster (Alonso), Lesley Sharp (Spirit), Josette Simon (Spirit), Tom Mannion (Spirit)

1988 RST/1989 Barbican: Nicholas Hytner
David Fielding (design); Mark Henderson (lighting); Jeremy Sams (music)
John Wood (Prospero), Duncan Bell (Ariel), John Kane (Caliban), Melanie Thaw (Miranda), Desmond Barrit (Trinculo), Campbell Morrison (Stephano), James Purefoy (Ferdinand), Colin McCormack (Sebastian), Richard Haddon Haines (Antonio), Nicholas Selby (Alonso), Alfred Burke (Gonzalo), Patrick Miller (Francisco), Stephen Jacobs/Paul Hargreaves (Adrian), Julia Lintott (Juno), Cate Hamer (Ceres), Vivienne Rochester/Darlene Johnson (Iris), Joanna Roth (Spirit), Peter Lennon (Ship master), Ken Shorter (Boatswain), Paul Hargreaves/Stephen Gordon (Mariner), Heather Osborne/Maggie Carr (Mariner)

1993 RST/1994 Barbican: Sam Mendes
Anthony Ward (design); Paul Pyant (lighting); Shaun Davey (music)
Alec McCowen (Prospero), Simon Russell Beale (Ariel), David Troughton (Caliban), Sarah Woodward (Miranda), David Bradley (Trinculo), Mark Lockyer (Stephano), Mark Lewis Jones (Ferdinand), Christopher Hunter (Sebastian), James Hayes (Antonio), Paul Greenwood (Alonso), Clifford Rose (Gonzalo), Richard Clothier (Adrian), Sian Radinger (Iris), Sara Weymouth (Spirit)

1995 Young Vic/1995 Swan/1995-96 Small-scale Tour: David Thacker
Shelagh Keegan (design); Alan Burrett (lighting); Adrian Johnston (music)
Paul Jesson (Prospero), Bonnie Engstrom (Ariel), Dominic Letts (Caliban), Sarah-Jane Holm (Miranda), Jeremy Brook (Trinculo), Ian Driver (Stephano), David Fahm (Ferdinand), Stephen Hattersley (Sebastian), Daniel Flynn (Antonio), David Weston (Alonso), Ken Farrington (Gonzalo), Romy Baskerville (Adriana), Helen Blatch (Mariner), Sarah Ball (Spirit)

1998 RST/1999 Barbican: Adrian Noble
Anthony Ward (design); Howard Harrison (lighting); Stephen Warbeck (music)
David Calder (Prospero), Scott Handy (Ariel), Robert Glenister (Caliban), Penny Layden (Miranda), Adrian Schiller (Trinculo), Barry Stanton (Stephano), Evroy Deer (Ferdinand), John Straiton (Sebastian), David Henry (Antonio), Colin George (Alonso), Alfred Burke (Gonzalo)

2000 Pit/2000-01 TOP/2001 Small-scale Tour: James Macdonald
Jeremy Herbert (design), Kandis Cook (costumes); Nigel Edwards (lighting); Orlando Gough (music)
Philip Voss (Prospero), Gilz Terera (Ariel), Zubin Varla (Caliban), Nikki Amuka-Bird (Miranda), Julian Kerridge (Trinculo), James Saxon (Stephano), Oliver Dimsdale (Ferdinand), Nicholas Day (Antonio)

2002 Roundhouse/2002 RST: Michael Boyd
Tom Piper (design); Tina MacHugh (lighting); Craig Armstrong, John Woolf (music)
Malcolm Storry (Prospero), Kananu Kirimi (Ariel), Geff Francis (Caliban), Sirine Saba (Miranda), Simon Gregor (Trinculo), Roger Frost (Stephano), Alan Turkington (Ferdinand), Tom Beard (Sebastian), Brian Protheroe (Antonio), Keith Bartlett (Alonso), Jerome Willis (Gonzalo), Fiona Lait (Spirit)

2006 RST (Complete Works Festival)/2007 Novello: Rupert Goold
Giles Cradle (sets), Nicky Gillibrand (costumes); Paul Anderson (lighting); Adam Cork (music/sound); Michael Ashcroft (movement)
Patrick Stewart (Prospero), Julian Bleach (Ariel), John Light (Caliban), Mariah Gale (Miranda), Craig Gazey (Trinculo), Joseph Alessi (Stephano), Nick Court (Ferdinand), John Hopkins (Sebastian), Ken Bones (Antonio), Finbar Lynch (Alonso), James Hayes (Gonzalo), Edmund Kingsley (Francisco), Chris Jarman (Adrian), Ravi Aujla (Mariner), Paul Barnhill (Mariner), Rob Carroll (Mariner), Luke Neal (Mariner), David Rubin (Mariner), Golda Rosheuvel (Goddess), Emma Jay Thomas (Goddess), Allyson Brown (Goddess)

For a gallery of over 100 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Timon of Athens

1965 RST: John Schlesinger
Ralph Koltai (design); John Bradley (lighting); Richard Rodney Bennett (music)
Paul Scofield (Timon), Brewster Mason (Alcibiades), Paul Rogers (Apemantus), Tony Church (Flavius), David Waller (Lucullus), Janet Suzman (Timandra), Elizabeth Spriggs (Phrynia), James Laurenson (Lucilius), Timothy West (Lucius), Jeffery Dench (Head of Senate), Charles Kay (Poet), Michael Williams (Painter), Michael Pennington (Titus), Peter Geddis (Caphis), Frances de la Tour (Townsperson), Estelle Kohler (Townsperson)

1980 TOP/1981 Warehouse: Ron Daniels
Chris Dyer (design); Leo Leibovici (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Richard Pasco (Timon), James Hezeldine (Alcibiades), John Carlisle (Apemantus), Arthur Kohn (Flavius), Rob Edwards (Lucullus), Julia Tobin (Timandra), Judy Buxton (Phrynia/First Lady), Peter Settelen (Lucius), Oliver Ford Davies (Senator), Chis Hunter (Painter)

1999 RST/2000 Barbican: Gregory Doran
Stephen Brimson Lewis (design); Howard Harrison (lighting); Duke Ellington (music); John Woolf (music adaptation)
Michael Pennington (Timon), Rupert Penry-Jones (Alcibiades), Richard McCabe (Apemantus), John Woodvine (Flavius), Peter Kelly (Lucullus), Nadine Marshall (Timandra), Kemi Baruwa (Phrynia), Geff Francis (Lucius)

For a gallery of production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Titus Andronicus

1972 RST/1973 Aldwych: Trevor Nunn, Buzz Goodbody
Christopher Morley, Ann Curtis (design); John Bradley, Brian Harris (lighting)
Colin Blakely (Titus), Margaret Tyzack (Tamora), Janet Suzman/Judy Geeson (Lavinia), Mark Dignam (Marcus), Calvin Lockhart (Aaron), John Wood (Saturninus), Gareth Hunt (Martius), Martin Milman/Jonathan Kent (Mutius), Ian Hogg (Lucius), Robert Oates (Quintus), Thomas Chesleigh (Valentine), Philip Manikum (Chiron), Geoffrey Hutchings (Demetrius), Christopher Jenkinson (Alarbus), Patrick Godfrey (Sempronius), Keith Taylor (Aemilius), Tim Piggott-Smith (Bassianus)

1981 RST: John Barton, Peter Stevenson

(double-bill with Two Gentlemen of Verona)
Christopher Morley (design); Brian Harris (lighting); Nick Bicat (music)
Patrick Stewart (Titus), Sheila Hancock (Tamora), Leonie Mellinger (Lavinia), Ray Jewers (Marcus), Hugh Quarshie (Aaron), Bernard Lloyd (Saturninus), Kevin Wallace (Martius), Christopher Hurst (Mutius), Paul Shelley (Lucius), Nigel Le Vaillant (Quintus), Colin Tarrant (Chiron), Roger Allam (Demetrius), Peter Chelsom (Alarbus), John Franklyn-Robbins (Aemilius), Philip Franks (Bassianus), Geoffrey Hutchings (Clown), Diana Berriman (Nurse), Diana Hardcastle (Young Lucius), Julia Swift (Goth)

1987 Swan/1988 Pit/1989 European Tour: Deborah Warner
Isabella Bywater (design); Wayne Dowdeswell (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Brian Cox (Titus), Estelle Kohler (Tamora), Sonia Ritter (Lavinia), Donald Sumpter (Marcus), Peter Polycarpous (Aaron), Jim Hooper (Saturninus), Linus Roache (Martius/Caius), Sean Pertwee/Patrick Cremin (Mutius), Sean Pertwee/Richard Leaf (Publius), Derek Hutchinson (Lucius), Ian Bailey (Quintus/Valentine), Richard McCabe (Chiron), Piers Ibbotson (Demetrius), Steven Elliott (Alarbus/Sepronius), Dennis Clinton (Aemilius), Mike Dowling (Bassianus/Clown), Jane Whittenshaw (Nurse), Jeremy Gilley (Young Lucius)

2003 RST: Bill Alexander

Ruari Murchison (design); Tim Mitchell (lighting); Jonathan Goldstein (music)
David Bradley (Titus), Maureen Beattie (Tamora), Eve Myles (Lavinia), Ian Gelder (Marcus), Joe Dixon (Aaron), John Lloyd Fillingham (Saturninus), Branwell Donaghey (Martius), John Killoran (Caius), Rob Wynn (Publius/Alarbus), Bradley Freegard (Lucius), Edmund Moriarty (Quintus), Andrew Macbean (Valentine/Sepronius), Daniel Brocklebank (Chiron), Martin Hutson (Demetrius), Michael G. Jones (Aemilius), Fergus O’Donnell (Bassianus), Nicolas Tennant (Clown), Shereen Ibrahim (Nurse), Christopher Duncan (Young Lucius), Lynsey Beauchamp (Lady)

For a gallery of over 50 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Troilus and Cressida

1960 RST/1962 Aldwych: Peter Hall, John Barton

Leslie Hurry (design); John Wyckham (lighting); Humphrey Searle (music)
Denholm Elliott/Ian Holm (Troilus), Dorothy Tutin (Cressida), Peter O’Toole/Gordon Gostelow (Thersites), Max Adrian (Pandarus), Eric Porter/Michael Hordern (Ulysses), Patrick Allen (Achilles), Derek Godfrey (Hector), Peter Jeffrey/John Nettleton (Agamemnon), David Buck (Diomedes), Paul Hardwick/Roy Dotrice (Ajax), Clifford Rose/Donald Layne-Smith (Priam), Dinsdale Landen/Peter McEnery (Patroclus), Elizabeth Sellars/Maxine Audley (Helen), Frances Cuka (Cassandra), Diana Rigg/Cherry Morris (Andromache), Trevor Martin (Menelaus), Philip Voss, William Wallis (Soldiers)

1968 RST/1969 Aldwych: John Barton
Timothy O’Brien (design); John Bradley (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Michael Williams/Bernard Lloyd (Troilus), Helen Mirren (Cressida), Norman Rodway (Thersites), David Waller (Pandarus), Sebastian Shaw (Ulysses), Alan Howard (Achilles), Patrick Stewart (Hector), Bernard Lloyd (Paris), Bryan Robson (Agamemnon), Eric Allan/Bruce Myers (Diomedes), Richard Moore (Ajax), John Kay (Priam), John Shrapnel/Richard Jones Barry (Patroclus), Sheila Allen/Hildegard Neil (Helen), Clifford Rose (Nestor), Susan Fleetwood (Cassandra), Diane Fletcher (Andromache), Ben Kingsley (Aeneas), Gareth Thomas (Prologue)

1976 RST/1977 Aldwych: John Barton, Barry Kyle
Chris Dyer (design); Clive Morris (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music adaptation)

Mike Gwilym (Troilus), Francesca Annis (Cressida), John Nettles (Thersites), David Waller (Pandarus), Tony Church (Ulysses), Robin Ellis/Paul Shelley (Achilles), Michael Pennington (Hector), Richard Durden (Paris), Ivan Beavis (Agamemnon), Paul Shelley/Hilton McRae (Diomedes), Brian Coburn (Ajax), Dennis Clinton (Priam), Paul Moriarty (Patroclus), Barbara Leigh-Hunt (Helen), Norman Tyrrell (Nestor), Barbara Shelley/Carmen Du Sautoy (Cassandra), Meg Davies/Avril Carson (Andromache), Jacob Witkin/Martin Read (Menelaus), Clyde Pollitt (Calchas), Paul Whitworth/Paul Wagar (Helenus), Nickolas Grace (Aeneas), Richard Griffiths/Kim Begley (Paris’s Servant), Leonard Preston/Rod Culbertson (Antenor), Peter Woodward (Deiphobus), David Lyon/Alfred Molina (Margarelon), Greg Hicks, Pippa Guard (unnamed parts)

1981 Aldwych: Terry Hands
Farrah (design); Terry Hands, Clive Morris (lighting); Nigel Hess (music)
James Hazeldine (Troilus), Carol Royale (Cressida), Joe Melia (Thersites), Tony Church (Pandarus), John Carlisle (Ulysses), David Suchet (Achilles), Bruce Purchase (Hector), Bille Brown (Paris), Trevor Baxter (Agamemnon), Pip Miller (Diomedes), Terry Wood (Ajax), Raymond Llewellyn (Priam), Chris Hunter (Patroclus), Barbara Kinghorn (Helen), Oliver Ford Davies (Nestor), Catherine Riding (Cassandra), Patricia Skakesby (Andromache), Richard Cordery (Menelaus), Timothy Walker (Helenus), Paul Whitworth (Aeneas)

1985 RST/1986 Barbican: Howard Davies
Ralph Koltai (sets), Liz da Costa (costumes); Jeffrey Beecroft (lighting); Ilona Sekacz (music)
Anton Lesser (Troilus), Juliet Stevenson (Cressida), Alun Armstrong/Christopher Wright (Thersites), Clive Merrison (Pandarus), Peter Jeffrey (Ulysses), Alan Rickman/Clive Mantle (Achilles), David Burke (Hector), Sean Baker (Paris), Joseph O’Conor (Agamemnon), Bruce Alexander/Jeffery Kissoon (Diomedes), Clive Russell (Ajax), Colin Douglas (Priam), Hilton McRae (Patroclus), Lindsay Duncan (Helen), Mark Dignam (Nestor), Mary Jo Randle/Pauline Moran (Cassandra), Janet Dale/Geraldine Wright (Andromache), Paul Spence (Helenus), Christopher Wright (Paris’s Servant)

1990 Swan/1991 Pit: Sam Mendes
Anthony Ward (design); Geraint Pughe (lighting); Shaun Davey (music)
Ralph Fiennes (Troilus), Amanda Root (Cressida), Simon Russell Beale (Thersites), Norman Rodway (Pandarus), Paul Jesson (Ulysses), Ciaran Hinds (Achilles), David Troughton (Hector), John Warnaby (Paris), Sylvester Morand (Agamemnon), Grant Thatcher (Diomedes), Richard Ridings (Ajax), Griffith Jones (Priam), Paterson Joseph (Patroclus), Sally Dexter (Helen), Alfred Burke (Nestor), Linda Kerr Scott/Katrina Levon (Cassandra), Lloyd Hutchinson (Alexander), Julie Saunders (Andromache), Michael Gardiner (Menelaus), Michael Bott (Helenus), Richard Avery (Calchas), Mike Dowling (Aeneas), Simon Austin (Antenor)

1996 RST/1996-97 Barbican: Ian Judge
John Gunter (sets), Deirdre Clancy (costumes); Simon Tapping (lighting); Ian Kellam (music)
Joseph Fiennes (Troilus), Victoria Hamilton (Cressida), Richard McCabe (Thersites), Clive Francis (Pandarus), Philip Voss (Ulysses), Philip Quast (Achilles), Louis Hilyer (Hector), Ray Fearon (Paris), Edward de Souza (Agamemnon), Richard Dillane (Diomedes), Ross O’Hennessy (Ajax), Griffith Jones (Priam), Jeremy Sheffield (Patroclus), Katia Caballero (Helen), Arthur Cox (Nestor), Sara Weymouth (Cassandra), Martina Laird (Andromache), Colin Farrell (Menelaus), Raymond Bowers (Calchas), Adrian Schiller (Paris’s Servant)

1998 Pit/1998-99 Swan/1999 Small-scale Tour: Michael Boyd
Tom Piper (design); Chris Davey (lighting); John Woolf (music)
William Houston (Troilus), Jayne Ashbourne (Cressida), Lloyd Hutchinson (Thersites), Roy Hanlon (Pandarus), Colin Hurley (Ulysses), Darrell D’Silva (Achilles), Alistair Petrie (Hector), Jack Tarlton (Paris), Sam Graham (Agamemnon), Robert Willox (Diomedes), Paul Hamilton (Ajax), Michael Loughnan (Priam), Elaine Pyke (Patroclus), Sara Stewart (Helen), Robert Calvert (Calchas), Catherine Walker (Cassandra), Jane MacFarlane (Andromahce), Sam Cox (Menelaus), Robert Calvert (Calchas), Rory Murray (Aeneas), Janet Whiteside (Hecuba/Priest)

For a gallery of over 70 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Twelfth Night

1960 RST/1960-61 Aldwych: Peter Hall
Lila De Nobili (design); Michael Northen (lighting); Raymond Leppard (music)
Dorothy Tutin (Viola), Barbara Barnett/Geraldine McEwan (Olivia), Derek Godfrey (Orsino), Eric Porter (Malvolio), Patrick Wymark (Sir Toby Belch), Max Adrian (Feste), Ian Richardson/Richard Johnson (Aguecheek), Frances Cuka/Patsy Byrne (Maria), Ian Holm (Sebastian), Dinsdale Landen/Clive Swift (Fabian), Christopher Cruise (Curio), David Sumner (Valentine), Clifford Rose, Clive Swift, Philip Voss (Gentlemen/Sailors)

1966 RST: Clifford Williams
Sally Jacobs (design); John Bradley (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Diana Rigg (Viola), Estelle Kohler (Olivia), Alan Howard (Orsino), Ian Holm (Malvolio), Brewster Mason (Sir Toby Belch), Norman Rodway (Feste), David Warner (Aguecheek), Patsy Byrne (Maria), Christopher Bidmead (Sebastian), Tim Wylton (Fabian), Phillip Hilton (Curio), John Bell (Valentine), Frances de la Tour (Courtier)

1969 RST/1970 Australian Tour/1970 Aldwych/1971 RST/1972 International Tour: John Barton
Christopher Morley (design); John Bradley (lighting); Michael Tubbs (music adaptation)
Judi Dench (Viola), Lisa Harrow (Olivia), Thomas Charles/Richard Pasco (Orsino), Donald Sinden/Derek Godfrey (Malvolio), Bill Fraser/Leslie Sands/Tony Church (Sir Toby Belch), Emrys James (Feste), Barrie Ingham/Jeffery Dench (Aguecheek), Brenda Bruce/Elizabeth Spriggs (Maria), Gordon Reid (Sebastian), Peter Geddis/Alton Kumalo (Fabian), Morgan Sheppard (Antonio), Roger Rees (Curio), Myles Hoyle/Miles Anderson (Valentine)

1974 RST/1975 Aldwych: Peter Gill
William Dudley (design); Rory Dempster (lighting)
Jane Lapotaire (Viola), Mary Rutherford (Olivia), John Price (Orsino), Nicol Williamson (Malvolio), David Waller (Sir Toby Belch), Ron Pember (Feste), Frank Thornton (Aguecheek), Patricia Hayes (Maria), Robert Lloyd (Sebastian), Brian Hall (Fabian), Louis Sheldon (Curio), Walter McMonagle (Valentine)

1978 Small-scale Tour: John Amiel

John Napier (design); Brian Harris (lighting); Henry Ward (music)
Emily Richard (Viola), Suzanne Bertish (Olivia), Edward Petherbridge (Orsino), Bob Peck (Malvolio), Ian McKellen (Sir Toby Belch), Christopher Hancock (Feste), Roger Rees (Aguecheek), Bridget Turner (Maria), Jeremy Blake (Sebastian), Clyde Pollitt (Fabian), Patrick Godfrey (Antonio), Griffith Jones (Sea Captain/Priest), Alec Wallis (Curio), Clyde Pollitt (Valentine)

1979 RST/1980 Aldwych: Terry Hands
John Napier (design); Terry Hands (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Cherie Lunghi (Viola), Kate Nicholls (Olivia), Gareth Thomas (Orsino), John Woodvine (Malvolio), Willoughby Goddard (Sir Toby Belch), Geoffrey Hutchings (Feste), John McEnery (Aguecheek), Jane Downs (Maria), Stephen Rashbrook (Sebastian), Norman Tyrrell (Fabian), Roger Bizley (Antonio)

1983 RST/1984 Barbican: John Caird

Robin Don (design); David Hersey (lighting); Ilona Sekacz (music)
Zoe Wanamaker (Viola), Sarah Berger/Joanne Pearce (Olivia), Miles Anderson (Orsino), Emrys James (Malvolio), Stephen Moore (Sir Toby Belch), Richard O’Callaghan (Feste), Daniel Massey (Aguecheek), Gemma Jones (Maria), Nigel Cooke (Sebastian), Stanley Page (Fabian), Graham Sinclair (Antonio), Derek Smee (Curio), Griffith Jones (Valentine)

1987 RST/1988 Barbican: Bill Alexander
Kit Surrey (sets), Deirdre Clancy (costumes); Robert Bryan (lighting); Guy Woolfenden, Alessandro Piccinini, Johann Kapsberger (music)
Harriet Walter (Viola), Deborah Findlay (Olivia), Donald Sumpter (Orsino), Antony Sher/John Carlisle (Malvolio), Roger Allam (Sir Toby Belch), Bruce Alexander (Feste), David Bradley (Aguecheek), Pippa Guard (Maria), Paul Spence (Sebastian), Jim Hooper (Fabian), Paul Webster (Antonio), Jeremy Gilley (Curio), David Pullan (Valentine)

1991 RST: Griff Rhys Jones
Ultz (design); Mick Hughes (lighting); Ilona Sekacz (music)

Sylvestra Le Touzel (Viola), Jane Gurnett (Olivia), Terence Hillyer (Orsino), Freddie Jones (Malvolio), Bill Wallis (Sir Toby Belch), Ken Wynne (Feste), Tim McInnerny (Aguecheek), Linda Marlowe (Maria), Ian Hughes (Sebastian), Albie Woodington (Fabian), Gary Powell (Antonio), Stephen Webber (Curio), Christopher Luscombe (Valentine)

1994 RST/1995 Barbican/1996 Barbican/RST/UK Tour: Ian Judge
John Gunter (sets), Deirdre Clancy (costumes); David Hersey (lighting); Nigel Hess (music)
Emma Fielding/Emily Joyce (Viola), Haydn Gwynne/Abigail Cruttenden (Olivia), Clive Wood/Jack Ellis (Orsino), Desmond Barrit/Edward Petherbridge (Malvolio), Tony Britton/Bernard Lloyd (Sir Toby Belch), Derek Griffiths/Paul Greenwood (Feste), Bille Brown/Guy Henry (Aguecheek), Joanna McCallum/Dilys Laye (Maria), Robert Bowman/Christopher Hollis (Sebastian), Robert Gillespie (Fabian), Steven Elliott/Richard Dillane (Antonio), Gwynn Beech (Curio), Glenn Hugill (Valentine)

1997-98 RST: Adrian Noble
Anthony Ward (design); Chris Parry (lighting); Jason Carr (music)

Helen Schlesinger (Viola), Clare Holman (Olivia), Scott Handy (Orsino), Philip Voss (Malvolio), David Calder (Sir Toby Belch), Stephen Boxer (Feste), John Quayle (Aguecheek), Susan Tracy (Maria), Simon Scardifield (Sebastian), Malcolm Scates (Fabian), Rob Edwards (Antonio), Emma Handy (Lady), Griffith Jones (Priest)

2001 RST/2001-02 Barbican: Lindsay Posner
Ashley Martin-Davis (design); Pat Collins (lighting); Gary Yershon (music)
Zoe Waites (Viola), Matilda Ziegler (Olivia), Jo Stone-Fewings (Orsino), Guy Henry (Malvolio), Barry Stanton (Sir Toby Belch), Mark Hadfield (Feste), Christopher Good (Aguecheek), Alison Fiske (Maria), Ben Meyjes (Sebastian), Wayne Cater (Fabian), Joseph Mydell (Antonio), Victoria Duarri (Maid)

2005 RST/2005 Novello: Michael Boyd
Tom Piper (design); Vince Herbert (lighting); John Woolf, Sianed Jones (music)
Kananu Kirimi (Viola), Aislin McGuckin (Olivia), Barnaby Kay (Orsino), Richard Cordery (Malvolio), Nicky Henson/Clive Wood (Sir Toby Belch), Forbes Masson (Feste), John Mackay (Aguecheek), Meg Fraser (Maria), Gurpreet Singh (Sebastian), Peter Bygott (Fabian), Neil McKinven (Antonio), Alan Morrissey (Curio), Kevin Trainor (Valentine), Christopher Obi (Sea Captain), Eke Chukwu (Attendant), Barrie Palmer (Officer), Christopher Robert (Priest), Sally Tatum (Maid)

For a gallery of over 100 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Two Gentlemen of Verona

1960 RST: Peter Hall
Renzo Mongiardino (sets), Lila de Nobili (costumes); Michael Northen (lighting); Raymond Leppard (music)
Denholm Elliott (Valentine), Derek Godfrey (Proteus), Frances Cuka (Julia), Susan Maryott (Sylvia), Jack MacGowran (Speed), Patrick Wymark (Launce), Ian Richardson (Thurio), Mavis Edwards (Lucetta), Eric Porter (Duke of Milan), Clifford Rose (Sir Eglamour), Tony Church (Outlaw), Diana Rigg (Lady), William Wallis (Outlaw), Michele Dotrice (Lady)

1969 Theatregoround: Gareth Morgan
Tazeena Firth (design)
David Bailie (Valentine), Richard Pasco (Proteus), Susan Fleetwood (Julia), Susan Sheers (Sylvia), Alton Kumalo (Speed), Geoffrey Hutchings (Launce), Anthony Pedley (Thurio), Janet Henfrey (Lucetta), Derek Smith (Duke of Milan), Sydney Bromley (Sir Eglamour)

1970 RST/1970 Aldwych: Robin Phillips
Daphne Dare (design); John Bradley (lighting)
Peter Egan (Valentine), Ian Richardson (Proteus), Helen Mirren (Julia), Estelle Kohler (Sylvia), Philip Manikum (Speed), Patrick Stewart (Launce), Terence Taplin (Thurio), Sheila Burrell (Lucetta), Clement McCallin (Duke of Milan), Sebastian Shaw (Sir Eglamour)

1981 RST: John Barton with Peter Stevenson
(double-bill with Titus Andronicus)
Christopher Morley (design); Brian Harris (lighting); Nick Bicat (music)
Peter Chelsom (Valentine), Peter Land (Proteus), Julia Swift (Julia), Diana Hardcastle (Sylvia), Joseph Marcell (Speed), Geoffrey Hutchings (Launce), Paul Shelley (Thurio), Diana Berriman (Lucetta), Patrick Stewart (Sir Eglamour), Bernard Lloyd (Antonio), Leonie Mellinger (Ursula), Hugh Quarshie (Outlaw), Roger Allam (Outlaw), Philip Franks (Outlaw), Sheila Hancock (Outlaw), Nigel Le Vaillant (Outlaw)

1991 Swan/1992 Barbican/1993 Barbican and Tour: David Thacker
Shelagh Keegan (design); Jimmy Simmons (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Richard Bonneville/Dominic Arnold (Valentine), Barry Lynch/Ben Miles (Proteus), Clare Holman/Alison Reid (Julia), Saskia Reeves/Josette Bushell-Mingo/Sarah-Jane Holm (Sylvia), Sean Murray/Ian Driver (Speed), Richard Moore (Launce), Guy Henry/Hugh Lee (Thurio), Josette Bushell-Mingo/Lucy Tregear (Lucetta), Henry Webster/Charles Armstrong (Panthino), Terence Wilton/Gregory Floy (Duke of Milan), Peter Bygott/Simon Markey (Sir Eglamour), Lucy Tregear/Biddy Wells (Ursula), Howard Crossley/Reg Stewart (Host), Hilary Cromie/Bronwyn Baud (Singer)

1998 Swan/1998-99 Pit: Edward Hall
Michael Pavelka (design); Ben Ormerod (lighting); Mark Thomas (music)
Tom Goodman-Hill (Valentine), Dominic Rowan (Proteus), Lesley Vickerage (Julia), Poppy Miller (Sylvia), John Dougall (Speed), Mark Hadfield (Launce), James Tucker (Thurio), Robin Weaver (Lucetta), Alan Stocks (Panthino), Colin McCormack (Duke of Milan), Andrew Maud (Sir Eglamour)

2004-05 Swan/Small-scale Tour: Fiona Buffini
Liz Ashcroft (design); Neil Austin (lighting); Conor Linehan (music)
Alex Avery (Valentine), Laurence Mitchell (Proteus), Vanessa Ackerman (Julia), Rachel Pickup (Sylvia), Andrew Melville (Launce), Zubin Varla (Thurio), Adrian Schiller (Panthino), Christopher Saul (Duke of Milan), Gary Oliver (Sir Eglamour), Patrick Romer (Antonio), Richard Copestake (Silvia’s Bodyguard), Emma Powell (Lady)

For a gallery of production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

Two Noble Kinsmen

1986 Swan/1987 Mermaid: Barry Kyle
Bob Crowley (design); Wayne Dowdeswell (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Gerard Murphy (Palamon), Hugh Quarshie (Arcite), Amanda Harris (Emilia), Imogen Stubbs (Gaoler’s Daughter), Peter Guinness (Theseus), Anna Nygh/Roberta Taylor (Hippolyta), Robert Demeger (Gaoler), Richard Moore/John Rogan (Gerrold/Doctor), Donald McBride (The Wooer), Robert Morgan (Pirithous), Philip Sully/Howard Ward (Artesius), John Patrick/Tom Knight (Valerius), Rosalind Boxall/Francesca Folan (First Queen), Jenni George/Marcia Tucker (Second Queen), Lucy Hancock/Rosie Timpson (Third Queen), Max Gold/Simeon Andrews (Gaoler’s Borther/First Gentleman), John Patrick/Tom Knight (Second Gentleman), Philip Sully/Howard Ward (Third Gentleman), Joseph Mydell/Sidney Cole (Hymen/The Bavian/The Messenger/The Executioner), James Lowrey/Robert Willey/Andrew Osmond/Graham Hughes (Boys)

For a gallery of production images from this production, go to

Winter’s Tale

1960 RST: Peter Wood
Jaques Noel (design); Maurice Daniels (lighting)
Eric Porter (Leontes), Elizabeth Sellars (Hermione), Patrick Allen (Polixenes), Paul Hardwick (Camillo), Peggy Ashcroft (Paulina), Jack MacGowran (Autolycus), Susan Maryott (Perdita), Dinsdale Landen (Florizel), James Bree (Old Shepherd), Ian Holm (Young Shepherd), Tony Church (Antigonus), Ian Richardson (Gentleman), Clive Swift (Gaoler), Peter Jeffrey (Steward), Dennis Waterman (Mamillius), Philip Voss (Lord)

1969 RST/1970 Japanese and Australian Tour/1970 Aldwych: Trevor Nunn
Christopher Morley (design); John Bradley (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Barrie Ingham (Leontes), Judi Dench (Hermione), Richard Pasco (Polixenes), Nicholas Selby (Camillo), Brenda Bruce (Paulina), Derek Smith (Autolycus), Judi Dench (Perdita), David Bailie (Florizel), Sydney Bromley (Old Shepherd), Geoffrey Hutchings (Young Shepherd), Morgan Sheppard (Antigonus), Susan Sheers (Mopsa), Lisa Harrow (Dorcas), Denis Holmes (Gaoler), Anthony Pedley (Cleomenes), Philip Taylor (Dion), Janet Henfrey (Emilia), Denis Holmes (First Lord/Shepherd), Roger Rees (Lord), Janet Whiteside (Lady)

1976 RST/1977 Aldwych: John Barton, Trevor Nunn
Di Seymour (design); Clive Morris (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Ian McKellen (Leontes), Marilyn Taylerson (Hermione), John Woodvine (Polixenes), Barbara Leigh-Hunt (Paulina), Michael Williams (Autolycus), Cherie Lunghi (Perdita), Nickolas Grace (Florizel), David Waller (Old Shepherd), Roger Rees (Young Shepherd), Griffith Jones (Antigonus), David Lyon (Archidamus), Clyde Pollitt (Cleomenes), David Howey (Dion), Lea Dregorn (Emilia)

1981 RST/1982 Barbican: Ronald Eyre
Chris Dyer (design); Chris Ellis (lighting); Stephen Oliver (music)
Patrick Stewart (Leontes), Gemma Jones (Hermione), Ray Jewers (Polixenes), Bernard Lloyd (Camillo), Sheila Hancock (Paulina), Geoffrey Hutchings (Autolycus), Leonie Mellinger (Perdita), Peter Chelsom (Florizel), John Rogan (Old Shepherd), Gerard Murphy/Anthony O’Donnell (Young Shepherd), Robert Eddison (Antigonus), Diana Hardcastle (Mopsa), Clare Travers-Deacon (Dorcas), Nigel Le Vaillant (Gaoler), Brian Poyser (Archidamus), Hugh Quarshie (Cleomenes), Peter Land (Dion), Diana Berriman (Emilia), Brian Poyser (Mariner), Graham Turner (Shepherd), Juliette Mole (Sheperdess), Christopher Davies/Timothy Sullivan (Mamillius)

1984-85 Small-scale Tour/1985 Polish Tour: Adrian Noble
Bob Crowley (set), David Short (costumes); Michael Calf (lighting); Guy Woolfenden (music)
Alun Armstrong (Leontes), Lynn Farleigh (Hermione), Julian Curry (Polixenes), David Bradley (Camillo), Janet Dale (Paulina), Ron Cook (Autolycus), Jenifer Landor (Perdita), John Dougall (Florizel), Trevor Martin (Old Shepherd), Ian Talbot (Young Shepherd), Paul Webster (Antigonus), Julia Dearden (Mopsa), Caroline Milmoe (Dorcas), Albie Woodington (Paulina’s Steward)

1986 RST/1987 Barbican: Terry Hands

Gerard Howland (design); Terry Hands, Clive Morris (lighting)
Jeremy Irons/Paul Shelley (Leontes), Penny Downie (Hermione/Perdita), Paul Greenwood (Polixenes), Richard Easton (Camillo), Gillian Barge (Paulina), Joe Melia (Autolycus), Nathaniel Parker (Florizel), Bernard Horsfall (Old Shepherd), Simon Russell Beale (Young Shepherd), Raymond Bowers (Antigonus), Cornelia Hayes (Mopsa), Caroline Johnson/Anna Patrick (Dorcas), Mark Lindley (Gaoler), Stanley Dawson (Archidamus/Cleomenes), Sean O’Callaghan (Dion), Eileen Page (Emilia), Roger Watkins (Mariner), Gary Love, Howard Ward (Shepherds), Pia Henderson (Shepherdess), Martin Hicks/Richard Parry (Mamillius)

1992 RST/1993 Barbican/1993 European Tour (Theatre Royal, Plymouth; Geneva; Bobigny, Paris; Gaiety, Dublin; Theatre Royal, Bath; Budapest)/1994 International Tour (Wellington, New Zealand; Tokyo; BAM, New York; Kennedy Center, Washington): Adrian Noble
Anthony Ward (design); Chris Parry (lighting); Shaun Davey (music); Sue Lefton (movement)
John Nettles (Leontes), Samantha Bond (Hermione), Paul Jesson/Julian Curry (Polixenes), Benjamin Whitrow (Camillo), Gemma Jones (Paulina), Richard McCabe (Autolycus), Phyllida Hancock (Perdita), Alan Cox (Florizel), Jeffery Dench (Old Shepherd), Graham Turner (Young Shepherd), Andrew Jarvis (Antigonus), Stephanie Jacob (Mopsa), Jenna Russell (Dorcas), Roger Frost (Gaoler), John Bott (Archidamus), Pearce Quigley (Cleomenes), James Walker (Dion), Angela Vale (Emilia), Catherine Mears (Lady), Ian Taylor (Mariner/Lord), John Hodgkinson, Guy Williams (Lords), Barnaby Kay (Shepherd’s Servant), Marc Elliott/Stefan Weclawek (Mamillius), Edmund Kingsley (Child)

1998 RST/1999 Barbican: Gregory Doran
Robert Jones (design); Tim Mitchell (lighting); Ilona Sekacz (music)

Antony Sher (Leontes), Alexandra Gilbreath (Hermione), Ken Bones (Polixenes), Geoffrey Freshwater (Camillo), Estelle Kohler (Paulina), Ian Hughes (Autolycus), Emily Bruni (Perdita/Mamillius), Ryan McCluskey (Florizel), James Hayes (Old Shepherd), Christopher Brand (Young Shepherd), Jeffry Wickham (Antigonus), Gail Ghislaine Sixsmith (Mopsa), Myra McFadyen (Dorcas/Emilia), Peter Macqueen (Gaoler), William Mannering (Cleomenes), Steven Atholl (Dion), Nancy Carroll, Emily Pithon, Paula Stephens (Ladies-in-waiting/Country Girls), Vanessa Earl, Karen Bryson, Florence Sparham (Maids/Country Girls), Christopher Wells (First Lord), Nicholas Kahn (Second Lord/Mariner), Michael Moylan, Gil Cohen-Alloro, Jim Fish, Miltos Yerolemou (Guards/Footmen)

2002 Roundhouse/2002 RST: Matthew Warchus
Vicki Mortimer (design); Hugh Vanstone (lighting); Gary Yershon (music)
Douglas Hodge (Leontes), Anastasia Hille (Hermione), Rolf Saxon (Polixenes), Brian Protheroe (Camillo), Myra Lucretia Taylor (Paulina), Felix Dexter (Autolycus), Lauren Ward (Perdita), Alan Turkington (Florizel), Keith Bartlett (Old Shepherd), Dylan Charles (Young Shepherd), Jude Akuwudike (Antigonus), Sirine Saba (Mopsa), Gracy G. Goldman (Dorcas), Olwen May (Emilia), James Telfer (Gaoler), Fiona Lait (Nurse)

2006-07 Swan (Complete Works Festival): Dominic Cooke
Mike Britton (design); Chris Davey (lighting); Gary Yershon (music); Carolyn Downing (sound); Liz Ranken (movement)
Anton Lesser (Leontes), Kate Fleetwood (Hermione), Nigel Cooke (Polixenes), Joseph Mydell (Camillo), Linda Bassett (Paulina), Richard Katz (Autolycus), Michelle Terry (Perdita), Simon Harrison (Florizel), Richard Moore (Old Shepherd), Trystan Gravelle (Young Shepherd), Ben Onwukwe (Antigonus), Amanda Daniels (Mopsa), Frances Ashman (Dorcas), Jason Barnett (Gaoler), Clarence Smith (Cleomenes), Maynard Eziashi (Dion), Ony Uhiara (Lady), Robin Lawrence (Officer), Daniel Dalton (Servant), Nyasha Hatendi, Ashley Rolfe, Mark Theodore (Sicilian Lords), Jonathan Clowes/Edward Statham (Mamillius)

For a gallery of over 80 production images from a selection of these productions (and some older ones in the pre-RSC Shakespeare Memorial Theatre), together with sample costumes, pages from promptbooks and other visual materials, go to

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