What is your address?

The Modern Library
1745 Broadway, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10019

What is your e-mail address?


How do I write to an author?

You should send your letter to the author in care of our publicity department at the address above. Unfortunately, we cannot forward e-mail to authors, nor can we give out authors’ e-mail or postal addresses.

How do I submit my manuscript to Random House?

Like most big publishers, Random House only accepts manuscripts submitted by an agent–the volume of materials we receive is just too large to accept unsolicited submissions. There is an excellent listing of literary agents in a book called The Writer’s Market, which you should be able to find in a local bookstore or library. You can also visit their website at http://www.writersdigest.com for more information.

If I describe my book in an e-mail message, can you tell me if you want to look at it?

Sorry, no. We do not accept queries via e-mail or otherwise.

Can you recommend an agent for my work?

We do not make agent recommendations. If you are looking for an agent, a good resource to start your search with is The Literary Market Place.

Can you tell me more about how to get published?

Many people write to us for advice on getting published. It is a complicated process, and also a lengthy one. The best thing you can do is learn as much as you can about how publishing actually works. One of the best resources for information on publishing is your local library. There, you should be able to find books that explain the publishing process from beginning (coming up with an idea) to the middle (submitting your work/finding an agent) to the end (seeing your book in print). If you are ready to submit your work, there are also books which will help you select suitable publishers and agents to approach. Ask your reference librarian for suggestions. You will also want to look at the following:

  • The Literary Market Place : A large reference book that lists publishers and agents.
  • The Writer’s Market : A book that lists publishers and agents and provides some basic information on the publishing process.
  • Writer : a magazine for writers which often has publishing information.

How do I apply for a job with Random House?

For employment opportunities and information about our Summer Internship program, visit Jobs@Random.

How can I get permission to use a part of a book (or book cover) for a project I’m working on?

Please refer to our to our Copyrights and Permissions page for all the details.

I write for a newspaper (online service, etc.), and I’d like to request a review copy of a book.

To request review copies and author information from individual imprints, you may send requests to our publicity department at the address above.

There is a typographic or printing problem with a Random House book I purchased…

If you find a misprinting (repeated or missing pages, upside-down pages) or believe that a Random House book you purchased is otherwise defective, please call 1-800-733-3000 (in the U.S.) or 1-410-848-1900 (for international calls).

How can I order desk and/or examination copies of books?

Desk Copies
Random House, Inc. is pleased to provide complimentary desk copies of any adopted text.

One desk copy is available for every twenty copies ordered. However, Random House will honor requests with a minimum enrollment of ten students for seminars and graduate courses. If the class size falls below ten, examination copies are available for purchase at a nominal cost.

Random House can not ship desk copies to residences: they must be mailed in care of your institution and to valid U.S. addresses only.

All requests are subject to availability and approval.

Desk copies may be ordered online using the form provided here.

For Canadian desk copy requests click here.

How can I order books?

Random House books are available wherever books are sold and on our website.

For Schools and Libraries:
All Random House, Inc. titles are available from your local/preferred book distributor.

For specific title information contact the Library Department us via e-mail at library@randomhouse.com.
(NOTE: This mailbox is designed to service librarians; we are not able to answer consumer queries. For consumer questions, please refer to our Books@Random contact information.)

How do I find an out-of-print book?

Our catalog only carries a listing of Random House books currently in print. Check our list of bookstores to locate retailers who sell out-of-print books. Another good source for information on out-of-print books is Bibliofind.

Do you employ freelance readers/editors/illustrators/jacket designers?

No, we do not use any freelance labor in these areas.

How do I find out about movie rights for one of your books?

Queries about movie rights should be directed to The Random House Rights Department at the address at the top of this page. In general, the agent for the author retains movie rights, so you will probably have to contact the agent.

Who do I talk to about the translation rights for one of your books?

Queries about translation rights should be directed to The Random House Foreign Rights Department at the address above.

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